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Purpose of this Board Mon Dec 03 Reliant

This is a temporary board for IC Christmas Gift posts and Santa postings. It will be up until the end of the year, at very least.

Santa himself will be logging on soon to lay down the rules and deadlines for Santa-Mail this year. Please pay careful attention and understand that his player will probably be swamped!

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Letters To Santa: Open Mon Dec 03 Santa Claus

Ho ho ho! Hello, Multiverse Crisis MUSH!

Another year to bring you cheer, To the young and young at heart… To the heros, the villains, the monsters, the children, I've come back to bring the spirit of Christmas, once again!

My mailbox is empty, right now, you see. That's why @mails you should send if its gifts you want from me! So good tidings to you, to one and to all, remember to @mail, don't drop that ball! And on Christmas Eve, when you're all sound asleep… Throughout the whole Multiverse I will creep. And down through the chimney I'll break an entry, leaving presents nestled at the base of your tree.

Letters to Santa are open today. So shoot your @mails now for a gift Christmas day!

The deadline you see is no later than Sunday 23. I'll need one day to pack all those presents away, and I'll be out the door on Monday 24. @mail as you will, @mail if you must! Send your letters from each alt a piece, or all from just one, and I'll be sure to respond with loads of holiday fun.

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HappY Yulestroll? Mon Dec 03 Lupita Auryon

Oh lucky day, someone told Lupita about Santa Claus, and she seems to have equated the human holiday of Christmas to the Aleternian Holiday of Twelfth Perigee's eve.

The world may now openly weep.

Anyway, suffice to say, there are gifts to be had!

Aethra Hagano - twelve rolls of fancy cloth, several stashes of thread to go with the cloth, some new needles, and a pair of nice scissors.

Everyone else - That Lupita knows (and this does include the poor sBurb kids) get giant, hulking, still bloody, slightly stanky-ass yak corpses left for them, because this is the more customary gift of Twelfth Perigee's eve. This list includes two yaks for Moerimer Balman and Loki, a yak left for Wildfire at that totally awesome dance club they keep meeting at, a yak left in Arthur's kitchen, a Yak left under Summer's pillow archway to her house, and a dead yak left somewhere ambiguous with Loros' pesterchum name on it. (Because Lupita assumes if he can find her to give her liver, he can find something she's left for him anywhere.)

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Eila's List Mon Dec 03 Eila Juutilainen

To Sanya: A quality made, goosedown pillow with silk cover. The cover has a red sillouette of a cat embroidered on one side, with a red lining around the edges.

To Fate T. Harlaown: A pair of plushies. One of a black cat and one of a black fox.

To Sanya: A jewelry pillow box, with a note that says 'For Flight Hammer'. It's large enough that the Device can fit comfortably inside, possibly when Sanya is sleeping or otherwise doesn't want to wear it.

To Psyber: A fine leather holster with the image of a single angel wing emblazoned upon the side. It can be worn on a belt, and it also comes with straps so that it can be worn under a jacket. It comes complete with a Walther PPK. Because Psyber doesn't have enough guns.

To Sanya: Several volumes of sheet music, meant to be played on the piano. There are probably about 20 or 30 books of sheet music here, and none of them have any repeat songs in them.

To Black Gold Saw: From the outside, it looks like a standard music box. But when you open it, it plays a variety of heavy metal songs. It actually has a headphone jack and a USB port to upload new songs into it. Attatched is a note: "I don't know what music this is but it reminds me of you. -suomusFox"

To Sanya: A very thick set of curtains. The brightest sunlight from the sunniest day couldn't penetrate these things.

To Francesca: A sword cleaning kit. For her sword. Also a small number of teddy bears.

To Sanya: A few small boxes of chocolates.

To Shirley: A few model planes, mostly of planes that are modern in Strike Earth. Also a small set of tools (socket wrenches, screwdrivers, etc) made of stainless steel.

To Sanya: Reservations for dinner at a particularly nice restaurant for her and a few friends.

To Sanya: A various and assorted amount of cute things that Eila found while shopping around and just decided that Sanya absolutely /had/ to have it.

To Sanya: Etc.

(It just goes on and on from here. Eila probably slowly bought this stuff over the course of a year, as a single paycheck wouldn't comfortably handle all of it.)

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Ruby and Cobalt's Chrismas Gifts! Mon Dec 03 Ruby and Cobalt

Just like last year, every elite (somehow) will get a picture, a small box of chocolates from the androbunnies and a handwritten note. The pictures are done up in their standard wear, just dolled up to look festive, while the note says "Dear Everyone: Enjoy your festive holidays! Love, Ruby and Cobalt"

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Lutemas Mon Dec 03 Lute

Xiang - Stuffed toys of various microscopic beings. Mostly terrible diseases.

GLaDOS - A copy of the game Rockem Sockem Robots

Nine - A Kegarator. A mini fridge made to hold a keg of beer and keep it cool. The drink inside the keg that comes with it is apparently hard cider.

Slime - Steroids

Serori - A large number of formal looking dresses. Despite their looks, they're all perfectly fit for combat situations, and able to withstand most damage that a Saiyan is likely to take in combat.

Loros - A copy of Twilight, written in the Eldritch Tongues of the things that Should Not Be.

Kefka - Tickets to Cirque de Soliel

Fran Madaraki - A truck sized crate of frozen corpses.

Fiera Kitsun - Tickets to Cirque de Soliel. The seat number is right next to Kefka's.

Alexis - A chainsaw, that seems to be altered so that it can be attached to a hand temporarily and used as a weapon.

Red - A Shadow Pokemon. Specifically, a Shadow Magikarp.

Ash - A Shadow Pokemon. Specifically, a Shadow Vanillite.

Raven DeVanos - A potted plant. Specifically, a Sitrus Berry bush.

Sanah - A baking cook book.

Gold - A sawed off shotgun

Mewtwo - A psychic message is put out for Mewtwo to respond to. It would lead him to a location where he could find a present for him. Inside is a Christmas Sweater, green in color, and knitted to Mewtwo's proportions.

Optimus Prime - A Transformer's size tie

Snake - A leatherman pocket knife.

Tyrael - An incredibly ugly and poorly knitted winter hat.

The Custodians - A large number of fruitcakes are left out on a plate , and a message is sent across the Multiverse advertising it is for the Custodians.

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Puella Presents! Tue Dec 04 Mami Tomoe

Mami's presents are all packaged in metallic-gold wrapping paper, with black trim and a large ribbon.

Madoka Kaname recieves a card, that simply says thank you, for being her best friend.

Homura Akemi recieves her own tea set, with a violet and black color scheme.

Sayaka Miki recieves a brand new, aluminum baseball bat with a note attached. 'Just in case you get in trouble.'

Sayuri Yaguchi recieves a vintage Mosin-Nagant rifle, with matching dates and serial numbers.

Kaminagi Setsuko recieves an Edo-period katana, with a white scabbard that has a bright blue feather etched into it, along with a note. 'Thank you for watching over us.'

Psyber recieves a Nambu Type 94 pistol, with a note similar to Setsuko's.

Sanya Litvyak recieves a music box, that plays her theme music! The inside also has an engraving, with musical notes.

All of the others who helped the Puella Magi, over the course of their Unification recieve a pin, that's a replica of Mami's Soul Gem, and a note. 'Thank you for helping to protect what's most precious.'

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White Flash Presents Tue Dec 04 Asuna

Kirito, first, gets the promise: "I want to always be with you, I'll give you everything I have." … amongst other things.

Agil, Klein, and Tomoe are all invited for dinner at some point, where she'll cook all the highest-ranked items she can get her hands on, cooked to mastery. To make up for, the note reads, for the Ragout Rabbit incident.

Ash gets a tiny Pokeball plushie that she made during her rare free time. It opens via velcro, and contains a heart.

Iianor and Shadow both get presents - Shadow gets a stuffed animal as well, a white-colored duplicate that almost matches Shadow's own form exactly. Iianor gets a amusing little doll that looks almost like him, with green eyes instead of a blindfold + green eyes, however.

Nathan Hall gets the rarest book Asuna can get her hands on. He's a librarian, after all.

Fayt Ravus would get a hug, but she instead gets him a little build-a-ship craft set that she made and named 'Black Dragon'.

Staren gets a plushie version of his cat form, with a note admitting Asuna thought it was him for a second. ._.

All of the other members of the Gatecrashers Union get food care boxes, including, incredibly, edible fruitcake. It is sort of odd.

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Solemn Gifts Tue Dec 04 Joseph O'Reilly

Every member of Heaven or Hell receives two hand grenades, Psyber receives a whole create with about three dozen inside. These hand grenades are filled with blessed water and are rigged to sing 'Halleluja' just before exploding.

Every known member of the Confederacy receives an e-card, 'Merry Christmas, if you wish to confess your sins, my doors are open. Bishop O'Reilly' There's an image of Jesus in the crib on the card.

Everyone other known Elite gets an e-card that just wishes them a Merry Christmas.

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Eldritch Gifts Tue Dec 04 Hastur

Hastur has only a few people she's chosen to give gifts to this year. They seem carefully selected, and each one comes with a note.

Psyber doesn't get an actual gift, but he does get a rather lengthy note to make up for it.

To Ysintra, a Red Bird of Celephais (, about the size of a large hummingbird. It sings a different song from each beak when bidden, otherworldly and yet inexplicably beautiful songs that are gentle and soothing to the ear. It also seems to be fully tamed.
"You already seem to have all you say you want, but your life is so devoid of music. Have a song to follow you wherever you go, always ready to play whenever the silence is overwhelming."

To Aldebaran, a simple-looking journal with a photo tucked inside the cover, filled with a young girl's memories and daily events long past.
"I think you have waited long enough. Please read this and tell me your thoughts. You will understand what it means in time."

To Nathan Hall, a leatherbound book detailing the various Great Old Ones and their lesser servants from Hastur's world, completely free of sanity-rending auras and safe for the average reader.
"Knowledge is power, after all. I think you will find this information to be useful in the future. And before Psyber asks, no, you will not lose whatever sanity you have left if you decide to read it. How trustworthy am I by now, after all? Something along the lines of ninety percent?"

To Saya Irino/Black Gold Saw, a simple mug with, of all things, a proper Elder Sign painted on it. How odd.
"I honestly do not care at this point. If you are going to protect yourself, at least do it properly."

To Loros, an original copy of The King in Yellow, bound in bright yellow leather with the Yellow Sign engraved under the title on the cover.
"Something tells me you have not read this yet. Forgive me if I am mistaken, but more literature is never a bad thing, is it?"

To Summer Powers, a set of flowing golden robes about Summer's size, complete with a hood, scarf, and a white, silken mask.
"Might as well enjoy the worship of those easily-swayed salamanders as much as possible. Perhaps this masquerade could earn you some followers. Try walking out among them sometime with it on."

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Compiled Alt Gifts 1/2 Tue Dec 04 Solid Snake

Optimus - Snake seems to have been pulling some strings. Optimus gets a Prime-sized High-Frequency Blade.
Tyrael - A 'Multiverse's Best Dad' mug.
Nanoha - A 'Multiverse's Best Mom' mug, and a note: 'Nice not to be the one running the show, isn't it?'
Grimlock - A coupon to an all-you-can-eat buffet in Techno Urbania.
Ash - A set of anti-gravity/wall-clinging boots, and a note. 'This is what you whippersnappers mean by hanging out, right? Us old farts don't get your newfangled lingo.'
Jack - A high-quality, top-of-the-line combat knife, and a book on CQC.

Tendou - Enough of Airi's signature winter blend to serve at Himawari-ya throughout December, plus a personal supply for him, Hiyori and Jyuuka.
Gentaro - A gift certificate for coffee at the Milk Dipper, and a scale model DenLiner.
Mobile Section Six - Ryotaro has gone to the effort of creating a new personal blend, and shipped enough to Section Six for everyone to have at least three cups.
Misha - A red scarf and a Momotaros plushie, with a note. 'I know we barely know each other, but Urataros thought you seemed a bit lonely, so Momotaros and I got you these as a welcome gift.'
Leo - Leo gets a small bag of coffee beans, and a card. 'Even if we're enemies, you're still a Kamen Rider. I think just this once, no one would blame me for wishing you well. Stay safe, at least until January.'

Priscilla - An ebony dagger of absolutely exceptional quality, worked to supernatural sharpness. Included is a sheath that can easily be hidden somewhere in Priscilla's fluff, making it a perfect holdout weapon.
Aria - An entire set of dwarven plate in her size; the craftsmanship is nothing short of masterful, and the chest piece has been enchanted with frost resistance. The helm has holes for her ears.
Ysabel - A heavy fur cloak, enchanted with light frost resistance, and a note: 'Some time soon I'd take you on a hunt in Skyrim if you're willing.'
J'vassa - A necklace made of a dragon's tooth. A note: 'A reminder, of what's within your reach if you but reach out for it. On the day you stand up and begin down that road, I'll walk it alongside you.'
Nathan Hall - An Amulet of Talos, with note: 'For such a bookish man, you've more daring than some Nords. This is the symbol of a common man who became a Divine, and a reminder that even the lowliest may become something great.'
Sayuri - A heavy fur cloak, enchanted with light frost resistance, and a note: 'This should keep you nicely in Skyrim, or any other cold place.'

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Compiled Alt Gifts 2/2 Tue Dec 04 Solid Snake

Churning Gears - A box containing several of Aelin's old college textbooks and a few of her term papers. The included card reads, 'Thought you might be interested in the kind of learning my world puts engineers through.'
Amalthea - A firmware and software update for the SwearPad, adding several new swears and five new ways to combine.
Lute - A letter. 'I hear you are an amazingly handsome and dashing man. I am a genetically superior beautiful woman who is also a talented hacker. I want you. Come to these coordinates alone and naked, so that I can have you all to myself.' The coordinates are way out in the middle of nowhere. When Lute gets there, someone seems to have diverted a shipment of Confederate military robots with defective IFF chips to the same place. They activate shortly after his arrival. There are also numerous camera drones.
Ash - Video of the above fracas.


(Raifuru gets a robotic mini kodiak bear for riding around on, from Secret Soviet R&D.)

By some fluke, Lialyn seems to have been registered to draw a separate salary, rather than as Adelyn's property. And someone told her about Christmas, though it's entirely likely she hasn't quite got the idea.
Adelyn - Lialyn. Wearing a Santa hat.
Mir - A heavy metal compilation, with a note. 'You sort-of gave me the gift of heavy metal. You also gave me a chance to shoot GLaDOS. Thank you.'
GLaDOS - A single round of rifle ammo and a note. 'I never forget.'
Yuna - A simple card. 'I cannot give you intelligence. I will ask Santa to do so instead. Here is a card.'

Individual posts for Setsuko and Shizune to come soon.

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Hina's Gifts Tue Dec 04 Hina Kagiyama

Hina's gift is a simple one… and it extends multiversally between Union, Confederates and Unaffiliated. Even if she doesn't know them, somehow, everyone has waiting for them a Nagashibina doll and a note reading "I do not know much about this holiday that everyone celebrates but if there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to see me. Signed *Misfortune Kanji*"

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Alt Gifts Tue Dec 04 Asuna

Natasha Romanoff

Tony Stark - What do you get the man who has everything? A Iron Man plushie.
Pepper Potts - A gift certificate to a nice dress shop in downtown NYC, along with a note that reads: 'They have nice stuff for redheads. ;) -NR'
Bruce Banner - Bruce gets a five-year subscription to every scientific magazine that Natasha knows of.
Skidplate - Natasha, unsure of what to gift Skidplate, instead passes on a usable-anywhere cash certificate. The attached note reads, 'I know certificates are sort of passe, but at least this way I know you'll get something you want! - NR'
Eleanor Lamb & The Girls - Eleanor and the Little Sisters get a full on weekend package to visit New York City, including a place to stay, and tickets to the both the Children's Museum and the Children's Museum of the Arts. The note reads, 'I imagine they don't get to visit many places, considering there's so many of them, and… well, I'm sorry if I'm being a little creepy, but I've done my research into your world… they deserve some fun. - Romanoff'

Milfeulle Sakuraba

Tony Stark - Tony receives a small pendant, made up of iron, in the infinity symbol. The attached note reads: 'Thanks for letting us borrow the Seaduction! - Milfe'
Yuna Kagurazaka - Yuna receives a plush microphone and a plush version of the Lucky Star. The Lucky Star looks handmade, although it is not poorly stitched.
Ai Genki - Ai receives a set of plush cookpans, along with a note: 'You could probably cook with these, couldn't you? I'm sorry it's sort of lame. - Milfe'.
Kevin Graham - Kevin gets a private, totally-cooked-by-Milfefive course dinner invitation. Ries gets a food basket. His note reads: '^_~ - Milfe'

Also, pretty much everyone receives a gift by the fact that Milfe takes a week off to assist with the Christmas baking. Cookies, sweets, and candies galore.

Veiled Lily

All Exalted In The Union - Recieve a small bracelet, made up of light and dark green cord wrapped around each other. The sign of Jupiter is the only charm.
Lien Qi - Receives a note in her paperwork that reads: 'Boo'.
Harry Dresden - Harry's first gift is a written promise to not pronounce his name when she's doing Sidereal-y things. The second gift is that he gets hired to do absolutely nothing for a week.
Olive - Olive gets a dictionary, theasaurus, and a series of books appropriate for her age and reading level.

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Christmas Card(captor)s Tue Dec 04 Sakura Kinomoto

Union Side
A lot of gifts to the Union are home made, or at least personally modified. It's obvious a lot of care went into each one.

Yunomi recieves a small key suspended on a chain. The key looks similar to the one Sakura wears, except it is decorated with a stylised sun instead of a star. Also with the key is a letter, explaining how to use it - it turns out to be a magical implement, exactly like Sakura's own Wand, attuned to the power of the Sun. While Yunomi probably doesn't need it, it can help channel magical power. Plus, it's pretty cute. Along with the key is a Christmas card, with little messages from at least 20 of Sakura's cards - although most of them are written in Sakura's handwriting, with signatures (or in two cases, pawprints) accompanying them.

Adalinda recieves a copy of Sakura's Hope card, printed on high-quality cardstock. Written under the name of the card are the words 'Never stop believing - Sakura'. The card depicts a small girl in a simple dress, clutching a winged heart close to her chest. The girl's eyes are closed, and there's a warm smile on her face.

Fayt Ravus gets another plushie of how he looked when he was turned into a dragon for a few weeks - Sakura still remember that? This one is wearing a santa hat.

Joseph O'Reilly recieves a thermos flask with his name printed on it, but no other adornment. On the inside of the cap, however, are the words 'Hope Springs Eternal' written in English, Latin and Japanese. The Latin handwriting is obviously different from Sakura's normal handwriting. Accompanying the thermos is a plush version of Keroberos, with a note reading 'For Donna'.

Richard Stadler is given a 'yunomi' (a sort of cup used for holding tea or sake) with 'Love Transcends Species' etched into it in English and Japanese.

Ai Genki is given a gold fruit that should seem suspiciously familiar to her. It's accompanied by a note saying that Sakura got Wood, Flower and Sweet to work on it, and that it's probably not magical, and would probably go well in a pie of some sort. It tastes like honey.

Ash is given a pair of warm gloves with a representation of each of the Twin's bodies on each palm. Bulbasaur, meanwhile, is given a group shot of -all- of Sakura's card (in spirit form), with the words 'Happy Christmas, sensei' written under it, and signed by each of them. Some of the signatures are effectively scribbles, and two are pawprints.

Nathan Hall gets a bookmark with Sakura's magic circle carefully drawn on it.

Altair is given a pink scarf with 'Safety And Peace' written on it in kanji. He'll probably need someone to translate it for him.

Olive is given a winter dress - orange, and store bought - and a recipe for blueberry muffins, as well as a promise that Sakura will visit on the day after Christmas.

Everyone in Mobile Section Six gets a homemade blueberry muffin and a Christmas card.

Everyone else that Sakura is close to in the Union gets a card with a coupon for 'One Free Hug'. If you think you might have gotten one, you probably did.

Confederate side

Miaka is given a traditional Japanese tea set with a dragon motif. It's obviously store bought - although Sakura at least remembered to remove the price sticker.

Seikou gets a blueberry muffin, a card, and an invitation to come ice skating in Tomoeda. The muffin is home made. Her sisters just get cards, although the invitation is also open to them.

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Presents Tue Dec 04 Kimiko Shinobu

Kimiko Shinobu has been knitting. It turns out that she is rather good at it, though the designs are a bit plain. Still, it must have taken her some time.

Kaminagi Setsuko receives a long, black scarf, with one long edge bearing a silver stripe. The note reads, "For keeping your promises."

Sanya Litvyak gets a pair of gray, one-finger mittens—the kind with the separate trigger finger. The note reads, "For being there to welcome me back."

Homura Akemi and Madoka Kaname both get matching winter cap in snow-white, with small pom poms. The note reads, "For everything."

Himei gets a very sharp but ordinary-looking folding knife, which lacks any brand or serial. There are two notes, one reading, "For being there for us," and the other, "You should always have good tools on hand. Also, please help Jack with her present."

Jack gets a set of knife sharpening tools. There is a hand-written card with instructions on their use.

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Kattlike Gifts Tue Dec 04 Katt

NASRIN - Gets a gift card for Sharp Edge Inc. A knife and dagger maintenance and repair business.

BEAUTIFUL ROSE PETAL - Gets a handwritten apology with a bunch of spelling errors, comes with a homemade cake.

SUSURRUS - Gets a CD that's broken in half. The label says 'My Created Life' and it's by a band called the Frankensteins.

ELEANOR LAMB, ADALINDA, THE SISTERS — All get to eat Katt's not-so-delicious-but-passable homemade cookies. Eleanor additionally gets a set of homemade bullets.

FAYT RAVUS - Gets a homemade cake, it's got 'For Vait' in elaborate cream decorations on it.

AI GENKI - Gets a report on the improvement of Katt's internal chemisty due to changed eating habits.

IIANOR and CECILY - Get a handwritten letter thanking them for their aid each. Plenty spelling errors.

NUMBER NINE - Gets a homemade cake, it's got a big '9' on it and a decorated crown. It says 'Kollum' in fancy letters.

NATHAN HALL - Gets a box of homemade cookies with a spelling mistake filled thank you for everything letter.

LLOYD IRVING and TYRAEL - Get a letter thanking them for letting Katt into the Union, it's got the spelling errors.

OTHERS - Unmentioned people Katt has had meaningful positive interaction with get a cookie. If you think you deserve one, you probably got one.

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Christmas Gifts Tue Dec 04 Tyrael

The Union - Three extra days paid vacation to be used whenever.

Beyond that, only a very few people get actual gifts of a distinct worth. Lloyd receives the largest gift. He receives:
The note about its history is on a small card, along with a note from Tyrael that suggests Lloyd might find the blade useful as he continues to fight for his ideals. (OOC Note to Lloyd: To use it in battle you'd need an upgrade app. Otherwise you can keep it around as a decoration)

Agrias - A whetstone that seems to replenish itself as she uses it.

Precia - A lovely hairpin socketed with a Radiant Star Amethyst and a Radiant Star Topaz. It comes with a note: I hope this hairpin aids your health and allows you to find what you're looking for in time. (OOC: Look up the gems. You'll get the joke :|)

Lute - An incredibly ugly and poorly knitted winter hat.

Nine - A Simple Christmas Card. Nothing fancy, from Tyrael.

More gifts will happen if I realize I've forgotten people, but for now it's a short list.

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Union Christmas Letter Tue Dec 04 Vruasa Telash

The following is a hand-written letter, submitted by a "VT" to Union High Command. It is written in cerulean ink that most likely has blood as one of its components.

Dear Sir or Madam,

In recent months I have been in persistent close contact with a number of your operatives. By perusing your directories I have determined that these individuals are composed primarily of:

RESERVE COL. Psyber, RESERVE CAPT. Sarah, ALLIES Deelel, Staren, Vinyl Scratch, PROV. ALLY Thionette. There are, I am sure, others, but I have been unable to identify them.

I would like to commend RESERVE COL. Psyber, RESERVE CAPT. Sarah, and ALLY Vinyl Scratch for their largely positive contributions to the players of Sburb with whom I am acquainted, including myself. They have most likely saved their lives to various extents, some of which may not be immediately obvious.

I also wish to note that ALLY Deelel ceased (to my knowledge) tampering with the game code, which has historically (but not in her particular case to my knowledge) resulted in the creation of additional planet-destroying sessions, showing a great deal more common sense than I first attributed to them.

However, a number of the operatives that have involved themselves in this situation are either not sufficiently cautious, or incredibly socially inept.

I was unable to identify some of them who have since ceased involvement, but I would like to caution the Union to be more careful about the sorts of individuals that it sends to volatile situations.

Poor diplomacy and lack of forethought have made the Union appear significantly less competent than its membership often is, leading to an overall negative image of the organization.


P.S., Good job kicking out the prostitute. I couldn't even find her on your directory anymore to complain about her.

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12th Perigee's Eve Gifts Tue Dec 04 Vruasa Telash

Each of Vruasa's gifts is tucked in a simple box, wrapped in black-and-cerulean wrapping paper. They are signed V.T., and labeled for each recipient.

* To FIORA O'BRIEN: A silver pocketwatch and matching chain.

It is not properly engraved, but Vruasa has managed to crudely scratch a simple message of encouragement in tiny letters on the inside of the lid: Don't you ever fucking tell me you're not good enough again.

It just so happens that Vruasa used all of his social graces in the letter to the Union and thought back to one of the earliest encouraging things he'd said to Fiora. Inside the lid itself, there appears to be a small second device that closes on top of the watch's face. Ordinarily on some models of pocket watch this would be a compass, but it is actually a tiny viewscreen that will show Vruasa when he is not in LOGAL.

* To ARTHUR LOWELL: Tickets to an AMUSEMENT PARK that has a reasonably close warp gate connection to Session 412 of Sburb, and a nice wallet full of what appears to be ALCHEMIZED CREDITS and a gift certification to a FANCY RESTAURANT nearby. A note is included explaining that Vruasa figured this was the sort of thing young humans did normally and that if he wanted something else it's OK to ask.

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12th Perigee's Eve Gifts 2 Tue Dec 04 Vruasa Telash

* To SUMMER POWERS: A book on TROLL BIOLOGY and a written explanation of the QUADRANTS, with a note stating that if any of this was discussed publicly he would tell Arthur she's a girl and let Arerth know that she's dating Prorth at the same time. (Provisions are included for sharing privately with her fellow players however, on account of the fact that there is already relationship shenanigans brewing.)

To PRORTH EDHUWI: A pallet of high-quality cosmetic products that were almost certainly alchemized because it was cheaper to do it than actually buy all of them.

To ARERTH RIALTH: A pallet of high-quality fabrics that were definitely alchemized because it was cheaper to do it than actually buy all of them, even with alchemized money.

To LAOHUS ENHYDR: A small box filled with a stack of currencies, with a note, 'For Alchemy.' It is not worth much on its own, but could easily be made into a small fortune with enough grist.

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12th Perigee's Eve Gifts 3 Tue Dec 04 Vruasa Telash

To JORDAN CYPRESS: A very large box of chocolates. The note explains that she seems like she needs to lighten up, and also that it is very sad for a Troll to tell anybody this.

To PSYBER: A small box full of fifty dollar Denny's gift certificates, because (or so the note reads), 'It seems like the sort of place you would end up eating a lot.'

To SARAH, LOROS, TSHALLANDRIA, and VINYL SCRATCH: A small selection of Alternian music on vinyl records. They're alchemized copies of Vruasa's own collection, and appear very well-used. Those songs that have lyrics tend to be extremely vulgar and violent, but most of it is classical.

To LUPITA AURYON: A pallet of strawberry faygo that was obviously alchemized from a single can because spending money on this shit is ridiculous. The note attached to it is unsigned and requests that she not talk about faygo for a while.

To THE MULTIVERSE: Inflation from the introduction of large amounts of curiously identical currency that is, nonetheless, technically not counterfeit.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/23 Posted Author
shit lets be santa Tue Dec 04 Summer Powers

profoundBadness - REGALIA OF THE BRO. An alchemized outfit fitted for him. It consists of a red T-shirt, with incredibly bad Jpeg artifacts on it, and blue pants, with badly Jpeg'd artifacts on it. An @ sign is upon the shirt itself, though it is hard to read due to all of the Jpeg artifacts.

clandestineSquiddle - The SQUIDDLE IN GOLD. An alchemized Squiddle plushie, combined with the Amulet of Hastur. It is golden in color, and soft to squeeze. But if one squeezes it in just the right way, it squirts out a burst of ink that is a strange golden color, aspects of Hastur to it.

margraveRobber - The MENORAH OF PAIN, a candlestick with several candles upon it, each one pointed sharp enough to pierce skin. If the candles are lit, they don't melt, either.

artificiallyIrate - The WRENCH IT ROCKET, a rocket launcher. Any missiles fired from it explode into wrenches as opposed to a real explosion.

lernaeanSophistry - A pallet of FAYGO, to help keep Lupita in line.

royalSubjugglator - A number of DISTURBING MANNIQUINS of various sizes and shapes. Some have various types of Troll Horns on them, while others have no horns at all. Each one is incredibly creepy to look at.

hornedLady - A PLUSH TROLL. Actually it looks incredibly like Vruasa. But when squeezed, it takes a color pattern more reminiscint of Black Gold Saw.

theStrongest - The ROCKET POPPIN' FAIRY outfit, a fairly beautiful dress made for Cirno's size. It's color scheme is reminiscint of Rocket Pops

melonBomb - Summer doesn't even think to get Crepe anything.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/24 Posted Author
shit lets be santa two2@ Tue Dec 04 Summer Powers

gameGladiator - The ANTIVIRAL MOP, a mop combined with various antivirus programs. Though it looks ridiculous and futuristic, it would be fairly effective against any internet viruses.

suomusFox - The GOTHWITCH SUNDRESS, a sundress that comes with a hat, and looks incredibly more akin to what a traditional witch would wear.

enderTome - Several stacks of ENDER GLOWSTONE, glowstone seemingly mixed with an Enderman's Eye. Instead of normal light, it puts off a black light.

cryingGhost - The PRORTH VOODOO DOLL, a voodoo doll in the shape of Prorth. Can also function as a normal plushie. In fact that's probably more effective than using it as a voodoo doll.

yellowKing - The GOLDENWING REGALIA, a beautiful golden set of robes that look a bit more royal in general. It is covered in various feathers, and the back even has a pair of golden wings. The feathers themselves were created by a combination of Psyber's Feather, and Hastur's symbol.

skullQuisitor - A cube of cans of NAPALM BARBASOL, with the dimension of 256 x 256 x 256. Like normal Barbasol, its flammable, but it turns into magma hot napalm when ignited. A note is attached: 'You'd be suprised how flammable shaving cream is!'

cypressTree - The YING YANG PLUSHES, two dragon plushies that form a matching set. One is mostly black, the other is mostly white. When squeezed, they turn into a matching pair of knives, both seemingly incredibly sharp.

ceilingCriminal -The FIRECHARGE GATTLING, a gattling gun that fires out balls that explode into flame upon impact.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/25 Posted Author
shit lets be santa THREE!!!1 Tue Dec 04 Summer Powers

magicalLyrical - The NAUGHTY LIMRICK BOOK

travellingSalesman - A subscription to MULTIVERSAL ENTREPENEUR WEEKLY

unluckyStargazer - RBOES AND WIZERD HAT, incredibly pixelized looking wizard outfit, obviously using Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff as a base. The robes are light blue, the hat is yellowish, and when both are equipped, your face becomes obscured by JPEG Artifacts

prismaticAconitum - Tickets for a WILDLIFE SAFARI in Africa. Not the pansy 'ride around in a car and look at animals' kind, either, but one where you're actually allowed to hunt all of the delicious endangered animals.

otakuSongbird - Due to 'Otaku' in her title, Mir is sent a BluRay Boxed Set of MAGICAL RAVENESS GOTHIC POE, a magical girl anime. And the magical girl resembles Raven DeVanos.

perfectPerfection - The PISTOLS OF HEART, a pair of pistols that shoot out bubbly hearts. They don't do much damage. And a note with them: 'I'm going to be taking you to dinner soon'

crimsonBalladeer - RUM FROM BEYOND THE STARS, Rum crafted from the combination of high quality rum, and the Necronomicon. It's safe to ingest, but it probably tastes unlike anything mortals have tasted before. It's really /really/ hard alcohol too.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/26 Posted Author
shit lets be santa IT KEEPS HAPENN Tue Dec 04 Summer Powers

blackwingAngel - The GOLDEN SUIT. It is a suit that is literally MADE OF GOLD. Made to not be too heavy, though its incredibly gaudy. It comes with cufflinks of Hastur's symbol.

sailorSadist - The MOVIE ONLY OUTFIT, a Magical Girl outfit based on Magical Raveness Gothic Poe. It can best be descibed as looking like a slutty black wedding dress combined with a magical girl outfit.


aqueousTheurgist - The SLIP AND SLIDE DRESS, a fairly modest yellow dress made of Slip and Slide material. If made wet, it'd make it quite a bit harder for people to grab ahold of her in combat.


captainPolecat - A bottle of ELDRITCH HONEY MEAD

hellsQueen - Oddly enough, Tshallandria doesn't get something that was alchemized. Instead, she recieves a tamed RED DRAGONFLY. Big enough to stand upon, and trained as a mount.

violetScar - VINYLS OF THE LIVING DEAD, various vinyl records with more Goth music on it.

Vruasa Telash - A book on HUMAN ROMANCE, ANATOMY, AND REPRODUCTION. Apparently it is banned in several countries.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/27 Posted Author
Serori's Christmas List Tue Dec 04 Serori

Serori's list is surprisingly long for someone who's new to this whole winter holiday gift-giving thing. It's nice to have come into some tournament winnings.

To Nine, a package of several small gifts. Enclosed is a bottle of aged American whiskey, a pair of well-crafted fingerless leather gloves, and a silver keepsake box not much wider than his palm. Atop the lid of the box rests the curled figure of a sleeping two-tailed fox. Also included is a goddamn big box of sausage and cheese.

To Tshallandria, a set of sharp and beautiful throwing knives. The knives range from the very delicate, intended to be worn deceptively as jewelry or ornaments, to the larger, heavier, deadlier kind that could kill in one good throw. The hilts are black and solid, engraved with sleek latticed patterns and studded by flecks of ruby.

To Cell, a set of ludicrously heavy wrist and ankle bands, to add some difficulty to his training sessions. The cautionary note comes with a photo of the hole punched through the floor of Serori's home where she accidentally dropped the set.

To Gohan, a set of training bands to match Cell's, and some sort of advanced astrophysics textbook that her card claims is "impossible." Her note expresses some hope that he'll enjoy the challenge offered by both gifts. Also enclosed is the threat to kick his ass if he doesn't take Taylita out again.

To Tater, a voice recording promising some sort of significant gift that doesn't really fit under a tree. She's told to radio when she wants it.

To Lotor, a pair of gifts. First, an enormous and heavy tapestry depicting an ornate map of a specific galactic quadrant. Stars and solar systems are beautifully and masterfully rendered in delicate threads of varying colors. One tiny planet draws the eye despite its size: whomever designed and created the tapestry has marked its significance by surrounding it in delicate web-like patterns. Second, a warrior's gift: a deadly-looking sword of gently curved steel, thick of blade, its tasseled hilt wrapped in blood-red leather. It's perfectly balanced and sized to his grip and balanced to his style.

To Leo, nothing special, just a card expressing her gratitude and his own Saiyan scouter. Perhaps some of the tech can be added as enhancements to his existing HUD. This guy was hard to shop for.

To Lute, a card containing the best holiday wishes and an acceptance to a second date sometime provided that he doesn't get grabby and can keep it on friendly terms. That's it.

To Taylita, a proper Saiyan scouter and transceiver, along with instructions for its use. The lens is violet-colored, and the padded ear mount is white with silver accents. Also included is a tome of PTO engineering schematics related to the construction of interstellar-capable vehicles.

To Miaka, a lovely formal kimono. The pale pink silk is decorated by a pattern of delicate red cherry blossoms. Dark branches add a striking counterpoint to the otherwise very feminine design. The obi is a darker red color, the floral motif continuing, and the obijime is gold. The sleeves are nearly floor-length. Delicate gilded kanzashi are also included.

To Rainbow Dash, a long multi-colored scarf that'll look impressive when she flies. It's woven from a light but warm material, offering some measure of comfort to someone who has to contend with chilly winter winds.

To Wolf Lord Karian, a bottle of 18-year-old single malt whisky matured in fine oak casks. It may not be the potency he's used to, but the smooth smoky flavor makes up for it.

To Lance, a codex of all alien species encountered and documented by the Planetary Trade Organization, including notations of unique gifts and physiological traits. Also included is a set of puncture-resistant gloves meant to be worn over his claws, so he doesn't have to think about them so much.

To Tony Stark, a box of Summer's Eve.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/28 Posted Author
Partaking in tradition Tue Dec 04 Adelyn Lysen

With the understanding that Christmas is a holiday about flaunting wealth, and given that she is not about to intentionally give the impression of being anything but wealthy, Adelyn Lysen has sent out a number of gifts.

Mir receives a box of portable console games. They're a mix of genres, because the only selection criteria were price and metacritic scores. Unfortunately, some of them are region-locked to different regions.

GLaDOS is sent a single slice of Devil's food cake, delivered fresh to her laboratory by a part-time baker's assistant who was not clever enough to get someone else to do it. There is an accompanying, pleasantly worded note that indicates that this is for a "doting sister."

Nine, Lance Benson, Psalm and Aethryn Boreas each receive a bottle of firewater, brewed with genuine fire and water magic, a combination few Realm breweries can employ. The bottles have no less than half a dozen health warnings each and taste mostly like spiced rum.

Psyber gets a pair of sports shoes. The box claims that they are ideal for football, soccer, and rugby. Adelyn was unable to find shoes that were simultaneously acclaimed for tennis and basketball.

Vrenyn Kuhn, with a very minimal (though not precisely incorrect) understanding of the holiday, has sent Shizune Nakamura a bloody knife. The package tripped an alarm while en route, and is currently being held by a Union crime lab for blood analysis. The detective in charge has forwarded Nakamura a note to explain the situation.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/29 Posted Author
Setsuko's Gifts (1/2) Tue Dec 04 Kaminagi Setsuko

Setsuko has dipped into the salary she never uses and gone for broke this year.

Kimiko - An old tome in archaic Japanese that proves to be a manual of Kaminagi-ryu swordsmanship techniques. Included is a note: 'This was my bible for nearly two decades. I'll gladly instruct you in any technique within the book. It never hurts to add to one's repertoire.'
Sanya & Eila - A matching pair of expensive, winter-design kimonos, with a handbook on how to wear them, including a section on the proper way to tie an obi and the 'language of the kimono'.
The 501st 'Strike Witches' - All the girls of the 501st get a box of Japanese sweets each, and a card for all of them: 'The one night I spent on your base, you all treated me like family. I can't visit often, but I don't forget a kindness. Thank you.'
Himei - A katana of extremely high craftsmanship standards, with an ornamental sheath done in the silvers and whites of Sailor Hope.
Kiyoko - A brand new box of Risk, incorporating multiversal holographic technology so the pieces can't be lost.
Komachi - A gift certificate good for one year at a local kendo dojo, and a card: 'I can't be around to teach you to defend yourself the way I'd like, but I can at least see that you get taught.'
Amalthea - A book of knightly legends from around the Multiverse, and a note: 'Though a knight may fall or retire, the tale of their courage endures and inspires greatness for generations. In that way, they continue to protect long after they lay down their sword. No matter how you feel, the good deeds you've done will ring for a long time to come.
Ellestaria - A rolled-up newspaper, bronzed. A short hand-written note: 'For when Amalthea needs "encouragement".' Looks like Setsuko dusted off her sense of humor.
Ariel (and Iyoshi) - Ariel gets a hoverboard with a note: 'I hear this is popular with the younger generation lately.' Iyoshi gets a great big slab of beef delivered fresh alongside the hoverboard.
Psyber - A Brown Bess musket, old but in excellent condition. Included is a note: 'We don't always see eye to eye, but I still respect you as a person and a warrior. I understand you're a collector of firearms; I'm not nearly an expert, but this seemed like it might be something you'd like.'

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/30 Posted Author
Setsuko's Gifts (2/2) Tue Dec 04 Kaminagi Setsuko

Homura - An antique golf club, with a note: 'I was told you might like this.'
Madoka - An adorable plushie of a rocking chair with great big happy eyes and a warm smile, with a note: 'I was told you might like this.'
Puella Magi - Each of the active Puella Magi not already mentioned gets a card, with a haiku done in flawless calligraphy on the front, and a personalized message inside:

Winter cold bites deep
But the balance tips in time
For the Spring comes soon
Sayaka: 'What is right is seldom easy. Your bravery and dedication would humble a man twice your age, and your endurance in the face of hardship is second to none. Always question yourself, but never doubt.'
Mami: 'You of all people know how long winter can be. But no matter how dark the night, dawn must come eventually, and you've seen it through despite some of the worst hardship. Never forget that you have that strength inside you.'
Sayuri: 'Madoka's wish brought us good things. Among the best is you. No matter what may have gone before, in this world you've become a valuable ally and a good friend, and your tactical insight saw us through a very dark time. Let the past inform your future, but never dictate it.'

Each also gets a sizeable gift card to a major Multiversal online retailer.
Nanoha Takamachi - A new fedora in white with blue trim, to match her Barrier Jacket.
Fate Testarossa - A gift certificate to an expensive tailor, and a note: 'Surprise Nanoha with the outfit they make you.'
Nathan Hall - A bonsai tree, with a book on basic care.
Sakura Haruno - A large gift certificate to a weapon shop on Njorun that caters to ninja clientele, and a note: 'The weapons here are high-quality enough that a shortblade lasts a full minute for me. For anyone else, that should be more or less unbreakable.'
Agrias Oaks - An English Mastiff puppy. There is an included note: 'Everyone deserves a steadfast companion in whom they can trust completely. For many of us, that's you. For you and Ovelia, I offer this little one. He won't stay that way long.'
Undefeated Crow - A book of dating advice.
Blossom Rose - A high-end Multiverse tech virtual pet.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/31 Posted Author
Priscilla's presents part 1 Tue Dec 04 Priscilla

For a complete recluse, Priscilla may be giving out a surprising number of gifts for a holiday she doesn't celebrate. Maybe it's the fact that she has so little interaction that makes so many people difficult to forget over the holiday season. It'd be kind of adorable if it wasn't for the fact that every present smells slightly of copper and feels like it's spent all day in a refrigerator when received. Accompanying notes have been machine translated into the recipient's native language and hand written in strange but pretty cursive.

To Elen, a Dragonslayer Greatbow made to the exact specifications as used by the knights of Gwyn, but scaled down to a human size. The frame is made of various multiversal metals and is obviously a pricey custom order from a very experienced smith, but the titanite etching appears to have been done by Priscilla herself. A set of four lances has been included, as well as a fine gold resin wrapped in leather cloth. The note reads "For those times when shouting something to death is not violent enough to reflect your feelings, I thought a Nord would appreciate spectacle." The draw weight is somewhat ridiculous even for Elen (

To Psyber, a tiny cloth pouch containing a series of what look like handgun rounds made of translucent, blue-white crystal patterned with swirls of deathly grey; three in 9mm, and three in .45acp. Close inspection will determine that each one appears to have been carved and pressed by hand with mind-numbing attention to detail, using a solid core surrounded by layers of compressed, powdery flakes, and some peculiar rune etched on the butt of each in place of a primer or casing. Even closer inspection will begin to find distorted human faces in the swirling grey, and hints of something faintly luminescent moving inside of each slug. The note reads "The will feels envy, or perhaps love, and despite the inevitably trite and tragic ending, the will sees no alternative, and is driven madly toward its target." A subscript reads "P.S. Don't shoot Hastur with these."

To Nathan, a glossy wooden map case studded with brass, with two scrolls of some kind of blue-grey parchment rolled up inside, so cracked and weathered that they must each be several centuries old. Written on each is a page's worth of the flowing, angular characters Priscilla had taught him before, along with carefully inked diagrams of nebulous purpose. Assuming he hasn't lost of broken his soapstone, translating each scroll makes them out as instructions on how to invoke a pair of minor miracles; one that creates a small area wherein all sound save speech is supernaturally suppressed to the level of soothing background noise for the caster, and one that summons a baseball sized sphere of low intensity light and warmth somewhat like a reading lamp that hovers in place wherever it is left. The note reads "Jeremiah used to cast these for me when I was little. A library is a soothing place to go when one is anxious, but sometimes we must make the library come to us."

To Tshallandria, a somewhat distasteful pendant of sorts, wrapped in tough, dark violet string, from which hangs what appears to be a severed finger. The digit itself is tough and shrivelled, but still slightly warm to the touch, and, more importantly, is far too long and has far too many knuckles to be anything human. Despite being an obviously occult relic, neither the string nor the finger registers as having any kind of magical or supernatural power. The note reads "For the one who understands that a catastrophe now and again is often the best thing, its use will become clear with time." No instructions are given.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/32 Posted Author
Priscilla's presents part 2 Tue Dec 04 Priscilla

To Iianor, a store bought case meant for a classy fountain pen, which instead holds a paintbrush of unfamiliar make and a difficult to place period of origin. The handle appears to have been whittled out from some kind of silver coloured bone, and carved with shallow bands of repeating glyphs to give it grip. The bristles are some kind of silky, jet black hair that seems somewhat alarmingly human. It doesn't appear to be enchanted, but just by holding it, one gets the feeling that it once belonged to someone of uncommonly extraordinary power. The note reads "In a thousand more years, I would never meet again someone he would approve of more. Wherever he is, I feel he is proud that you now have it."

To Altair, a peculiar ring of twisted iron and silver bands obviously meant to be worn on the finger, affixed with a miniature plaque of onyx black stone upon which is engraved the visage of what appears to be a four winged dragon, curled in silent slumber. Precluding Altair simply taking it to be appraised by a magician, slipping it on his finger immediately produces a barely visible ring of soft, grey runes around each foot. So equipped, all noises he can make with any reasonable facsimile of stealth sound as though they are being dampened by a very thick wall. The note reads "Once upon a time, there was a girl in white who moved as you did when she stole this from Vinheim. With this, I count ourselves even." (

To Cecily, a simple scarf, or perhaps a sash, woven of the exact same type of pearl coloured fur that Priscilla wears all the time, meaning that the obvious conclusion is that she made it herself. Despite how thick it looks, the garment is incredibly soft to the touch, as well as very warm, and the silky texture implies that it wont absorb any kind of liquid. The note reads "Imagine it is a hug. Until I feel ready."

To Ariel, a tiny jewellery box from a Njorun souvenir shop, the kind suited for wedding rings and the like. Instead of a ring however, inside she finds a length of gossamer thin golden chain, looped like a necklace, and fastened around what at first glance appears to be a fingernail sized diamond cut and polished like the blade of a sword, but upon further scrutiny, appears itself to be an iridescent, reptilian scale. The note reads "Though I gave you your heart, you have now taken a piece of mine." Though the scale has been shed rather than forcibly removed, a faint aura of incredibly potent magic still lingers …

To Kirito and Asuna, a container diamond of the type used in Sword Art Online, keyed only to open when both of them are present at once. Upon shattering, out tumbles a pair of matching gemstones that don't appear in the game's registry. Each one is smaller than the nail of a little finger and pre-cut to fit into an existing pair of rings; coloured a deep and beautiful blue that reflects light in glittering fractals despite their smooth appearance. The note reads "The rare gem called tearstone has the uncanny ability to sense imminent death. Some things are too precious to be lost to the void just yet."

To Artorias and Ornstein each, the Soul of a Proud Knight, along with an ancient Talisman of Lloyd. The notes are written in the language of Lordran, each reading simply "The dragons art gone. Put them from thy mind. Here, the hunt continues."

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/33 Posted Author
Priscilla's presents part 3 Tue Dec 04 Priscilla

To each member of the Annu expedition, a vigil candle made of cobalt blue wax, at the tip of which burns a miniscule flame of ghostly white light, giving off no heat, but burning indefinitely without any source of fuel. Additionally, Kevin receives a beautiful vial of shaped, fuchsia glass, corked with a stopper of solid gold, and filled with water that appears to shimmer several colours at once ( A note reads "From one follower to another." K4 receives what appears to be some kind of archaic, fuse-lit firebomb, but shelled in what is unmistakably cobalt, with an honest to god coolface carved on the side. A note reads "Use at your best discretion." Amalthea receives a tiny wooden chest the size of a palm, filled with what looks like crushed golden glass. A note reads "Repair powder. For when you feel ready." Lloyd receives a small bag of loose shards of an unfamiliar, tawny-black metal, the edges of which glitter no matter where the light catches them. A note reads "This amount of Titanite is worth more than two years pay. I look forward to seeing what becomes of it at your forge." Mortimer receives a handful of ancient firebombs; as there is no note, it is unclear whether Priscilla intends to offer them as an edible snack, or hoped they would explode forcefully enough to cause serious injury. Laine receives just a note. It states "Thank you, but please don't lick me in front of Psyber ever again."

To Nine, an ordinary glass vial, containing a floating candle flame, coloured midnight black that bleeds into a ghastly white, rather than a normal red and orange. Intense scrutiny of the silently flickering oddity will give the unmistakable impression that the tip of the flame bears the uncanny shape of a human head and shoulders, and more alarmingly, a pair of tiny, pinprick white eyes. The note reads "I don't want it anymore anyways." (

To Lucy, a cloth bound in simple cord around a severed human ear, drained of all blood and shrivelled to a blue-grey husk, affixed to a length of string. The note reads "I am waiting." (

To Lute, a slip of curious black paper, edged in gold and inked in cerulean blue. Upon touching it- !YOU HAVE BEEN INDICTED!

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/34 Posted Author
"Oh gosh what" gifts Tue Dec 04 Jackie Lantern

Being that Jackie has mixed feelings about Christmas (this mix mostly containing anger and resentment), that she chose to give out gifts at all may be seen as a major step forward. Alternately, for those who receive gifts from her, it may be seen as a major step back.

To Solid Snake: A garrote wire made of an alloy of adamantium, super unobtanium, and other similar ridunkulously tough metals. A lengthy note goes with the present that starts off in English, and changes to Swahili part-way through as though Jackie lost her train of thought and switched languages without realizing. Alternately, maybe she switched on purpose. Who knows!? Towards the end, it goes back to English, with the message, 'And that's why this gift is perfectly suited for your match with Santa Claus.' Also, 'The End.' as though she had just finished telling a story instead of writing a letter.

To Optimus Prime: A single, magnetized thimble. It's sized for a human, not a Transformer. A note in binary simply says, 'I magnetized it so it would stay on.'

To Metal Man: A piece of printer paper with '10100 1 1011 101 1101 11001 10111 1001 110 101 10000 1100 101 1 10011 101' printed on it. Also, written in not-Binary are the words, 'You're a Boomer or something, so I figured you'd like this computer joke, Magnet Man.'

To Santa Claus: A challenge letter! 'I'll let Soriddo Suneku have his shot at you first, but one day I will fight you too! I'll donate to charity if I have to, but we have business to settle! Ultra Super-Deadly Death Ping-Pong sound good? Maybe get some icecream afterwards if you don't die? My treat!'

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/35 Posted Author
"I don't even" gifts Tue Dec 04 Jackie Lantern

Some truly strange gifts get sent out after the initial flurry. Gifts to… People who… May not actually exist in the IC Multiverse!?!

To Reliant: A crate full of stress-squeezy balls. Each one plays a different musical note when squeezed. When they are all squeezed properly, they play 'I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General'.

To Charon: A supernatural measuring tape that is also a laser pointer, a coffee maker, and a fancy barge covered in skull decorations. A note, 'For measuring souls, finding them in the darkness, staying awake long enough to deal with them when they arrive, and convey many of them across the river all at once.'

To Lain: A VR Room that codes itself. Also chocolate-covered marshmallows.

To Dremarian: Seven different kinds of loud whistles. Each one mystically calls a different species of bird. A note, 'Don't blow the black one. I think it summons an enormous, flesh-eating parakeet, but every time I pick it up I get a sense of doom, so I really don't know.'

To The Wonder Twins: A bucket for one, and a gorilla-sized Japanese schoolgirl's uniform for the other.

To Benediction: A note that says, 'Your name is pretty.' Also, a mace of +5 to macing.

To Hrimfaxi: A horse named Shadofaxi.

To Mister Cat: An enormous airship so glorious that just looking at it fly through the air on a sunny day can make grown men weep. It has the most luxurious accomodations conceivable, all of them fine-tuned and designed for the convenience of cats.

To Lord English: Three legendary swords that only become legendary when held by Lord English. When he holds them, everyone who sees them instantly knows how legendary they are and is impressed. If someone else holds them, they have to ask, 'Is that really a sword?' Also, a really big hamburger.

To Blue Elf: An all expenses paid trip to 'Elf Land', home of the Elves! See such places as the 'Forest of Trees' and the 'Creepy Child Fountain'! Thankfully, a cruise ship is the mode of transport there and it just kind of sails around the coastline, so if disembarking is undesirable for some STRANGE REASON, just staying on the ship is okay too.

To Wednesday: A plushy of Pugsley.

To Supporting Role: A dramatic painting of Supporting Role pointing towards the sky, with the text, 'They pull from above, but you push from below! That is just as much of a Staff's job worth being proud of! Your Role is the Role that will pierce the heavens!'

Finally, to MyWiz: An indestructible alarm clock that sprouts shuriken-like blades when thrown.

Of course, being that these people probably do not ICly exist, the presents might just wind up getting lost in the Volatile Wastes. (OR MAYBE NOT! DUN DUN DUNNNN!)

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/36 Posted Author
Heavenly Gifts (1) Tue Dec 04 Beli Yo'il

Beli has managed to obtain a few objects from Paradiso, her world's version of Heaven, and has them delivered to a few noteworthy people. Each is attached with a note written in flowing scripture, though a few are stained slightly with a drop or two of some pitch-black liquid.

A single pane of gold-tinted glass, shaped in such a way that it seems like it was taken from a stained glass window. It lacks scratches or chips of any kind and seems very hard to break at all. The surface gives off a faint glow and emits a soothing warmth, and if someone looks closely in its surface, they see faint, whispy images of love and kindness relevant to them instead of a reflection.
"To the one who showed me unconditional kindness and love, no matter how much I wish I could repay you. I hope that you will see in this glass the love you have given me reflected back to you, kindness that has been inspired in others through your example. Do not let your love fade, because it is the most important quality you have."

A long, multifaceted crystal, its surfaces smooth and unmarred by scratches or chips. Even the end where it was likely broken off is perfectly smooth. It is about the size of a person's head, a beautiful sea green in color with swirls of cyan dancing inside it like whisps of smoke in water. It also gives off a gentle warmth. It's surprisingly brittle and will break if enough strain is put on it, but the broken part from the main body will grow back as if nothing happened. Pieces that are broken off inherit this quality for their new size as well.
"To the one who gives without question and expects so little in return. Your charity gave me a home, friends, and work, where before I was lost and wandering. This crystal reflects your unwavering generosity that has clearly brought so many together and changed many lives. Do not forget the importance you hold to these people."

Sayuri Yaguchi:
A strange mechanical device, about the size and thickness of an average modern laptop yet only weighing a pound or two. It's held inside a chrome metal frame, and judging by the holes in the corners, it was screwed into a larger structure. The interior is an elaborate setup of gears and pistons and pendulums made of a hard, dark grey metal all moving together constantly. Several greenish glass orbs are also set up in the mixture, fading in and out separately and yet at regular intervals. The whole thing doesn't sound quite like machinery and instead emits a low, gentle thrumming sound, and it doesn't appear to need winding or fuel to keep moving. Both the lights and sound are easily obscured by a cloth if necessary.
"To the one who persisted in our friendship and convinced me to seek out more companions, despite my wariness. With your diligence, I have found happiness. This device reflects your tireless efforts, both to improve yourself and others. Even if they may be harsh, they are a valuable asset to those who will listen through your words to find the meaning behind them."

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/37 Posted Author
Heavenly Gifts (2) Tue Dec 04 Beli Yo'il

A fist-sized sphere that glimmers like a cut diamond. It's light blue in color and seems to be decorated like an eye, if the jagged-edged grey 'iris' and the white void in the center can properly give off that impression. It's rather light, though it feels as if it weighs heavily on the spirit when held; not a dragging, depressive weight, but more of a weight of support and responsibility. Looking into the pupil has the effect of focusing the mind and gradually clearing the fog of uncertainty in the path of judgment, though it's not as strong as it would have been in Iustitia.
"To the one who judged me as being worthy of service, based not on my being, but on my individual will to do good. You truly have been the embodiment of justice, a force of fairness and impartiality, no matter the nature of the subject. I hope this eye will aid your wisdom and clarity if even you may find yourself uncertain."

Lance Benson:
An orb of water about the size of a person's head that simply hovers in place, constantly flowing downward as if around a solid sphere. The water cascades down at the bottom into a thin stream that descends until it hits a surface, at which point it separates into several droplets that slowly float back up to the main sphere. In the center of the floating orb is a blue flame that flickers gently and peacefully. The surface of the sphere is easily penetrable, and the water is soothingly cool while the flame inside is slightly warm. Strangely, it doesn't make anything wet; all moisture from it is brought right back to the main body.
"To the one who was patient through my hopelessness and stubbornness and remained my friend. You were right. I hope you will find this sphere as peaceful and calming as you have been for me, a symbol of your patience and endurance through straining times. Whatever your ordeals are, do not give in to hopelessness and envy. If there was hope for me, surely there will be hope for you."

(More general gifts for people that have been missed forthcoming.)

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/38 Posted Author
Shizune's Gifts Tue Dec 04 Shizune Nakamura

Harry - A book on Tai Chi, with both an abbreviated history and the basic forms practiced by people the world over for their health. Included is a card: 'It won't be enough to defend yourself with, but at the very least, this much will be good for your physical and mental wellbeing. If you want, I can help teach you to do them properly.'
Tender Whisper - A qipao much like Shizune's, sized for Whisper.
Fate T. Harlaown - A stuffed panda with a yin-yang symbol on its chest. Included is a note: 'Be sure and share with Vivio.'
Tyrael - A handwritten card in elegant calligraphy. 'Those in positions of power hear nothing when they are doing their best, and nothing but scorn when they are doing their worst. Leadership is a burden, and you've borne it well the entire time I've been here. Thank you for shouldering it.'
Nathan Hall - The same book as Harry, with a slightly altered note. 'This is not enough for self-defense, but practiced regularly, it will do wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing. If anyone needs a way to relax they can use anywhere, it's you. If you want, I can help you learn them properly some time.'
Hastur - The same book as Nathan and Harry, with a different note entirely: 'I don't know if this will be of any benefit to you; however, it contains knowledge, if nothing else, and a little knowlege is never wasted time.'
Caster (and Lance) - A handwritten card in elegant calligraphy. 'I never forget opponents who test me to my limit, and I am always grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow. You are the most difficult opponent I've ever faced without being completely outmatched, and I wish you nothing but the best in the future, even if we may be enemies.'

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Message: 42/39 Posted Author
Fern Day! Tue Dec 04 Genghis Rex

Genghis Rex paced back and forth impatiently, stopping momentarily to tap his foot and bellow, "Plesio! Is it done yet!?"

The pink science officer rolled a barrel from his work area and upends it, "Patience! This is a VERY delicate procedure! Unless it's given enough time to properly settle, we could end up with an unstable mixture of quite literally explosive nature!"

Rex cocked his head, "I thought it just turned into vinegar?"

Plesio nodded with annoyance, "Well, yes, it can sometimes become vinegar … BUT it can also explode … sometimes …"

Rex placed his claws on his hips, "Give me a sample already, Tail for Brains!"

Plesio flicked a tap on the barrel and a greenish/black ooze dripped into a shot glass he held up to it, "You sure you don't want me to analyze this first?"

"Of course not!" Rex said as he snatched the glass from Plesio's claw and quickly poured the liquid down his gullet.

If Rex's flesh could get redder, it would have as he struggled to keep the drink down, eventually erupting into a violent coughing fit.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!! COUGH COUGH" He wiped a claw across his maw, "PERFECT! COUGH! HACK! THAT'S THE STUFF!"

With a look of satisfaction, Rex nodded to Plesio, "Bottle it! Terrible Dactyl! Take a message!"

The orange Pteradactyl sighed and pulled a pen and notebook out from a pouch at his waist and said in a bored tone, "Go ahead, oh mighty Tyrant …"

"Silly Mammal, In recognition of your primitive version of "Fern Day", I, Genghis Rex, Leader of the Tyrannos and King of Reptilon, have most generously decided to bestow upon you the finest of all Ales, Reptilonian Wine! Rest assured that this is no trick! You will not partake of a finer bit of alcohol in your lifetime! Assuming you are MONKEY enough to drink it, it will most assuredly put scales on your chest! I anticipate that your Fern Day gift to me will be equally extravagant and enjoyable! DO NOT LET ME DOWN!"

Quackpot spoke up, "But it's not Fern Day."

Rex nodded, "I know that."

Quackpot shook his head, "No, you don't. You never remember when Fern Day is. I always have to remind you!"

Rex snarled at Quackpot, "Would you shut up!?"

He then turned his attention back to Terrible Dactyl, "Make 4 copies of that. Take one bottle to Stark and one to Banner and the third to Sagat and the fourth to Loki. I know you are on speaking terms with them … oh YES, I DO know about your little flying lesson the other day …"

Terrible Dactyl rolled his eyes, "That's it?"

Rex tapped his chin, "No. Take another note. Happy Fern Day - best wishes, his most Glorious and Powerful King Genghis Rex of Reptilon!"

"But it's not Fern Day!"

"QUACKPOT! SHUT UP OR I'LL HAVE ANKYLO CLAMP YOUR BEAK SHUT! One bottle to Lotor, one to Serori and one … no … make that TWO to Cynder. We've got to take good care of our own, don't we?"

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Message: 42/40 Posted Author
Selective Gifting (1/2) Tue Dec 04 Adalinda

Everyone who Adalinda has had significant IC interactions with Union-side since unifying gets a box of assorted German-made chocolates. They are far more expensive than one might assume. Adalinda can afford it. Specific individuals receive additional gifts.

To Ai Genki: A decently-sized statue of a very young anthropomorphic crocodile girl holding the hand of Ai herself as they stand side by side. Engraved in a gold plaque at the base of the statue are the words, 'In memory of Petsuchos, those who tried to save her, and what could have been.'

To Altea Saito: A redeemable certificate for 30 hours at a special targetting range that tailors its targets, weapons, and so on to Elite needs. Also, a barrel of candy for Specio.

To Artorias: A mechanized shield-painting device. It is attached to a shield, activated, and it automatically repaints the shield's surface with any design it is programmed for. A note is sent along with that says, 'Detach the device before going into combat to avoid damaging it.'

To Ash Ketchum: Six custom-designed 'Ultra Balls' that share a very special feature. They're reusable. If one fails the first time, it returns to the thrower and can be used again. And again. And again. Once it succeeds, however, it is 'locked' to that specific pokemon. This information is explained in a letter that accompanies them, along with much thanks for all that Ash has done for her, apologies for imposing upon him on the Lute issue, and a request that Ash not inquire into where these Ultra Balls came from. If the one responsible wants him to know, he'll be told. It is made clear that there aren't any more of these, though.

Eleanor Lamb: A full-scale, privately-owned karaoke bar with a variety of songs suitable for children and otherwise family-friendly. 'Hello, Kitty!' decorations are prevalent, but not so prevalent as to be visually bothersome. The deed to the karaoke bar, made out to Eleanor Lamb, is included in the letter with the directions to the building.

To Hastur: A collection of cooking utensils seemingly designed to be fitted over the tips of tentacles instead of held in a hand.

To Homura Akemi: A collection of several hair ribbons to go with the red ones. For some reason, Adalinda is under the impression Homura likes hair ribbons.

To Himei Shoutan: Fire-proof clothing in a few different designs, both casual and battle-appropriate. Also a note that reads, 'Just incase.'


============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/41 Posted Author
Selective Gifting (2/2) Tue Dec 04 Adalinda

To Katt: A warm sweater, and a brand-new, entirely-snazzy looking outfit, with a long leather coat, duster, kevlar-reinforced shirt, and sunglasses that darken when exposed to bright light but become more like a clear visor when in the dark.

To Kimiko Shinobu: A book that discusses the history and nature of various tactics for fighting with a sword and shield.

To Lilitu: A movie-grade retractable vampire-fangs insert. Just use your tongue to pop the switch! Also a plush doll of Psyber with angel wings.

To Madoka Kaname: A repaired Kyubey plushy. The same one that was so mangled when Madoka visited Adalinda's house. The holes have been sewn closed, a new eye sewn on to replace the missing one, restuffed, washed, and super-fluffy. Additionally, Madoka receives a cute bow-collar for her kitten, and a letter thanking the girl for everything she has done, and inviting her to have cookies again sometime soon.

Mami Tomoe: A tea set in which the majority of it is made up of nearly 100% pure silver. A note is attached that reads, 'We have not had much chance to interact, but I still thank you for all you have done. My family is no longer in need of this tea seat, and to the best of my knowledge it has never been used. Whether you keep it as decoration or use it when in the company of friends, you deserve it more than I do.'

To Psyber: A black 1967 model Ford Shelby Mustang Cobra GT-500, with air-brushed white feathers on the sides, hood, and roof. It appears to be in pristine condition, and a certificate of ownership comes with, once signed to Alfons Blumenkrantz, then turned over to Adalinda Blumenkrantz, and now to 'Mister Psyber'.

To Sayuri Yaguchi: A smooth, reflective black hair brush with a sizeable emerald set in the handle. Yes, it's real.

To Setsuko Kaminagi (OOC: Kaminagi Setsuko, but Setsuko is her first name, so neh): Sun-Tzu's 'Art of War' — possibly old enough to have been made when the man was still alive or at least within a reasonable time frame afterwards. It's taken directly from Adalinda's father's personal library.

(OOC: If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry. These are just the ones that stand out in my mind right now.)

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Message: 42/42 Posted Author
GIFT$!!! Tue Dec 04 Arerth Rialth


FAYGO SLIME: This bubbly, wobbling RPG-esque Slime monster is made of GRAPE FAYGO and will follow Loros like an obedient puppy. There is a note attached, reading: "faygo i$ the elixir of life!!! $top doubting!!!"


FIREMAN'S WALLET: This spiffy wallet made of KING HYDRA SCALES stores a maximum of EIGHT STANDARD IDENTIFICATION CARDS and has room for TWO CAPTCHALOGUE CARDS that can be retrieved as the user pleases, making it a very limited FETCH MODUS of a sort. It is also completely and utterly fireproof.


GENTLETROLL'S TUXEDO: This standard black and white tuxedo has an inside lined entirely with GOLD DRAGON SCALES. This gives it an EXTREME ARMOR VALUE as well as mild resistance to the elements. It has Vruasa's dragon symbol on it, as appropriate.


TENTACLE WEDDER: This glorious white wedding dress has extensions that act like TENTACLES, and which can release toxins that emulate the spell BAD BREATH thanks to the MALBORO TENTACLE that was used to make it. It goes perfectly with Vruasa's tuxedo.


PRINCE'S STYLE: A blue, white, gold and black suit befitting the one Arerth has chosen as prince. And maybe king, if he plays his cards right. It has the ability to temporarily transform into a suit of GREEN CRYSTAL, providing a massive defense boost at the cost of mobility.


BADASS CAPE: This green cape w/ hood highly resembles the outfit worn by one DR. DOOM. There are skull motifs on the shoulders and various hidden pockets inside, as well as a sheath for a broom.


Summer does not get an outfit, but rather receives a bunch of Troll fashion magazines and a note: "normally I don't do $tupid troll fa$hion!!! but for you I will make one!!! one!!! piece $o pick wi$ely!!!"


CHAMELEOS CLOAK: This purple cape can turn the user invisible temporarily and is lined with scales collected from a CHAMELEOS TAIL. It won't hold up to anti-stealth measures but it can be useful in a pinch.

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Message: 42/43 Posted Author
From Orussia with Love Tue Dec 04 Sanya Litvyak

Sanya doesn't celebrate Christmas. But she does participate in the gift exchange.

To Eila — Delivered in person

To the 501st Joint Fighter Wing — An evening of traditional Orussian cooking. This is a pretty rare thing. Chances are she asked Eila to help. Dinner is accompanied by Sanya playing the piano for mood music.

To Nanoha & Fate (the elder) — Following up her gift from last year, Sanya has seen fit to increase Nanoha's collection of Fuso dolls. This year, the two famous S-class mages are given Fuso figurines of the famous witches Katou Keiko and Katou Takeko, the rest of the Fuso Sea Triumvirate.
"You both have taken good care of me. I look forward to learning more both as a Witch and as a person." ~ Sanya

To Nanoha & Fate (the younger) — Matching Fuso figurines of Anabuki Tomoko and Kuroe Ayaka. They're very detailed, including the Witches' striker units and preferred weapons.
"These two legendary Witches also share an unbreakable friendship. I know you will give them good homes." ~ Sanya

To Precia Testarossa — The gift is a small black cat figurine made out of glass, curled up as if it were sleeping. It's the same kind of cat as Sanya's familiar.
"You've done something kind for someone precious to me. Thank you very much." ~ Sanya

To Kimiko — Clothes. A small trunk of various clothes, some fancy and formal, most casual, all comfortable. They're all 1940s-era fashions. There is also an Orussian flight officer uniform, folded neatly on top. Wrapped carefully in a towel underneath it is a sleepy looking black cat figurine made out of glass.
"We are both Strike Witches now. Minna says that we are like family. I think so too." ~ Sanya

To Setsuko — A small, sleepy glass cat curled up into a cozy ball. This one is surprisingly sturdy, with no thin pieces that could break off easily. A solid memento for someone who travels a lot.
"You gave me the strength to see it through. Thank you for everything." ~ Sanya

To Himei & Jack — A pair of stuffed blue penguins. They're clearly a matched set, one smaller than the other. The penguins are wearing scarves, which are in fact another gift and quite warm.
"I don't think I expressed how happy I was when you came back. Welcome home." ~ Sanya

To Mami — A Model 1828/44 Crimean War musket. It's obviously been restored from its original condition. It comes in a display case, packaged with a sleeping black cat figurine made out of glass.
"You're such a caring person, but always ready to face down injustice. Please continue to take care of those close to you." ~ Sanya

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Message: 42/44 Posted Author
Less Selective Gifting (1/???) Wed Dec 05 Adalinda

For people I missed the first time around on account of brain fail.

To Lute: A simple letter with a serious request for Lute to seek counseling of some kind for his problems. At the bottom, an additional note. 'If you need incentive to seek such counseling, I will agree to go with you so that you do not feel like you are doing it alone. We do not know each other. But I do not want to see anyone else I could have helped become lost simply because I did not get there quickly enough. It is never too late. Not until you give up. And even then, if you have a friend to help you stand again, it is still possible to move forward. I will be that friend if you will allow me.'

To Shizune Nakamura: A boffer bat that can be set to play electric guitar, church organ, or classical orchestra music when it is being wielded. It releases dramatic upsurges in both volume and overall awe-inspiringness when it makes contact with the enemy.

(Note: I'll add more people if I remember them. I know I'm still missing people. :( Sorry!)

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Message: 42/45 Posted Author
Giftgetter Wed Dec 05 Fayt Ravus

For chirstmas this year, Fayt's decided to put his abilities at enchanting to work! Gods help us all…

Sakura "Petals" Kinomoto, Freya, Cecily, K4-800M, Twilight Sparkle, Nathan Hall, Iianor, staren, Altair and Nasrin: All of them. yes, ALL of them, get A cloth bookmark. Curiosuly, when put in a book said bookmark clings to the page like it was glued there. It won't fall out, won't slide out, won't ANYTHING untill the owner removes it themselves. Fortunatly, an attached note explains that it's supposed to do that.

Note that the bookmarks may suffer some… minor defects. Namely spots of odd coloration and some are slightly misshappen. The note apologies for this. "Hopefully these are useful. Sorry if there's anything wrong with these, I'm still kinda new at this. :("

Francesca Lucchini: She also gets a bookmark like the others, this one however, has the words TRADER not TRAITOR! Embroidered on it.

Sanah: another bookmark, this one with a dragon on it, aside form the instructions however, The note also reads. "Merry christmas, please stop beating me up. :("

Kirito, Asuna, Tomoe, Agil and Katt: They get a note, promising that Fayt will enchant one (1) item of their choosing, with the abilities of their choice. The note also warns to be careful. he's new at this and there's a small but not impossible chance he'll break whatever he tries to work on, so think carefully before handing him anything important. The note then goes on to apologise, "Hopefully I can make you something useful, and don't worry, I'll repay you if things go wrong."

Breeze: A blue pitcher that produces water, a lot like that wrench she took of his hands. It's slighty faster then the wrench was, and as an added benefit it stops producing wanter when it's almost full. Despite the improvements however, it's still pretty slow at making water. The attached note reads. "This should work a bit better than that practice piece."

Anyone who I missed and/or sent me something would find they too, get one of those bookmarks. Though hopefully I didn't miss anyone. @_@

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Message: 42/46 Posted Author
Gifts from a medic! Wed Dec 05 Rose Parker

Each of these items were delivered with the following manner, to the following people.

Nathan Hall, Twilight Sparkle: A handful of unusually durable elastic book slipcovers, made with enchantments to greatly extend the lifespan of any book placed within it through preservation and treatment of minor amounts of damage. With a note reading, "Knowledge is precious, something you know quite well. Hope this helps you keep the wisest sayings and the most profound thoughts around for a while." on Nathan Hall's packages, and "Not that these can fit everything that you keep in your house, but I'd like to think that you'll find a few things to keep safe with these."

Yunomi: A collection of teas from around the multiverse, along with a yunomi cup with tanuki circling around its outside. The attached note reads, "Because this is what a yunomi does best. Merry Christmas!"

Kirito and Asuna: An aincrad item crystal with a scabbard that seems to give some minor statistical bonuses, maybe a -little- better than the one he has now. Also inside the crystal is a note that says, "Keep them safe. I don't want to see you lose anyone." in Kirito's and, "Watch your friends' backs, it's a dangerous world." in Asuna's

Rainbow Dash: A high-quality sport watch with a stopwatch function, as well as a few weather related functions such as temperature and air pressure. Unusually, this particular item seems to be made for a pony's leg with somewhat larger buttons designed for the flexible hooves of an equestrian pony. Attached is a note that says, "Good for work and practice, hope this helps you keep your speed records straight!"

Fluttershy: A pendant shaped like a cluster of butterflies inlaid with yellow and pink gems. Attached is the note: "You've done a lot for others without asking anything else in return. It's about time you got some quiet, personal recognition."

Pinkie Pie: A cookbook of vegan pastry recipes with the attached note: "Parties, pies, and pranks you do it all. Here's a little something in return."

Rarity: A trio of knitting books with the attached note: "As a mistress of aesthetics, I think you'll appreciate this."

Applejack: A cowboy hat, and a cookbook specifying a fairly amazing amount of things to do with apples. Attached is the note: "As though you didn't have enough to do every time you harvest, but I hope you'll appreciate this anyway.

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/47 Posted Author
Gifts from a medic! Pt. 2 Wed Dec 05 Rose Parker

Loki: An english old-norse dictionary, apparently fairly hard to find in most places. It's designed for translation of old norse into english, but it could serve the reverse purpose equally well. Attached is a note saying, "You've given me the opportunity to help out beyond the means of many mortals. In return, here's something to help you understand the world of mortals a bit better."

Kefka Palazzo: A music box with a clown figure attached. Apparently, when played it creates a -massively- annoying sound and then self-destructs in a minor explosion. "For the mage who goes everywhere and does everything with a smile, a spring in his step, and a laugh. This should serve as a good accompaniment to your merriment."

Olive: A pink bicycle with a basket in front of it. "I'll teach you how to ride this next time we see each other, OK?" the note attached to the handlebars says. The bicycle specifically has a lowered uppermost bar to accomodate skirts.

Ash: A selection of colognes, for use in pokemon massages. Attached is a note: "I did some digging, and it seems these ought to help heal a shadow pokemon. Hold on to hope."

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/48 Posted Author
Hunting Gifts (1/2) Wed Dec 05 Ysabel Thibault

Ysabel has decided to root through her excessively large collection of materials and money and actually put them to use by making gifts for people who have visited Wyveria and done well with hunting. Most of these come in simple wooden boxes, and each has an attached note.

A simple string necklace, from which hang small stone disks that each hold a painted carving of every monster Elen has fought in Wyveria so far, done in the world's standard tribal style: an Azure Rathalos, a Pink Rathian, a Khezu, a Barroth, an Agnaktor, and a Grenzebul ( There's more than enough room for more discs to be slid on in the future. She also receives a rather large case of Goldenfish Brew, a very sweet ale local to Wyveria.
"You might as well have something to back up your boasting to your friends. And while you're at it, have some drink to go with it. You deserve something after all those hunts, after all. P.S.: Go nag Aria if you run out of brew. She might not have drunk all of hers yet."

Sinister Saints, a switch axe about eight feet long, modeled after the Grim Reaper. In its sword form, the Death figure pulls down and it extends a blade shaped like an angelic wing instead. Switching between axe and sword forms makes a sound like a ghostly wail ( Psyber also receives a large case of Goldenfish Brew, like Elen.
"Some weird schematics some guy made at one of the blacksmiths I go to. Reminded me of you somehow. Also some of that ale I was telling you about when we talked. Been nice working with you."

Sayuri Yaguchi:
Blizzard Gunlance, an eight-foot gunlance with a revolver barrel style. The bayonet discharges a burst of freezing ice on impact, and the barrel holds five regular explosive shots. (
"Not the one we talked about, but I figured you might like it anyway. My offer to talk still stands, by the way. Don't be too proud to know when you need help. P.S.: Don't fall on your ass this time."

Aria Quicksteel:
Soul Breaker, a hefty, crystalline switch axe about eight feet long and made of various stones and crystals. It's quite sharp and is equipped with a dragon phial, coating it in black-crimson draconic energy in sword form ( Of course, Aria also gets a large case of Goldenfish Brew.
"Damn you guys are setting me back. Anyway. I hope this weapon helps you out in your world. Should be more helpful against those dragons you have than that fire-element one you've got now. P.S.: Go nag Elen if you run out of the brew I gave you. Assuming she hasn't drunk all of hers already."

Hina Kagiyama:
Butterfly armor, an armor set made almost exclusively from insect materials and surprisingly durable. Provides good resistance against fire, electricity, and dragon elements, but is very weak to water and ice. The wearer also feels more agile, significantly helping evasion ability. (On the right:
"Might as well help you get started. It would've been a boring pain in the ass to go out and look for all those bugs anyway. More time for you to learn how to actually fight things. Wait, can you even understand this? Dammit. Whatever, you probably got someone to read it to you."

============================== Christmas - 2012 ==============================
Message: 42/49 Posted Author
Hunting Gifts (2/2) Wed Dec 05 Ysabel Thibault

Lance Benson:
A sedated baby Nargacuga ( and a very large book on her world's ecology. Also included are a few raw steaks, each about the size of a grown man's torso.
"Since you're so fascinated with my world's wildlife, you might as well own one yourself. This thing should wake up a little while after it gets to you if I've measured the sedative right. Information about it starts in the Flying Wyvern chapter on page 276. Don't let it eat you. Or vice-versa."

Arerth Rialth:
A large piece of purplish, rubbery hide that holds a faint amount of poison in it and a large, three-jointed purple crab leg, each segment about the size of an adult human. Alchemizing the hide could produce items that are totally resistant to electricity, while the leg provides armor or water-elemented attributes.
"Since you apparently like purple so much, I grabbed some stuff from a Purple Gypceros and a Plum Daimyo Hermitaur. Thanks for the cloak. It might actually be a lifesaver sometime."

Arthur Lowell:
A jagged, crystal-like horn about the size of an adult's arm. It's dark orange at the base, fading to bright gold at the tip and glowing faintly all over. It holds a slight static tingle, clearly energized somehow. Alchemizing it with something could give draconic and/or magnetic properties.
"I admit you're better than I thought you'd be. Go ahead and come by again sometime. In the meantime, you might as well try mixing this Rukodiora horn with something with that weird machine of yours."

Volpe Tempesta, a light bowgun about five feet long that fires high-calibur shells about the size of a human hand. It comes with several cases of bullets, each with specific properties. Normal shells, piercing shells, spread-pellet shells, shells that penetrate and then violently explode, healing shells, ice-coated shells, and sleep-gas shells. It also includes rapid-fire capability for piercing and ice bullets. (
"There's a wyvern where I live known as the Ice Fox Wyvern. Doesn't look much like you overall, but I figured you might appreciate something made from it anyway. You seem like a gunner type, so have fun with this. Let me know if you need more ammo."

Buster Blade, a huge great sword about eight feet long from the tip of the blade to the butt of the handle. No special properties, but it's decently sharp and serves as a good weapon. (
"Only met you once, but what the hell. This seemed like your style so I figured I'd give it to you. Come by Wyveria sometime if you feel like beating up another giant monster."

(If you feel I've missed you and you'd like something, please do let me know.)

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