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A gifts from the mook Fri Dec 14 Allan Bodily

Being fairly low on the pole, new to his elite status and quite frankly terrified of everyone around him. Allan can't do much except send cards to everyone who sent him stuff. They'ne nice cards at least. Some of the pictures sent with them are of his horribly mutilated corpse instaid of him, and a few seem to have stains of red… Well, let's just hope that's ink. But it's the thought that count's right?

He does however, manage to get one gift out…

Lance Benson gets a metal pike, the shaft has been carefully engraved with with detailed images of eastern-style dragons winding around it.

Finally, there's a space for a name a short distance below the blade, and a note that reads. "Took awhile to convince the right people to do this. Let me know when you need that space filled in." Apparnetly he wasn't kidding about that pike.

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Leo's Christmas Gift List Fri Dec 14 Leo

Leo the Orphnoch Kamen Rider doesn't really have a lot of friends, but he sent some things to some people anyway.

Ryotaro Nogami gets a box. When he opens it, a spring-loaded boxing glove flies out with adequate face-punching force. Knowing his luck, well…

Serori gets an experimental Full Armor pack for use with her Riotrooper Gear, when she's ready to use it. It gives the Gear an extra layer of armor, as well as a double-barrel arm-mounted photon cannon, two nine-tube micromissile launchers mounted on the shoulders, and a small but durable shield on the other arm. It is completely compatible with the Gyro Attacker motorcycle and Axel Ray Gun combination photon pistol/combat knife.

Cell gets a video disc containing Kermit the Frog's "It's Not Easy Being Green".

Altair gets the same thing as Ryotaro.

Axel Almer gets the same thing as Ryotaro.

Tendou Souji gets a delicious bowl of ramen mixed with tapeworms.

Yuna Kagurazaka gets a video disc containing videos pulled from Youtube, each featuring things along the lines of 'Worst Singer Ever'. Upon insertion into any media player, it will attempt to override the eject and stop functions.

Lotor gets a pinup of Smart Lady, wearing nothing but covering up her naughty bits with the silk sheets of the bed she is laying provocatively on. She is smiling in her customary manner.

All currently active Unionites not mentioned above get a single photon pistol, with a note attached. Each note says the same thing. "Please do us a favor and shoot yourself."

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Addendum Fri Dec 14 Leo

The photon pistols are loaded with exactly one shot and programmed to self destruct via meltdown of internal components upon firing. No sense giving your enemies weapons they can actually use against you.

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Hearthwarming Gifts Fri Dec 14 Jinx

Rarity: Rarity gets a bolt of luxurious silk cloth from beyond Equestria's borders, in addition to a slip of paper giving information on a supplier of said cloth if it is up to Rarity's high standards.
Twilight Sparkle: Twilight gets an indexing cabinet for her library, so whenever she is looking for a book, she can check the index instead of tearing apart the entire library frantically searching.
Applejack: Applejack gets a pair of saddle mounted baskets that have been magically enchanted to make anything carried in them lighter.
Pinkie Pie: Pinkie gets a six tier chocolate and vanilla ice cream cake all to herself!
Rainbow Dash: Dash gets a wonderful woolen scarf, rainbow colored of course!
Fluttershy: Fluttershy gets a cute life-sized Eevee plushie! Daaaw!
Vinyl Scratch: Vinyl gets a special refracting crystal. When Unicorn Magic is channeled through it, it shines with all the colors of the rainbow. Perfect for those raves she's so fond of.
Bramble Patch: Bramble gets a pair of Nirnroot plants, which can be used in her alchemy potions to create invisibility potions, magic resist potions, and poisons that sap one's strength and endurance (Jinx probably didn't know about this latter effect). The Nirnroot has the unusual tendancy to glow and hum when planted.
Winter Frost: Yes, Jinx did get Winter a give despite how much of a jerk she is. It's a lovely full length mirror, with a note attached to it: 'Since you enjoy admiring yourself so much, I thought I'd get you a mirror as big as your ego'.
Staren: Staren gets a book on Equestrian Physics, since he always seems so interested in the way the world works.
Mortimer: Mortimer gets a pony pin-up calender. No, don't ask how she got her hooves on it. She's not telling.

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Moar Giftseses Fri Dec 14 Tater

Technically, Tater has only given out one gift, in-person, and promised another. But here's something super important.

To Lance Benson: A "character eraser" that he can stick on his pencil. It looks like a shark and probably won't be much use for erasing things. It'll just tear the paper.

Tater includes a voice recording on a recording device that looks like it was banged around a lot before she figured out how to use it. "You seem like the type to like both writing and bitey-things. Here's a bitey thing to help you write. Or erase what you write. Or something." *Click*

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Presents, Round Two Sat Dec 15 Lance Benson

(More presents, with more cards!)

Rose Petal: A one-foot figurine of Galatea made out of ivory. 'I'm sure you have one of these around somewhere already. I understand that you live a life of loneliness out of necessity, like all other Prometheans, but that you are striving for an ideal that will save you from that. I hope this token will remind you of that fact, and remind you that you do not have to walk that path alone. ~ Lance'

Camille Garcia: A collection of rare plants taken from various low-level arcane worlds. 'You have shown me a smile. I wish I could give you more than worry. ~ Lance'

Psalm: A musical card. It plays a pleasant classical song, and shows a cutesy picture of Lance playing a violin, with the eyes glowing. 'Happy Holidays, Maggie. ~ Doctor Benson'

Tater: Just a card. It has art of Tater in royal fineries, though more of the wild fashion that saiyans prefer. 'I hope you get your wish. ~ Doctor Benson'

Dan: A card that releases a cloud of instant fur dye to turn him red. Easily washed out, non-toxic, pretty much harmless. 'White and red is festive. Enjoy! ~ Doctor Benson'

Bain: A very nice gold watch. It is always accurate. Always. It even has a digital display that goes down to the millisecond. 'As a tactician, I know you appreciate the value of precision and punctuality. I know this probably doesn't replace tools that you already have, it only represents my appreciation for your skill set. And I think you'll really freakin' love having a gold watch. ~ Doctor Benson'

Allan Bodily: A thousand credits stored on a digital gift card. 'I'm not sure what to give you. Here's a gift card. Happy Holidays! ~ Doctor Benson'

Lialyn Earthdance: An antique sword. It was pilfered from a museum at some point. It has a significant history attached to it of bloodshed, honor, and duty. 'Please stop staring at me like I might do something uncouth. It makes it very hard to do business when one feels the threat of imminent maiming. If it's really necessary, I recommend discrete methods, since I'll know you're there either way. Merry Christmas! ~ Doctor Benson'

Isa Reichert: A high-quality bottle of vodka. Stolen, of course. 'Your skills are very useful, and I feel I haven't expressed my appreciation for that enough. Even if your driving terrifies me, you are not a /bad/ driver. ~ Doctor Benson'

Ysabel Thibault: The skull of a spectral beast of some kind. It glows faintly. It has six eye sockets. 'I have not forgotten about your reason for becoming a monster hunter. Do not hesitate to ask for my help if you ever feel the need for it. ~ Lance'

(As before, I might've missed someone! Look out for more gifts in the future.)

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One More Sat Dec 15 Leo

Gentaro Kisaragi gets a box. When he opens it, he finds a package of Oreos inside. A note is attached. "You're new around here, so I'll go easy on you for a while." Upon eating one of the cookies, he will find that the cream filling has been carefully replaced with a fine mixture of toothpaste and laxatives.

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Pretty Pretty Prezzies Sun Dec 16 Silvia Stardancer

A self contained whirl of animate air approaches (pretty much every major elite, and a number of lesser beings as well, especially union staff and noteworthy NPCs of either side), in it's center is a small object wrapped in a large folded leaf, a simple card in a very fine handed cursive atop it reads, "Gaze upon my gift to you, and speak your favor unto it, and it shall bloom at once anew, to match your wish for it. And everymorning, evermore, so long as you shall keep it, it shall never wither, never fade, so long as lives, the love behind it. -With unconditional love and hope, Silvia Stardancer P.S. - Happy Holidays this Festival of the Leaves, or whatever it's called where you come from, and may all your flowers bloom brightly and on time." If you open it, inside is a silver petalled flower much like a rose in shape but slightly rattier looking with less smooth edges to it's petals, it's scent is a mixture of lavender and roses, and if you tell it a color it can, just once, close and open again in that color, which it will then remain. It is a self sustaining magical plant, and will as the note said, never wither. As soon as the gift is taken, the whirl of air sags tiredly and fades away.

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Creepermas! Sun Dec 16 Crepe

Each of the Minecraft monster girls gets a plushie of their species that's almost as big as they are. They're made of soft wool and let out a squeaky version of their normal sounds when squeezed. The ghast and slime are probably better as beanbag chairs than huggable objects, though, given their dimensions. They also get a ton of melon slices! Almost literally.

Everyone else gets a small creeper plushie along with their gifts that's just big enough to hug, and which lets out a squeaky hiss upon squeezing.

Psyber: A saddle! The attached warning label says 'for use with pigs only', but he could probably use it for that basilisk. It also has a carrot attached to a fishing pole for some reason.

Saya Irino: Sent to Psyber with a note telling him to give it to the 'black yellow spiky lady'. It's two flowerpots, one with a red mushroom and one with a yellow mushroom, and some bone meal. The note also says that feeding mushrooms bone meal is the best thing ever.

Arthur Lowell: A full set of gold armor! It's shiny and sparkly and pretty much completely useless for any sort of defense. But hey, it looks heroic.

Prorth Edhuwi: Sixty-four chocolate chip cookies, each of which has…a vague flavor of melon.

Fiora O'Brien: An empty, leatherbound brown book with an ink quill!

Red Stone: Exactly sixty-four delicious, delicious melon slices. So many melons.

Serori: A second creeper plushie, this one almost as big as Serori herself! It's so incredibly huggable you don't even know.

No. 9: Exactly sixty-four cubic meter blocks of TNT. Also a pumpkin pie!

Summer Powers: Who?

Eila Juutilainen: A pair of sparkly blue pants made of incredibly tough diamond! Just the pants, though.

Vinyl Scratch: A record! There's only one song on it, though:

Staren: It's…a fish. A generic blue fish with light blue fins. Cats like fish, right? It also comes with a fishing rod so Staren can catch his own fish!

Applejack: Thirty-two delicious pumpkin pies! This might be seen as some sort of insult but it's totally meant with the best intent in mind.

Laohus Enhydr: SO MANY EMERALDS.

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Creepermas (Addendum) Sun Dec 16 Crepe

Because I totally forgot a couple of people.

Jung: Sixty-four extremely delicious melon slices, thirty-two pumpkin pies, and a cake! The cake tastes faintly of melon and chocolate and has strawberries on top of white frosting. There is, in fact, probably a melon shortage in Minecraft by now.

Vruasa Telash: A gold clock! Unfortunately it's not very precise and only has a stationary dial pointing upward with a constantly-rotating disk inside. Half of the disk shows daytime, and half nighttime.

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Christmas Genius Mon Dec 17 Sayuri Yaguchi

Shizune Nakamura — Delivered in person

Psyber — An 1870 Dumonthier bowie-style revolver knife, chambered for 9mm pinfire rounds. Included in the case is a full box of 30 9mm pinfire cartridges. A second, separately wrapped package contains a drum, hammer, and firing mechanism necessary to convert the revolver so it can fire modern 9mm rounds.
It's almost exactly the same as the guns Sayuri produces and uses with her magic. Despite how old the gun is, it's been polished and oiled meticulously. As a result, it still looks brand new.
"Don't read too much into this. Merry Christmas, you big dope. - Yaguchi"

Adelaide Flowers — An 1851 Colt Navy in a velvet-lined walnut presentation case. Inset in the case is a full box of 30 .36 caliber bullets, and a separate box of percussion caps. As with Psyber's, a separate box contains the necessary parts to chamber it to modern 9mm centerfire rounds if desired.
"I bet you don't have one of these yet. Now you do. - Yaguchi"

Ysabel Thibault — A tasteful but very elegant dress that ends above the ankles, but below the knees. It's colored in various purples, but not excessively feminine. The shades used are more regal, royal colors.
"You're a very tough woman and you lead a hard life. You're good at what you do, and I respect that as a fellow hunter. But every girl wants to feel pretty now and then. I have a hunch you don't really have any way to indulge that sort of urge, so here's something for when you're not surrounded by things with teeth bigger than you are. - Yaguchi"

Beli Yo'il — It is ornate, it is elegant, its motion is flawless and perpetual. While very fetching to the eye, it is ultimately…a Dipping Bird desk ornament. While excessively fancy, at its core, it's the same tried-and-true design.
"This bird doesn't care what other people think. He does what he loves and pursues his dreams. He doesn't let others tell him he's anything but special. - Yaguchi"

Homura Akemi, Mami Tomoe, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura, Kimiko Shinobu, and even Madoka Kaname — Sayuri doesn't know any of the other Puella Magi all too terribly well, despite sharing a city with them. As a result, the best she can do is a generic christmas card depicting a pretty snow-covered landscape, and a $100 gift card. Each of the six cards is signed.
"Get yourself something nice. - Yaguchi"

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Poinsettias Mon Dec 17 Sakura Haruno

Sakura sends most of her gifts through Union mail, though those for members of Heaven or Hell get left in the office, and a few others get handed out in person. (By which I mean if you want a brief social, feel free to tag me sometime this week!)

Himei: A Sailor Hope doll. It doesn't actually look anything like Himei, and it probably isn't suppose to be her, but it's all white and shiny and hopeful regardless. Pulling on the string gets, in a deep barritone voice not at all suited for the doll, or a girl at all, "The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for."

There's also a note promising to not give Kiyoko anything explosive this year.

Psyber: A cabinet door and two bottles of mineral water, without explanation or identification.

Kiyoko: A whole duffle bag full of low to mid quality sharp objects, from needles to knives to tacks and shuriken, and a note saying "Please don't tell Himei."

Homura and Madoka: Two books on motherhood, and a large bag of assorted candies and chocolates.

Ellestaria, Amalthea, and Ariel: A simply written, if vague, thank you note: "Thank you for being here." It has a rough drawing of the three of them, with Ariel and Amalthea in what is meant to be their Robot Attack Christmas outfits. Below that, it says "Since there were no pictures allowed, something to remember it by."

Laine: A green hair ribbon, with a note identifying the sender and continuing "I have no idea what fashions you prefer, but please remember to ask when you need help. A few times, because I may be too dumb to understand the first."

Nathan Hall: A store bought card, with a cheerful snowman waving on the front. On the inside, "Don't get killed doing something stupid next year, either."

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Merry Altsmas Mon Dec 17 Sakura Kasumi


Endria: A black and purple beanie. It looks like it could cover up Endria's entire face if she doesn't roll it up at then ends.

Crepe: Some fireworks, because explosions that's why.

Gespie: A lot of slime balls, for alchemy stuff.

Skel: A pair of shades, for when Skel wants to go outside during the day.


Kayfour isn't nearly as rich as she used to be. But she has still managed to give out some gifts this year.

To those who went on the Annu mission: A photobook containing pictures of the events in Annu. Specifically, each photo contains the image of at least one person who managed to survive the destruction of Annu due to the Union's efforts. Attached is a note: "A necessary evil is still evil. But it is also still necessary. We managed to save some of them, and we did our best. Never forget that, no matter how bad the nightmares get."

Iianor: A case of fine wine, and an invitation to see more of the Dream Server.

Fayt: An airship maintenance and repair drone. With a note: "I use these all the time. It can get into a lot of places that humans generally can't, and it's very energy efficient. It should be helpful to you. Sorry I can't help you more with your magic, but I'm still learning how to use my own."


Serori: A holographic projector. Despite being a bioroid, Cell isn't really the tech type, so he probably bought theis somewhere. Attached is a note, "I've recorded a number of training exercises on this projector that you might find useful. There is also a target practice program installed on this device, in case you'd like a target to shoot at."

Nine: A couple of self-improvement books, one on self confidence and another on effective leadership. Also has a note: "You are far more capable than you think. Give yourself some credit, Nine."


Ash: A christmas card. Inside is written, "You've been very kind to me in the past, even when I wasn't anyone special. Thank you." It's signed by Sakura Kasumi-1.

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Serori's Christmas List 2! Mon Dec 17 Serori

Serori sends additional belated gifts.

To Crepe, a large plushie monkey toy with poseable tail. Though it doesn't really resemble the fearsome oozaru form Saiyans are known for, it /is/ very squishy, soft, and sickeningly adorable.

To Genghis Rex, a right-handed cestus battle glove, curved blades extended from each knuckle cap. It's fitted for his standard 'hand,' and doesn't seem likely to stretch much if he should transform.

To Artorias, a hand-made token woven of long gray fur. Apparently made from tufts of Sif's coat, it is sealed by a small obsidian bead carved with the royal sigil of House Vegeta. It accompanies a hand-written reiteration of her pledge to join him in his battle against the Abyss. She likely collected the fur from the tall grasses Sif prowled among during her last meeting with him.

To Goro, a set of four exquisite knives, the steel folded countless times in the Damascus fashion.

To Yalai the Stave, a sweet seasonal card containing handwritten coordinates underneath a date and time in the very near future. There is also a smiley face.

To Confederates she did not gift personally, Serori sends small packages containing a few of her favorite treats, like spicy chocolates, salted caramels, some sort of crunchy savory roasted insect thing, and other, equally strange yummies.

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Infailnal Gifts Mon Dec 17 Yaini

There's only a few of them, but they do come.

Lance Benson receives a male and female pair of the same species. < >

Beli Yo'il receives a box with a wide variety of teas.

Psyber, Seras Victoria and Laine each get a segment of the Holy Book of Alraios, detailing the preferred methods of dealing with wights and other infective undead.

Serori gets a new pet, it's still a puppy though. < >

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Dovahkhristmas! Tue Dec 18 J'vassa

Having been introduced to the idea of Christmas, even the khajiit is sending out gifts for this time of year.

Aria Quicksteel - Aria gets an amulet enchanted to enhance her stealth, although both the amulet and the enchantment are very basic. It seems J'vassa crafted it himself. A note reads 'I don't know if this will do you any good, but maybe it might. Sell it if you want'.

Elen - Elen receives… Wait, is that a dragon skull? And some scales and bones, too. In fact, Elen receives the remains of a dragon, and a note. The note itself is just a crudely drawn picture of someone moving forward towards a rising sun. Maybe Elen will know what it means?

Bloody-Feather - Bloody-Feather gets… cheese. A wheel of goat's cheese, to be exact. A note attached to it says 'Please don't tell other people again. A certain someone opened a door, but the last I need is non-friendly ears hearing about what I am. And don't mind the cheese. I needed to give you something. I don't know if you even like cheese'.

Mortimer Balman - Like Aria, Charr gets an amulet, though his is enchanted to resist ice. It also looks very basic, and a note attached to it reads. 'I hope this finds you. We met in Equestria, I was the dragon. I… don't think I'll be revisiting Equestria soon, but I hope this is of use to you'.

Karian - Karian receives a full set some finely-crafted hide armor. While not much in the way of defensive ability, it is of good quality. A note attached reads, 'You were there when we fought Alduin at my execution. I realize you are no Nord, but the Nords here favor the light armor. Maybe this will be of use to you'.

Nine - Nine's gift is… breaking the pattern somewhat. Instead of something from Skyrim, Nine gets a 'Best Enemy Ever' novelty mug. Who knows where J'vassa found that? A note attached has a crudely drawn face sticking his tongue out and 'You're a nice guy' on it.

Altair - Altair gets a formal tea set from some unknown world. No note attached, though odds are Altair understand it. The set itself is made of silver and looks like it might have been pretty expensive.

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An Archmage's Christmas-1 Tue Dec 18 Iianor

The Family gets their own gifts. Seriously. I'd be here all night.

Priscilla gets an absolutely beautiful portrait of herself. It's completely life like, life sized, and is of her in her standard garb, there's also a crate of exquisite well aged wines. Attached is a note: I would be honored to use his brushes many more times. May you always remember the man that gave his life to provide you with a home. May also remember, that while some drink to forget, others drink to remember and honor. Our home is always open to you, if you'd like to share those memories.

Katt receives a small group of books, all of which are entertaining and fairly easy to read. Moreover, if you touch the word it sounds itself out. Along with that she receives a number of clips for guns, rifles and other weapons, every one of them is enchanted to hold about ten times the amount of ammunition that they should. Attached is a note and a gift certificate to a record store: Thank you for your letter, It's good to know when you make even a small difference.

Sarah gets a scenic book with pictures of hundreds of libraries, cathedrals, and absolutely breathtaking waterfalls, vistas, forests, and other places where water flows. Attached is a note - I know you get out about as much as I do, so I've brought a bit of the Multiverse to you. When you touch the picture in the book, and speak the name of the location it will teleport you there. When you say the words, I wish to return home, it will bring you back to your library. Hopefully the libraries will provide you with many things to read, and the worlds provide you with many places to read.

Fayt receives an odd book. The cover is burnt, gnarled and aged, moreover it seems to struggle when held. While everything inside it is true, the words themselves constantly change and the spells on the pages struggle to take on different and fantastic effects. Attached is a note: A treatise on Chaos magic, hopefully you find it useful. Also: I'm serious. Tie it down when you're not using it. It bites. Often.

Kirito and Asuna both receive a large collection of high rank food ingredients, a beautiful portrait of them standing together in front of their Aincrad home, with Yui between them and a stack of adoption papers that are mostly filled out. Attached is a note: When the time comes and you emerge into true sunlight, you'll do so together as a family. This is my vow.

Yui receives a large pile of plushies and a collection of books about the worlds of the Multiverse.

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An Archmage's Christmas-2 Tue Dec 18 Iianor

Tomoe receives a beautifully engraved, heavily enchanted partisan that she can keep in the real world; It'd delivered to her quarters at Union-HQ. She also receives a beautiful painted action scene of her in a battle with several monsters. Attached is a note: You're a natural with that spear of yours. Here's one you can enjoy using in the real world.

Agil gets a painting of himself surrounded by happy customers inside his Aincrad shop. Also an excellent set of equipment from level 75. There's also a note: You're a hard man to gift Agil.

Seras receives a number of books on the Multiverse, with wonderful tourist spots, beautiful landscapes, and places that are easy to miss. Attached is a note: The world is always bigger then we think. Look and remember. Visit, and live.

Ash gets a set of maps that work for him, his pokemon, and no one else. In fact anyone else even attempting to use them gets absolutely, completely and hopelessly lost. However when they do work for him, they show the surrounding area perfectly. Enclosed are also a large number of the various gourmet 'pokemon foods' along with an absolutely delicious cheesecake. Attached is a note: Hopefully the maps help. Make sure to let Lute steal them sometime. You won't regret it. Enjoy the food too.

K4-800M gets a giant painting of thousands of airships, flying into a sunset. If she touches it, she can step inside, and travel across the decks or fly any of the thousands of different airships across an endless sky. The weather can even be changed at will. Attached is a note: I give you a thousand airships that the ravages of time, and the scourge of battles and dreams can never touch. May it ever be a place that you find enjoyment. Also, it would be my pleasure to join you and see more of your Dream-server.

Terra Creed gets a set of various seeds and seedlings from across the Multiverse and the painting realms. Attached is a note: I know you love the forest, and all of it's children. When we met I saw you had a talent with earth magics, life magics, and plants. May you find the right places to plant them, and grow your own forest as you see fit.

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An Archmage's Christmas-3 Tue Dec 18 Iianor

Tyrael receives an actually priceless gift, a fragile artifact that possesses a perfect moment of peace, tranquility, relaxation and rest. Whenever it's used, a burst of temporal and reality energy will provide Tyrael and all around him with the benefits. …Of course, given the Multiverse it won't last long, but… Attached is a note: Please tell me the delivery service didn't break this. These things are obscenely hard to make. Ahem. Use this in a moment of great need, for it is a moment of perfect peace, perfect tranquility, perfect rest, and perfect recovery. Sadly given the nature of the Multiverse I don't expect the moment to last long.

Xiang is given an enchanted book of teas, that has pictures of hundreds of thousands of teas across the Multiverse. Whenever he touches them and speaks their name, an amount of perfect loose-leaf of that tea is generated. Contains enough for five thousand servings. A note is attached: Same as last year my friend.

Loros is given a tree that grows tobacco at a rapid rate, with leaves that change to different breeds on commands and are an obscenely high quality. Attached is a note: I don't know about preparing tobacco, but I'm certain you do, and that you have minions to do it for you. Smoke in good health and remember to name the kind of tobacco that you want to grow each night.

Psalm is given a full sized painting of her in action, one that makes her look absolutely amazing, and captures the Bard's charisma and grace in battle perfectly. Attached is a note: This is what you get for being so scenic.

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Christmas from Hell-1 Tue Dec 18 Tshallandria

Nine receives a double edged claymore. One edge blazes with the hottest fires of hell, the other edge is imbued with the powers of the most frigid wastes of hell. The blade itself is utilitarian and unadorned, but razor sharp and devastatingly functional. It's also enchanted to come at his command. Attached to the hilt of the blade is a slightly singed, slightly frozen note: One needs not be ornate to serve a purpose, or have a place in life. Nor is such required to stand at my side in a battlefield, or sit at my side in a feasting hall. Never doubt that you are my friend, and that you are worthy. Should your fists ever fail you, may this blade serve you in battle.

Vruasa is a given a crystalized mass of purest hellfire. Seriously. The package that it arrives in has ONE HELL OF A WARNING LABEL. FRAGILE. DO NOT BEND AND FOLD. DO NOT SNEEZE. DO NOT SHAKE. EVER. MAY EXPLODE WHEN ALONE AND UNDISTURBED IN DARK ROOMS… …And it just goes on and on. Literally to the point that they wrapped the entire package in it. Along with it comes a letter: Vruasa. I trust you with you the purest and deadly flames that Hell has to offer, do with it as you see fit, but for the love of all of the gods: Heed the warning labels and don't sneeze.

Arthur is given a set of DVDs of 'Will it Blend', along with a blender that looks it would be absolutely overjoyed to murder the hell out of everyone and everything in it's sleep. Seriously. The blender has a killing aura. Attached is a note: This is the most vicious blender that I could find after venturing into the most dangerous locations in … Actually. You probably don't want to know. Just … alchimize into something special and Arthur? I'm exceptionally proud of the way that you've taken life into your own hands lately, and been out adventuring. Keep it up my friend, and you'll be a true legend in no time. PS: Don't plug it in. PPS: Ignore that. But make sure there are underlings nearby and that you're in a good spot to unplug it.

Fiora is given a crystal of elemental shadow, enchanted … by someone other then Tshallandria. On command it creates the absolutely perfect shadows for someone to slip into, or it creates the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT background for someone to dramatically emerge from or pose within. There's also a set of fine silk armors and hats, enchanted for toughness and durability. Attached is a note: Behold. The crystal of absolute Noir mastery. I know you'll use it well, and I know you wanted to know about armors earlier, so… Hopefully these can be of some use to you as well.

Summer is given an enchanted loa-bone, it's bad juju. Literally. If she gestures at something with it, a small horde of zombies will rise from the ground and start trying to nom on it. …Usually ineffectively, always distractingly and irritatingly. Great for exploding ogres, bad for parties. She's also given a wand of frost, three times a day she can gesture at something with it, and either nail it with a blast of ice, or cause a nasty ice storm. Attached is a slightly frozen note: I'm certain that you can have an excellent amount of fun with both of these, the loa bone will summon a small murder of zombies that attack whatever you gestured at with it. The wand of ice… Well. I'm sure you can figure it out. I'm doubly certain you can alchemize them into something amazing.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/121 Posted Author
Christmas from Hell-2 Tue Dec 18 Tshallandria

Serori is given an exquisite suit of armor forged in the fires of hell, and cooled in the light of the full moon. The chest, gauntlets and greaves are incredibly articulated plate mail, there's a metal groin guard, and the arms and legs are covered in a supple, tough leather. It's also enchanted to change size as needed, let energy blasts pass outward, and slowly repair itself even in the heat of battle. Attached is a note: I know it's not made of those fine, high tech materials that you're used to, but hopefully it can protect you in battle.

Lotor is given a dusky suit of ornate enchanted plate mail, with a fur arming doublet, mantle, and an exquisite cape. A note is attached: Wear it in good health prince. Remember that a breastplate is better at turning daggers then your sternum is. Also, I don't do revealing. I do functional, but your gift will be put to good use. You can be assured of that.

Laer and Psalm are both given a set of crystals that hum different notes based on how much magic energy is passed into them. In addition they're both given a heavily enchanted set of armor (of their choice) that repairs itself, and resists most incoming elements easily. Attached are notes: For my favorite set of bards, crystals that I'm certain creative songstresses like yourselves can alchemize into something useful, and armor that can keep you intact despite the worst of what the Multiverse has to offer.

Priscilla is given several fluffy (and incredibly comfortable) gowns and robes, all made by a master seamstress, and armored covertly in various spots. She's also given an identification card for Tshallandria's world: One entitling her to free access to the heavens, the hospitable parts of the hells, and the various kingdoms of Tshallandria's world. It also entitles her to send any reasonable bills to Tshallandria. Attached is a note: You're always welcome here Priscilla, for rare is the wisdom that realizes that we grow through conflict, gain power as we conquer the tragedies that come our way, and overcome our calamities. If it ever reaches the point that the needful death that you embody is not welcome in the Union, then you are welcome here.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/122 Posted Author
Christmas from Hell-3 Tue Dec 18 Tshallandria

Psyber is given an exquisite longsword imbued with Tshallandria's personal hellfire, not only does it ignite itself on command, but a slash can send a wave of the stuff at a target. Of course it's not as impressive as the sword she gave Nine, but a half-angel wielding hellfire is extremely dangerous /already/. Attached is a slightly singed note: A blade for man who collects them. Use it against any monsters that you like, but if you wield it against one of ours it will refuse to function.

Nathan is given a series of gifts. The first is a collection of more of the mana restoring elixir that he was first given on a tropical island. The second is a very detailed book on tectonics and earth magic; along with the location of a group of islands plagued by earthquakes. The third is an equally detailed book on weather magic, and the location of a group of islands, plagued by rather nasty storms. Her final gift is a pouch with a platinum coin that has Tshallandria's face on it, and a number of smaller gold nuggets. Attached is a note: Three of these gifts are self explanatory. Magic restoration, information to better your skills, and places to prove them. The gold nuggets are yours to invest as you see fit, with the same signature wisdom and foresight that I know you have. The platinum coin has the ability to summon me once; Use it when you are in a situation of dire need my friend.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/123 Posted Author
Other Presents, Pt 1 Tue Dec 18 Winter Frost

Presents from Winter Frost, Dan, Burning Heart, Dell Conagher, Koji Kabuto, and Sunshine.

Winter Frost:

Nightmare Moon gets an elaborate dress, decorated with patterns of bats, moons, and other dark and spooky things. "Sometimes you just have to go that extra mile to remind everyone you're evil."

Bramble Patch gets a bar of soap. "Wash yourself up, dear."

Jinx gets a rock. "Do try not to trip over it, it's the nicest rock I could find around Nightmare Moon's castle. You might scuff it."

Rarity gets a parasprite. "Do you know how long it took me to find one of these? Very rare around here these days."

Burning Heart:

Burning Heart doesn't give anyone anything, because he can't afford anything. He does, however, send out a general offer to help with any problems anyone might be having that do not directly relate to the war or factional conflicts.


Lance Benson gets a card that releases a small cloud of sneezing powder when opened. "Thanks."

Auron gets a sword cleaning and polishing kit, complete with magic nick remover. "As a way of saying thanks for the training."

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/124 Posted Author
Other Presents, Pt 2 Tue Dec 18 Winter Frost

Dell Conagher:

Staren gets a Build-O-Matic wrench, able to repair any machine by simply whacking it, or build an automated sentry turret, healing and ammo dispenser, or teleporter entrance and exit. "I've got a few of these laying around. Couldn't really think of much else to give you, so here you go."

Kirito gets a claymore. "Demo left this with me before he went off with Sniper on their road trip across America. He called it the Eyelander, or sometimes his Face to Face Manfighting. I don't have a clue what either of those mean, but it's a nice blade and you like swords, so I figured I'd give it to you."

Bradley Carbunkle gets a series of books in the 'For Dummies' line, particularly relating to robotics, engineering, and other things to help him maintain his power suit. "These explain things a lot better than I can. Hope they help."

Jenny Wakeman gets a picture of an adorable kitten clinging to a branch, with the words 'Hang in there!' underneath. "Everything's gonna turn out alright in the end. When you're feeling down, or like the world's going to collapse in on you, I hope this cute little guy gets your spirits back up."

Koji Kabuto:

Through some incredible turn of luck, Cort gets a package sent to him, though it's addressed to 'That Crazy Guy With The Tower Monster'. It's a box, and when opened, a boxing glove flies out with sufficient force to punch him in the face. No letter is attached.

Katt gets a simple grilled cheese sandwich. "It's hard to get a gourmet meal through the mail. Actually, you're kind of lucky this even made it through, if it did. But hey, here's my way of saying sorry."


Alexis gets a kebab kit, and Maulotov gets a set of VHS tapes containing footage of various historic Choujin wrestling matches. "Hope you learn something from these. I'll be looking forward to our next rematch!"

Skidplate gets a milkbone. "Uh…dogs like these, right?"

Boss gets a sandcastle building kit. "Fun in the sun!"

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/125 Posted Author
Xiang Gifts Wed Dec 19 Dr. Nathan Xiang

Every known Unionite will recieve a simple box wrapped in black and red paper with Xiang's sigil prominently displayed. Within the box is a hermetically sealed canister that defys most scans.

After the inevitible examination, containment, and testing, the contents will be revealed to be a hand picked tea assortment and really good bar chocolate.

Most Confederates recieve the same thing, only without the canisters.


============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/126 Posted Author
Motivational Pengu Wed Dec 19 The Gofer Sisters

This year, the Gofer Sisters provide both the Union and the Confederacy Elite Corps with free samples of their newest creation. The Motivational Pengu. It is roughly the size of a common Furby, but is shaped like the eponymous penguin-like Bacterian all purpose drones, 'Pengu'. They come in blind packages and are mostly blue, with a few rare ones being red. The Motivational Pengu doesn't move, but flaps its arms and says phrases in a cute voice.

Some phrases they say are things like: "Smile!" "You can do it!" "Don't give up!" "Keep trying!" "Don't stop fighting!" and other such generic lines.

In addition…

Yuna Kagurazaka and K4-800M each recieve a full sized (2 foot tall) blue Pengu. It is completely disarmed. They don't talk, but do follow orders and make decent assistants.
"I feel like we're turning over a new leaf. These will be useful." ~ L.B. Gofer

Both the Pengu and the Motivational Pengu defy attempts at scanning, but seem harmless enough.

GLaDOS — Gifted with a C.A.K.E. (Cake Assuming Killer Enforcer). It is a small robot that looks like a chocolate iced cake with candles when in standby mode and unfurls into a killbot. The associated documentation highlights its capabilities as a sentry, trap, or a hunter.

Dr. Lance Benson — A data stick. It contains some familiar DNA sequences and associated viral data. Lance most likely knows what it is.

Dr. Xiang — A red Motivational Pengu. This one is modified so he can customize what it says, unlike the rest which have anti-tamper features.

Ruby & Cobalt — Weapon Cards for use in the War Foundry equipment center. Most notably, Ruby is given Spread Bomb while Cobalt is given Vertical Mine. They're welcome to exchange them at their leisure.

Dark Force — A cake (a real cake, not a killer robot C.A.K.E.). It is double layer Yellow with chocolate icing. Perched in a stick holder on top of it is a photo of R.B. and L.B. together with Dark Force from some time ago.

The Zero Point Project — All members recieve an additional day off with pay, to be taken whenever they like so long as that day is a tuesday.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/127 Posted Author
A Very Forceful Christmas Wed Dec 19 Dark Force

Most of DF's presents were acquired by force. Those who look into it will probably find a string of thefts commited by a girl who matches Dark Force's description. Most resistance to these thefts was met with overwhelming firepower.

L.B. and R.B.: Some video games. Most of them support at least two players and are mostly schmups of some variety. A note is attached: "I don't know how to play these but the person said that these were fun. And then he yelled at me for blowing up his store. He was an idiot so his advice is questionable, but here's these things." They also come with relevant gaming systems. And a few gaming systems that have no games with them because DF kinda took everything and ran.

Ruby and Cobalt: A pair of formula 1 race cars. A little rough around the edges but they still run and are probably repairable. "I got you a truck, but then I wrecked it because I don't know how to drive. A bunch of these things were inside it, but most of them were damaged too. These two look okay though. I hope you like them."

Ryukotsuki: Reservations to a hot springs and some time at a spa. These were actually legitimately paid for, since DF couldn't figure out how to take them by force. "I think you like hot places, so I got you these. They didn't want to sell me these because I was a kid. The jerks!"

Comrade Crush: A card that has nothing to do with Christmas, saying, "I think you don't like this holiday. So I'm not going to give you a present. However, I want to say that I don't hate you nearly as much as I hate nearly everything else, so here's a card." As a side note this one did not involve any sort of property destruction, as DF was probably able to sneak out with it without being noticed.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/128 Posted Author
A Dark Addition Wed Dec 19 Dark Force

Alicia T. Harlaown, Yuna Kagurazaka, and Boss also get a card, with a picture of Dark Force sticking out her tongue. There are no traps or hidden surprises or anything. It's literally just a card with a picture. Nothing is written inside it, except for a pre-printed "Happy Holidays" message.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
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Tales of Christmas! Part 1 Wed Dec 19 Lloyd Irving

Unique gifts are distributed via dragon, though not from the Rookery, while mass gifts are sent through Njorun.

All Union Elites - A Gel set containing two of each of the following medicines: Apple Gel, Orange Gel, Lemon Gel, Pineapple Gel, Melange Gel, and Miracle Gel. A note, handwritten then scanned and duplicated, although each is signed personally, reads, "For all of you who stand with me every day. I hope these can help you the way you all help me. Lloyd."

Francesca Lucchini - A whetstone for her existing sword, as well as a beginner's sword care kit and manual. A sheath also arrives, but curiously, her sword will not fit into it. An ornately-crafted piece, it is red and black in a swirling pattern, with a golden 501st emblem set into the middle on both sides. There's a note. "I have something that will fit this. If you want to continue down the path of the sword, I'd like to offer some training. If you complete my training, and keep your sword well-maintained, I'll give you the other half of this. From, Lloyd."

Sakura Haruno - A series of kunai-style knives, six in total. Each one of the blades represents a different element of Lloyd's world: fire (red), ice (light blue), lightning (purple), wind (green), water (dark blue), and earth (brown). The blades are completely in the color of the element they represent, while the grips are corded in the opposing element's color. They come with a wooden display case, but are obviously more meant to be used, as they also come with a waist belt and two smaller belts, each able to hold three to be worn at the thigh. "I did a little bit of research in Mizuho and thought that these might come in handy. I call them the Spirit Kunai, one for each of the Summon Spirits except for Luna, Aska, and Shadow. Those… are taking a bit more work that I thought. Anyway, I hope they serve you well in the field. From, Lloyd."

Sarah - A staff, forged of strong metals and embedded with Sapphires along the full six-foot length. At the top is a larger Sapphire, in a mount that is forged in a way to give the illusion of lapping waves. The metal itself is a lighter blue to contrast the dark gems, and, when gripped, radiates a soft light. "You have a mastery of water I have only seen in Undine, the Summon Spirit. I don't know if this will work with your specific brand of magic, but it should. I call it Undine's Blessing, and is tuned with Sapphire to make water manipulation easier. If the need ever arises that you have to use your skills to defend yourself, I hope this will help. Thank you for all you've done, especially in Annu. From, Lloyd."

Psyber - A shield. Made in an aegis-style, it's a small shield to be worn on the arm. When placed, it guards from hand to shoulder. The bottom half of the shield is vaguely bell-shaped, inverted. Where the ringer in a bell would be blossoms what appears to be a pair of wings, embellished to look like angel wings. The mass of the shield is crafted from Black Silver, while red metal creates an intricate pattern across the face. "I don't know if you use shields or not, or have ever been interested in them. This particular one is known as the Arredoval. Only one exists… well, two, now. I created this from memory and altered the details a little. I've never really admitted it, but in a strange way, you remind me a lot of the original owner of the real Arredoval. May this serve you as well as it does the other. From, Lloyd."

Tyrael - A glaive-sword, a replica of the Eternal Sword. Although it lacks the powers of the original, it's a well-crafted sword with mana of fire and ice surging through it, giving it its distinctive purple blade. And, yes, it's a full size recreation. "You've gone through things I can only imagine, I'm sure. I know you've got your hands full with the Union, but I hope this blade will remind you that I'm here to back you up. Say the word, sir. I will take up arms when you need it. Signed, Lloyd."

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/130 Posted Author
Tales of Christmas! Part 2 Wed Dec 19 Lloyd Irving

Agrias Oaks - A longsword, crafted in half White and half Black Silvers, length-wise. The crossguard is silver, made to look like a crown, while the hilt is wrapped in red dragon-leather. The sheath encasing the sword is gray, with an angel-wing sigil stamped into the sides in gold. "I know you miss Defender, and I haven't forgotten about it. Bring it to me at my house and my dad and I will see what we can do for it. Until then, I hope this Duality Sword can serve you, at least better than a standard blade of steel. You've seen things in your life that I can never claim, and it has taken you in all directions. But from all that, balance. You've kept your sense of duty, and that is something I can and always will respect in you. Thank you. Signed, Lloyd."

Optimus Prime - Although it would be usable by Alexis, the polearm that arrives is marked for Optimus, obviously as a show piece. Solid green with golden adornments, the Officer's Axe is an eight-foot long piece of craftsmanship from Tethe'alla, carried by the Royal Guard. Stamped into the blade, however, is something that sets this one apart. Two symbols: the Autobot sigil, and the Union Armed Forces sigil, side by side. "It may be a fleeting memory, but a certain event led to you giving me a talk about not standing by while my allies fight. That… changed me a lot, and without it, I wouldn't be where I am now. Thank you. May we remain allies for years to come. Signed, Lloyd."

Nanoha Takamachi - A silver bracelet, the metal highly polished. Set in the center is a brilliant yellow gem, cut to a flawless finish. If it catches the light, it manages to cast an odd, pink light rather than the normal yellow. "I hope this can bring you a little bit of joy this holiday season. The metal won't require much upkeep, and the gem itself is special. You'll know what I mean if the light hits it right. Someone close to you has the only other gem I know of like it. From, Lloyd."

Fate Testarossa - A golden bracelet, the metal highly polished. Set in the center is a brilliant pink gem, cut to a flawless finish. If it catches the light, it manages to cast an odd, yellow light rather than the normal pink. "I hope this can bring you a little bit of joy this holiday season. The metal won't require much upkeep, and the gem itself is special. You'll know what I mean if the light hits it right. Someone close to you has the only other gem I know of like it. From, Lloyd."

Jack - A pair of knives, one with a green blade, curved wickedly and with a wind motif along one side, and the other a deep brown with red accents, with a stone motif along one side. The blade is longer on the brown-red blade, and not nearly so curved, though it is sharp. "You saved me once, if you'll recall, and you've been a valuable member of the Union as well. I don't know if using two knives is your style, however, these Gaia Daggers are balanced with the opposing forces of wind and earth. You can use each solo, of course, as well. The wind is known as Sylph's Breath, where the stone is known as Gnome's Resolve. I hope they serve you well! Signed, Lloyd."

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Tales of Christmas! Part 3 Wed Dec 19 Lloyd Irving

Homura Akemi - A broken wooden blade, split near the base of the blade as though by some manner of impact. The wood shows signs of wear, but has been somewhat maintained. In a seperate box, a longsword crafted of Black Silver, its edges gleaming in Amethyst. The crossguard and hilt-wrap are of similar color to the amethyst. "I don't think I can ever fully make up for some things. I've held onto this for awhile, thinking about what it meant, and I think I finally understand. I'm sure it won't hold much meaning, but, hey, maybe it will. As for the sword, I don't think you use them often, but perhaps you can find something to use it for. It's called Shadowtouch, after the Summon Spirit of Darkness. Not to say you're dark; it just seems to fit you. Signed, Lloyd."

Mami Tomoe - A musket. No, not really, but when pulled from its box, it certainly looks like one. However, the barrel isn't open at the end, and its weighted strangely. If she were to tug at the stock, she would find that the stock and the rest of the gun seperate, revealing a thin, golden sword. Crafted from Topaz, the blade seems to have some latent light energy pulsing through it. Formed in a rapier style, when fully drawn the stock of the gun becomes a hilt with a cupped crossguard, made to look like a star. No full note accompanies this, only a tag stating who it's from and the sword's name: Hidden Starlight.

Kimiko Shinobu - Upper body armor, crafted in a blend of White and Black Silver that gives it a chainlink appearence. Accented with hints of gold and normal silver, it is a regal looking piece, possibly with form over function in mind. However, when donned, it fits securely, and shoulder pauldrons flare out, shaped like wings. "I don't know how well this will work for you, or even if it conflicts with your abilities, but this Seraph's Guard is yours nonetheless. I hope you can find some sort of purpose for it. Signed, Lloyd."

Laine - A pair of charkrams, in a festive, bright blue color. The metal is cool to the touch, and, like any good chakram, they return to the user after being thrown, no matter the throw. "I… wasn't exactly sure what sort of gift I should give you, but these seem to jump out at me for some reason. I call them Starterams! I'm not sure if you can find a use for them; they're dull for training purposes. Signed, Two-Fang."

Nathan Hall - A tome, very aged-looking in appearence, but well maintained. Seems Lloyd collaborated with someone else on this and had it translated to his native language. Inside the cover is a note. "I'm sure you get a lot of books for holidays like this, but I was hoping this may help you. It's a book written by a man named Boltzmann in my world, an old healer whose art was so refined he could work miracles. I don't know if you can use healing magic, or even have any interest in them, but it should make for a good read, anyway. Signed, Lloyd."

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
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Tales of Christmas! Part 4 Wed Dec 19 Lloyd Irving

Material-S - A Flanoirin scarf, weaved from Penguiner Feathers to give it a rich, blue color. It's soft like angora to the touch, and is incredibly warm to the point it seems to repel cold. For a decorative touch, the ends of the scarf are golden. "You've done some things that should make us bitter enemies, but I know what it means to do what you have to to survive. Although I won't hesitate if the threat arises, know that I don't hold a particular grudge against you or the other Materials. I hope this keeps you warm through the winter. From, Lloyd Irving."

Material-L - A Flanoirin scarf, much like Seikou's only in red. To set it off even further, the tips are silver instead of gold. "You and I have had a… misunderstanding in the past. Know that what you think my motives are, whatever that is, that's not the case. I wish the best for you and the other Materials well. I hope this will clear things up, but if not, well… I've survived this long. From, Lloyd Irving."

Material-D - A Flanoirin scarf like Levi and Seikou's, only hers is rainbow colored all the way through instead of with a different color on the ends. "I haven't had much contact with you, but you seem to be the leader of the Materials. I can't make pleas to not go after Linker Cores, I know survival will override that. Instead, I offer this as a show that I do not hold malice toward you three. However, if the time comes, I will be ready to defend those you target. Signed, Lloyd Irving."

Tshallandria - A pair of articulating guantlets, using steel as a base with Black Silver to give them a dark color. studded into each joint is a ruby, as well as the tips. While they look somewhat showy, they are quite combat-capable. "Well, it seems even with my new strengths, I still have a long way to go. Even though we're on opposing sides, I've learned a lot from you. Mainly, that to stand against those with strength, even more strength is necessary. These Flashburn Gauntlets hold no special properties, but given your traditional element of attack, I think they'll suit you. From, Lloyd Irving."

Nine - A Gel set, double the Gels of those sent to the Union at large. Among these however are five special Gels. Brown in color, they have no distinctive smell. "I know that you lost someone you looked up to. I… have had something similar happen to me, although the circumstances were very different. Still are. Anyway, I hope these can be of use to you. The five brown ones are known as Lottery Gels. They're age-restricted, and have a chance of tasting and giving the effects of various potions, which tend to act like liquors in other worlds. Give them a try; I've never had the guts to myself, although I'm assured that they're harmless. Enjoy. Signed, Lloyd Irving."

Nethryn Ervale - Several bottles of Flanoir Potion, which is more like a wine than anything, and a medallion crafted in the shape of a syringe, made of gold, a see-through crystal, and some Emerald within, to give the appearence of the needle being filled with green liquid. "While your methods were… odd… to say the least, I can't say I didn't learn a few things from you. Mostly that, even in battle, it can be possible to see a different side of your opponent. Have a happy holiday. Signed, Lloyd Irving."

Evelynn Cordelia - Several bottles of Mizuho Potion, which is more like rum than anything, in addition to a meticulously crafted kris-style knife. The handle is emerald, with a ruby crossguard. The blade is Black Silver, while the edge is a brilliant sapphire color. "To be honest, I wasn't sure what to send you, but it seemed like a shame to send nothing at all. I hope you have a pleasant holiday. Signed, Lloyd Irving."

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Rifle Christmas Wed Dec 19 Raifuru

She may be very new, but Rai has her own stuff to give out.

Alia: Alia would recieve a bottle of vodka, along with a Makarov energy pistol, with a note attached: 'This is old Makarov pistol, modified for energy shots. Perhaps you can overclock it, and find use for it?'

Prince Lotor: Lotor gets … a drawing. It's a penciled sketch, and inked copy, of Lotor holding onto a large flagpole, with a RoBeast within the background.

Lance Benson: Lance gets something similiar to Lotor, a pencil sketch and inked copy of a drawing. This one, however, has Lance wrestling with wolves. For some reason, Lance is /very/ muscular in the pictures. A note is attached: 'You must be strong like bear to fight wolves in my land!'

Remilia Scarlet: A flag of Cyber USSR to hang for decoration. It features a red background, with the usual hammer and sickle, but it also seems to have tanks, airplanes, and a huge face of Cyber Stalin on the flag, with glowing red eyes.

(Rai actually sends him a drawing of Herself and Comrade Crush standing side by side, saluting a USSR Flag high in the sky, with a flyby of jets. This picture, however, is digitally colored.)

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/134 Posted Author
A very Scarlet Christmas Wed Dec 19 Remilia Scarlet

Remilia is fairly new so she doesnt have many gifts to give out, still, a few are shipped out!

Arthur Lowell: Arthur gets a well tailored red suit with a little bat emblem over the breast pocket. Theres a little note inside the pocket that says "Feel free to visit if it needs retailoring" with multiversal coordinates for Remilia's house.

Kamui Gakupo: Kamui gets a boxed lunch of western foods with a note saying. "I could not think of what to get you, so I had Sakuya make you a present equivalent to the one you gave me previously."

Raifuru: Raifuru gets one of Remilia's spare outfits retailored to fit Rai's proportions a bit better with a note saying "So you can look like a princess."

Rarity: Rarity receives a shipment of high quality fabrics and tools for sewing and tailoring. A note is attached: "I am unaware of the quality of the materials you keep on hand, but an artisan can always use spares, no?"

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
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Additional Alt&Asuna Gifts Thu Dec 20 Asuna

(Because Asuna's player forgets things.)

Milfeulle Sakuraba

Annu Participants - All of them, indeed, receive a personalized food package delivered to their front doors, everything cooked with care, and as normal with Milfe, delicious.
The attached note reads: We've all got our memories. As we celebrate the season of giving, let's remember that we all gave our very hardest and did well. May the Goddess Shayotan watch over you all. - Milfeulle

Veiled Lily

Yunomi receives a little tanuki plushie. It has a hidden compartment good for hiding anything that can fit into the palm of her hand. When the compartment is checked for the first time, a small charm bracelet falls out of it. There are empty spots for charms, and it contains one, the mark for Stadler's military branch, and a Union Emblem. There's no attached note, but it's wrapped in a soft green scarf, because Lily likes useful things.
Stadler receives a set of military-supply black and blue pens, along with a single red one. It is more than likely a joke gift that will be used well.


Burning Heart & NightBright both receive new saddlebags with the mark of the Gatecrasher's Union on them, and filled with tasty treats that are often found in the Cake's Store.

Applejack & Rainbow Dash, the two other ponies that Asuna knows best, receive invitations for a small tea party in Aincrad itself, since they've shown her so much hospitality.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/136 Posted Author
To: Ariel Thu Dec 20 Unyielding Rampart

From Rampart, Ariel receives a pair of Moonsilver-Jade-alloy artifact bracers that should attune rather well with her, though the nature of the material doesn't allow a magical material bonus to be drawn from the bracers; instead they merely provide standard attunement bonuses, those being "ability to store Elsewhere/retrieve from Elsewhere in a pinch" and "extreme difficulty to steal from the owner while attuned".

Further inspection reveals that they hide small Flame Pieces which can be loaded each with a single shot. A note from Rampart suggests practicing with them, noting the last time he gave anyone Flame Pieces it turned out amazing. Another note suggests not practicing near flammable objects. Preferably. But that's optional.

Further gifts to be thought about in the following days. (OOC: People with a desire for an artifact and who know Rampart can nag me OOCly and I'll get you that. As usual particularily powerful or unique things will require upgrade apps, etc etc.)

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/137 Posted Author
A few special items (1/2) Fri Dec 21 Tony Stark

As the holiday draws closer, Tony arranges the special delivery of a few small packages:

Eleanor Lamb, Staren, and Ash each receive a bottle of expensive Canadian ice wine, along with a card and handwritten note, "Thank you for making my arrival here less painful than it could have been. -Tony"

Richard Stadler recieves a small, meticulously wrapped box containing a handstitched leather eyepatch with adjustable headband. There is no note; it is simply assumed that the recipient will get the joke. To take the sting out of it, there is also included in the delivery a bottle of very fine single malt Scotch.

Skidplate receives two bottles: one of ginger ale and another of cranberry juice. She also receives a copy of the latest Call of Warfare: Battlefields game.

Natasha Romanoff receives a pair of all access passes to an exclusive day spa in New York City, and a cheeky note, "One for each persona, Natashalie. Or take a friend, I don't care." There's also a pair of tickets to a performance of the Imperial Russian Ballet.

Bruce Banner receives a set of keys, and no indication of what they go to. The note reads simply, "B, See me in Malibu. -T"

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/138 Posted Author
Special Items (2/2) Fri Dec 21 Tony Stark

Raditz receives three large smoked hams.

Number Nine also, oddly, receives three hams.

Loki gets a shipping pallet loaded with assortments of all Jello flavors except orange; for variety there is also a box of various pudding flavors for him to try.

Lotor gets a custom designed wall calendar featuring photos of Tony wearing the harem dress intended for Pepper, sprawled in various pinup poses (with accompanying coy facial expressions) over his cars and at poolside. It's pretty much the most disturbing thing ever.

Genghis Rex receives a cheap petstore heated basking rock, and also a bottle of single malt Scotch, with a note attached: "Thanks for the cultural exchange. This is my preferred poison; give it a try. -Stark PS It's not really poison." There's also a separate package labeled for 'T.Dactyl' containing a box of smoked kippers, and another note: "Thanks for the flying lessons."

What Ms. Potts receives is no one's g-d business.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/139 Posted Author
Pepper Gifts Fri Dec 21 Pepper Potts

Tony: To be delivered, in person, as close to Christmas as possible.

Bruce Banner: Expertly shopped for outfits. She's gotten pretty good at the size-guessing thing. Also included is a titanium watch with an easy-snap band and a homing signal, should it "get lost" in a fight.

Natasha Romanov: Three weeks paid vacation, including one from SHIELD. Don't ask how Pepper got that; she has her secets. Also, a pretty, feminine, silver watch with a black face and silver hands.

Loki: Any of his belongings still in the tower, along with a cordial invitation to return for a holiday party, several fine green and gold scarves (fancy fancy),

Cecily: A collection of syrups, ranging from New England Maple to blackberry, coffee, everything, for use on pancakes. Also: Hat, mittens, scarf… and tail warmers. For all her tails.

Nathan Hall recieves a desk organization system, adaptable to fit in various drawers, and a collection of fine pens.

Korra recieves a box of fine chocolate-dipped fruits and nuts, and a picture of the Tree-Cutting group, including Tony Stark, covered with sap and pine needles after being attacked by a tree. Kadlin would recieve a plushie polar-bear dog and a similar picture.

Peter Parker and Kitty Pride would find stockings full of candy waiting for them. Woo, candy!

Yoko would find a customized ID card with holographic flames. Apparently, that's what all the kids are in to.

Richard Stadler would receive a blue foil box with silver wrapping paper. Inside it contains a Stark Industries worry ball with re-enforced stitching. When squeezed, it smells like lavender. "This helps me deal with him on his bad days. I hope that you find use for it."

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/140 Posted Author
Christmas 2012/2556 Gift List. Fri Dec 21 James Braddock

To Heinkel Wolfe; inside is a box of Sweet Williams brand cigars, still smelling fresh and ready to be lit and enjoyed after a long night of killing ghouls, vampires, and heretical cults worshipping dark gods. "Thought you'd enjoy a more classy alternative to those damn cigarettes of those for once. No offense, but a woman like you looks a hell of a lot better with a cigar. God bless you this Christmas, in nomine patri, et feli, spiritus sancti, Paladin Wolfe. - J. Braddock" A note says on the side of the box.

To Eleanor Lamb; inside is a large record-like disc that -should- theoretically work with a normal record player that contains a collection of old music hailing back from the 23rd century. The music itself bears a lot of resemblance from classical compositions as well as jazz from the twentieth century. The results are much better than one would expect, really. Just in case the disc won't cooperate, a thumb drive containing the same music files is also included that will work with whatever computer/MP3 player that Eleanor may possess. "A classy collection of music for a classy lady. ;)" The note says, taped to the case.

To Eleanor's kids; A collection of plushies are found in a large box, designed to be perfectly snuggle-able even with the roughest of kids. The theme between them all seems to be from Braddock's own universe, oddly enough. Two of them are designed like Hunters, one is an Elite Zealot carrying a glowy energy sword, a ton of the rest are Grunts, all small and cutely non-threatening, and the last is a plush version of Master Chief himself, carrying an MA5C rifle in hand. The plushies have appropriate sound clips that play upon being squeezed; the grunts panic and squeal while screaming out "He's here! Eeeee!" and other quotes to that effect, the Elites roar out a "Blarrgh!" and "Honk honk!", even "Wort Wort Wort!" to boot. The Master Chief himself has a selection of lines of his own; "I need a weapon.", "Did you miss me?" "You know me, when I make a promise…" The Spartan's head has a few secrets of its own. Squeezing that results in a female sounding voice with a quote as well. "Betcha can't stick it!" "You're on.", the Master Chief replies. These plushies are clearly well made, and are intended for someone with a weird sense of humor as well.

To Lt. Ikari Shinji; A bottle of Alt Burgundy, "Like the bourbon from that night we drank together. Thought you'd like another taste of a real drink. Wasn't easy getting this, so keep it for something special. - Braddock" A note taped to the bottle reads. "P.S. Why did you think I was a girl named Asuka when we were on the way back from the bar?"

To Nasrin al'Halabi; A generous amount of coffee grinds directly from Costa Rica. "This stuff is damn near impossible to get in genuine, so don't waste it all in one night's bingeing. It's also freaking amazing, I should say."

To Captain Amalthea Schmendrick-Fortuna; "I figured you could use a memento from that op on Panaan, so I managed to recover this. You'd like it more than I would, I hope." What's left of the hatch of James' pod from the op is enclosed, still painted Christmas-y and with the words "Merry Christmas, Mike Foxtrot!" inscribed on it, along with a picture of a cheerful looking Braddock flashing the peace sign and grinning, in fatigues while his helmet's in his lap, Battle Rifle slung around his shoulder and shotgun in hand, sitting atop of a festively painted Silverbolt in jet mode. Written on it is "Any op I take that involves saving Christmas is a good one. Happy Holidays, Captain. - 1rst Lt. Braddock, 105th ODSTs."

To Katt; A target pistol styled after the M6 series of handguns, downsized for smaller hands. "The model itself was easy to find, getting on in a caliber that wouldn't break your wrists was the hard part. I needed a damn good gunsmith to handle that. Of course, hopefully this'll be a good introduction to the M6 handguns, I'll show you the full-sized model when you're bigger.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/141 Posted Author
Holiday Cheer! Fri Dec 21 Yunomi

Most members of the Union receive little notes, thanking them for a donation made in their name to the Hearts and Paws organization, helping animals left behind in the wake of warfare and a grouping of animal shelters, because what better way to help in the season than to help those who cannot speak ou t for themselves?

The following also get gifts: Sakura Kinomoto, Staren, Rainbow Dash and Ram (whever that ferret is) will receive the DANGER TANUKI OMNIBUS (pt 1), each with a sketch inside. Sakura's has Danger Tanuki with The Dash. Staren would have Danger Tanuki with goggles lowered, and "SCIENCE!" written under neath. Rainbow Dash would have DT and Prism Bolt mid-race (with Bolt winning), and Ram would have DT and Ram, fighting badguys. Ram would be in a kung-fu style jump-kick.

Loki would receive the same Omnibus, but with a Danger Tanuki bookmark of DT and Loki, back-to-back on it. Hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind.

Stadler would find, on his office desk, a written notation that Yunomi promises to be very, very good and not use /any/ of the messhall pudding. He would also find a ridiculously over the top light-up tie that plays six different Christmas carols, and extra batteries, along with a collection of hand-brushed scrolls for his office, including — in kanji caligraphy — "Dedication" "Honor" "Love" and "Vigilance".

Fleece's subscription to the Danger Tanuki Club Magazine has been renewed, along with a pair of Danger Tanuki goggles and a new DT T-shirt. Estano would recieve a plate of home-made cookies. Luckily, Yunomi didn't make them, so they shouldn't come to life.
DeClere would find a written note, promising to not see her as much in the coming year, or to seriously give the other people hell if she does.

Atomic Robo would not find a plate of cupcakes. He would find, though, a bunch of vintage science fiction books with robots as the main characters.

Craig would find a platter of cupcakes. Not a one of them are habenero. They're all chocolate-frosted chocolate with chocolate frosting middles. Tasty!

Psyber receives his own comic book, a 15-page adventure of him travelling across the state of Nevada accompanied by a rabbit named Carrots, who at the very last page, in a cliffhanger episode, turns into a giant, furry mecha of doom, piloted by Psyber against the Blondes of Planet Stepford.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/142 Posted Author
Holiday Cheer pt.2 Fri Dec 21 Yunomi

Negi Springfield would receive, delivered by pancakes a Danger Tanuki omnibus. With a note: "I would not be able to write these in English if not for you. Thank you for your time, your patience, your wisdom and your friendship. You are forever in my heart. Much love, Always, your Yunomi-chan.

Raditz would find, wherever he is, several large packages of popcorn, three Lina Inverse-sized servings of mashed potatoes and gravy, fourteen hot thanksgiving sandwhiches in suspended animation bags, and a Raditz plushie. When squeezed, the plushie goes 'Moosh!' … no paticular reason.

For the (Eighth) Doctor: A collection of fine teas, and a Japanese tea ceremony set. The chawan have runniing tanuki glazed onto the bowls. There's no note, other than a short one going "I miss you, with Love."
For Tony Stark: A written apology and a promise to never paint the tower any color ever, ever again. And a box of oreos as a peace offering.
For Bruce Banner: Bruce Banner's own iPod. It's been filled with Top40 music from the last ten years. "I found this, really! I just realized it was yours!"

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/143 Posted Author
Hearth's Warming Day! Fri Dec 21 Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle sends these gifts to her friends:

Rainbow Dash gets a book detailing how the Wonderbolts got their start. Yes, Rainbow Dash. A book. "I know you will get there someday!" the gift tag says.

Applejack also gets a book, describing plants and farming techniques from other worlds. It looks hoof-written, probably transcribed from several sources. "I am sure you can grow any of these!"

Rarity gets…you guessed it…a book! This one a compilation of various fashion styles and sewing techniques from across the multiverse. "For the most fabulous pony ever, and my most fashionable friend!"

Fluttershy gets a book as well. A book from one of the Earths with all kinds of its native animals described within. "All kinds of new friends await!"

Staren also gets a book! It is a social commentary on relationships by a leading Equestrian psychologist. "Science is wonderful, but if there is anything I have learned, it is that too much studying can harm your friendships."

Mortimer's gift is a book of cooking recipies using various alcoholic beverages. It is not an Equestrian book, so there are a few recipies that the average Equestrian would not touch. But, Reder should enjoy them. "Thank you for being one of Equestria's most stalwart allies, and such a good friend to Spike."

Yuna receives a book of music from Equestria! It is full of songs about friendship, kindness, and love. "We might not have made it this far without you."

Fayt is given a new business ledger with golden borders and stylized writing of his shipping company's name on the cover. "Don't work too hard!"

Jinx and Bramble Patch both receive a gook as well! Jinx gets a book with tons of suggestions on how to increase one's good luck, and Bramble Patch gets a book that offers helpful tips for gardening. Jinx's book carries a note that says, "We'll get you free someday. We never give up on our friends." Bramble's book carries the note, "Even though we don't get along, I still think deep down you are a nice pony."

Various other friends and aquaintances receive similar gifts (just in case I forgot anyone, which I am sure I did).

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/144 Posted Author
One Last Gift Fri Dec 21 Serori

Serori finally remembers to send Yunomi a toaster. It has four slots but is otherwise very basic and of the 'stainless steel' variety.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/145 Posted Author
Experimental Gifts Fri Dec 21 Fran Madaraki

All active organic or mostly-organic Confederate elites get a 'one free operation' coupon, while all Confederate elites in general get a card depicting Fran, Okita, and Adorea in festive garb alongside several…less appealing figures (read: horrible abominations) who nonetheless seem very happy as well. The card reads: 'Happy Holidays, from our family to yours!'

A few people get specific gifts as well.

Alia: Several pieces of furniture and decor, all of which looks rather expensive and fancy, salmon-colored where applicable. A couple of couches, a tea table, a few coasters, a lamp, and an embroidered tea cosy. Unfortunately Fran doesn't consider that Alia might need a teapot and some cups as well.

Jung: A very…average-looking bed, just big enough for Jung to sleep in. Not too simple, not too elaborate, the frame made from some nice wood with a very comfortable and almost bouncy mattress. It even comes with very plain grey sheets, a blanket, and two fluffy pillows! As an aside, she also gets a small, desk-sized bookshelf, also painted very plain grey.

Lance Benson: A handpicked gift basket of several assorted blends of hot chocolate, tea, and coffee, all of high quality and several different varieties and flavors. Nestled among the various packets is a small, cooled container holding a mantis shrimp eye for some…strange reason.

No. 9: It's…another gift basket! Remarkably similar to the one he gave her, in fact. Several different meats and cheeses, as well as a good variety of chocolates of different types. It even has a little plushie of Nine in it, wherever she got that; cuddly and adorable even despite the fact that it's ugly as sin.

Lute: A good-sized box of chocolates with eggnog or peppermint filling. Also a note reminding him that the procedure has been tested and should be ready for application whenever he's free.

Katt: A small, fuzzy, blonde plushie kitten. It looks a little patched up with some visible stitches, but those only seem to enhance its adorableness.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/146 Posted Author
It's A Firebadger Christmas pt. 1 Fri Dec 21 Mortimer Balman


Untamed Breeze- a knife. No ordinary knife of course, it is a knife like Morty's own; which means it's more like a short sword than a knife, really. Designed specifically for shredding things which have amorphous bodies, made from the highest quality steel. Note attached: 'A lady should always have a holdout.'

Bradley Carbunkle- The same present that Leon Kennedy got last year; a book on women and relationships with them, written by Mortimer himself. Highlighted chapters include 'when to shut up', 'how to stay shut up', and 'why you should shut up'.

Fayt Ravus- Two weeks paid vacation to festive location of his choice on Balman Industries' dime.

Makoto Kino- Cookbooks from across the Multiverse, and coupons for Balman-brand foodstuffs from their warehouses to make things within said cookbooks.

Staren- Cash. Because coming up with gifts for someone like Staren is friggin' hard.

Nathan Hall- Books. Authentic copy of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and some of the original works of William Shakespeare, in good condition.

Priscilla- A well polished faux-ivory mirror and a comb made from high quality coral. Very fancy and pretty.

Lloyd Irving- A box from which a spring-loaded boxing glove with face-seeking technology will be launched. Under this is a delicious apple pie.

Raditz- Books on politics and leadership. And a special kingly scholarship for the Balman Center for Improvement of Self, if the books aren't enough and he needs actual education.

Raven DeVanos- Booze. Lots of booze. Also various toys for the children, largely remote controlled things like cars and little robots and nerf guns and some plush toys shaped like various pokemon and ponies.

Tony Stark- Alcoholic beverages tailored specifically for Stark's tastes.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/147 Posted Author
It's A Firebadger Christmas pt. 2 Fri Dec 21 Mortimer Balman


Inquisitor Valaes- Renewal of trade contracts at a discount for the holidays, alcohol, and a knife like the one Breeze got.

Olive- A handheld gaming system with some Pokemon games, and a little solar generator to recharge the solar batteries, and instructions for Cube on how to make it all work. Note attached: 'Remember sweetie, no more than a couple hours a day.' There are also various nice clothes for winter to keep her warm.


Loros- Fine wines brewed by Mortimer himself. None are poisonous, but some have the damndest hallucinogenic effects.

No. 9- Morty's famous chili, enough for all the golems, though this year it is oddly rainbow colored. Also, books. Note attached: 'A man should know culture. I offer you some of mine.' Culture in this instance is copies of Morty's old comic book serials; Golbatman, X-Mon, and The Snorlaxx.

Tesla Armadia- Same thing she gets every year from Morty.

Rose Petal- A pokedex and some books on caring for pokemon.

Comrade Crush- A lead-lined package which, when opened, explodes with the force of several pounds of Semtex. A smaller box survives this explosion which, if opened, holds out a note that says 'Merry Christmas, you commie bastard. Have some ham.' A fully cooked ham is then launched at the face.

Lute- A pie. Oddly enough the pie is not toxic, poisonous, or otherwise tainted. It is a delicious apple pie. When the pie is done being eaten though, the bottom begins blinking, and then it explodes.

% Unaffiliated-

The Space Wolves- New pants. And of course, liquor, because let's face it can't give Space Wolves anything without giving them liquor. Note attached: 'So help me gods if I don't see at least some of you bastards wearing these the next time I visit there's gonna be hell to pay.' There is also an odd apparatus which appears to have been designed for a Dreadnought, namely Bjorn, so that he can enjoy some drinks. Finally, a large book containing detailed information on TV programming for the Wolves to browse through at their leisure.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/148 Posted Author
It's A Firebadger Christmas pt. 3 Fri Dec 21 Mortimer Balman


Loki- What do you get for the little god that has everything? New clothes. Modern ones that don't look like that ridiculous armor of his. And some for his brother too. And some petty cash to do with whatever he wants.

Noh Body- A small box full of shiny things that jingle and jangle that are hard to break.

Any other Unaffils who are friendly with Morty whose names escape me at the moment will receive some petty cash to spend as they see fit.


Twilight Sparkle- Books! Lots of books from across the Multiverse! Mostly to do with history of various nations. For Spike there are various rare and no doubt tasty gems for his enjoyment.

Applejack- Seeds for species of apples not native to Equestria, including a few hybridized plants, such as the incredible Apple-Peach and Apple-Kumquat. Also a spare hat, because you never know if you'll need one.

Rarity- Fancy fabrics from abroad, mostly silks and cottons, but also something called 'polyester'.

Rainbow Dash- Renewal of last year's subscriptions, some rainbow chili, and some books on flying aces from other worlds to give her new ideas for tricks.

Pinkie Pie- A shiny new party cannon, one that has three times the explosive power as her current one.

Fluttershy- Wing warmers to keep her wings warm, and books on Pokemon biology and care. And a few baskets of foodstuffs in case any of her little animal friends need some munchies.

Nightmare Moon & Bramble Patch- A basket of tasty mushrooms each.

Jinx- some good luck charms, and some specially made clothes that will cushion the blows for when she invariably trips, so she doesn't get hurt so much.

Vinyl Scratch- A collection of old records and CDs with various kinds of music on them. Highlights include the Beatles and various rock groups like the Sex Pistols, Guns 'N Roses, and David Bowie.

The CMC- All of them get books, full of ideas for fun activities for them to do between attempts to get their QT marks, like making paper airplanes and building small submersibles out of wood and other simple mechanical things that aren't too far out of bounds with Equestria's currently existent technology levels. And of course, treats.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/149 Posted Author
Santassassin Fri Dec 21 Altair

Santasassin. He gives presents to all the nice little boys and girls, and stabbings to the naughty ones!

The Nice List

Nasrin and the Orphans: At first it looks like they are going to get your run out of the mill, average, boring presents; shirts, dresses, socks, new shoes. What you would expect from boring old Altair. But then, one of the last boxes starts moving and, surprise, its a box with four freaking super adorable kitties. Now leave me alone about them! Included with the box is a warning that tells the children never to let the cats wander into the aerie because the eagles there will eat them. Altair has no tact. Also, Nasrin gets a pass that reads 'Good in exchange for Thirty(30) laps around Alamut.'

Sakura Kinomoto: A frilly super adorable pink silk dress made by the best tailor of Cairo, Egypt… From the 12th century.

Priscilla: A badass Guisarme. It has no magical properties like Prsicilla's scythe undoubtedly has, but its still a very efficient weapon nonetheless. It has a spear point for thrusting, an axe blade for cleaving, a sickle part for hooking and a pommel on the other end of the handle for bashing. "You have given me many a weapon and I have not. With this now we are truly even"

Kirito: A matching set of curved sabers; a Dascian Falx and an Egyptian Khopesh. They have no magical properties like his swords, and they are made of normal steel unlike Altairs Damascus forged Falchion, but they still look pretty snazzy. He should totally give them a whirl.

James Braddock: A defused, honest to goodness, black powder Ottoman grenade. It is a laughably outdated relic; its round like a balloon, weighs about ten pounds, its completely black and has the powder stick on the top, like it came out of a cartoon. "This was a very innovative invention in my time. Look at it when you think that your technology is inferior to others, and ponder how much humanity has improved and will continue to improve. Just like you will."

Applejack: A very sturdy lasso and a package with various horse tending equipment. Included are brushes, horse shoes, various soaps and, maybe awkwardly, a saddle and a harness. Altair doesn't understand the faux paux involved with giving standard horse equipment to a Magical Pony yet.

Amalthea, Ellestaria and Ariel: Matching family gowns and suits! The family receives two sets since Altair didn't know if he should send one dress and one suit or two suits or two dresses, so he's just gonna play it safe and send two of each, Ariel gets two dresses too just because. The dresses are all made of very comfy silk with a decidedly Arabic design, while the male suit is formal looking and resembles a trenchchoat. Traditional head scarves are included with the dresses but these are likely optional even though they look very pretty.

Fayt Ravus: A freaking Syrian scimitar. Even though Fayt probably has millions of these or could get them if he wanted, Altair still decided to send him a weapon for some reason.

Aziz: He gets the two things he likes the most in the world. Food: A weeks supply of tasty Spiced meat, and Sleep: an electric blanket for those cold nights in the aerie.

Alya: A simple box. When opened it's just a single purple face veil! How lame! No worries, it was just Altair's twisted attempt at trolling. Under the veil there is a hidden compartment that holds a far more valuable gift. A beautifully crafted circular hair pin, with two long eagle feathers to adorn it… and a note.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/150 Posted Author
Santassassin (Cont) Fri Dec 21 Altair

Nice List Continued!

Tony Stark: A book with the Legends of Sinbad "Thank you and Madam Potts for all your assistance. You should read this, it reminds me of you and may give you a few insights."

Mortimer Balman: Sweet tobacco and a small hookah.

Jack: A week's worth of strong Earl Grey tea and a dozen very sharp throwing knives "I feel we have a lot in common even if we have not met, yet. I enjoy all these things, mayhap you will too."

Auron: Parkouring shoes and a red hooded cloak.

Terra Creed: Parkouring shoes and a white hooded cloak.

Jvassa: Parkouring shoes and a brown hooded cloak. Also! Some smoked salmon "I don't mean to patronize you, but I thought you might enjoy this."

Taylita A stick of dynamite "This is what I used on you in the tournament, you looked quite surprised when you saw it. May you never fall for that trick again."

Nathan Hall: An ancient manual describing various complex metallurgic techniques, it's not even in Arabic either, it's written in Sanskrit. "If there is someone that can decipher this and unlock the secret of how to forge Damascus steel, it is you. Good luck."

Cecily: A Hair brush for her pretty fox tails!

Yunomi: All the volumes of the 1001 Arabian Nights in Manga form! Complete with the protagonists turned into either Shonen action heroes or Bishonen pretty boys and just about all the manga stereotypes you can think of like; sweat drops, scenes with everyone chibifed, hot springs, et all. Hilariously, all the dialogue is in Korean. meaning its actually Manhwa and not Manga.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/151 Posted Author
Santassassin (Special!) Fri Dec 21 Altair

The Naughty List. |(

Leo: He gets his unopened package accompanied with a box of tissues. "For your tears."

Lute: A plastic dirk with red paint on the tip. Self explanatory.

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