Chizu (Retired)

(This character has been retired)

General Information

Full Name: Chizu
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: 1
Function: Kashira of the Neko Ninja
Series: Usagi Yojimbo-1
Species: anthropomorphic cat person

"Usagi: Isn't a ninja's life in death?
Chizu: Don't you see, Usagi? I have to believe that, or I'd go mad!"


Profile: Chizu is a motherly sort of person. She's rather against having to send one of her own clan members to harm as she sees them as family. If someone was to judge her by her personality alone, they'd be amazed to find that the clan she's leading is a traditional ninja clan that works in the hire of an evil lord who's allied himself with the confederacy. In the order of her lord she and her people murder and steal from unsuspecting enemies. Honorable and kind, Chizu is rather different from what some would expect of the master of a large group of people known for murder. Having taken the mantle of leader not long after her brother's death, she was perhaps unprepared for such a task, but her style gains her admiration just as much as it gains her enemies amongst her own kind.

Major NPCs

  • Lord Hijiki - Not a person to come forward into the scene himself all that often, Hijiki is one of the extremely few humans existing in Chizu's reality. He's a dark man that wishes to take control of the lands for himself. Not much is known of him, but his ways are quite cruel and full of all sorts of trickery. He works with the Neko Ninja, but always sends his orders down through lord Hebi.
  • Lord Hebi - A lord that seems to act as Hijiki's direct subordinate. This snake deals directly with the Neko (cat) ninja and Komori (bat) ninja clans quite often and seems rather ruthless in his actions. He's done things such as pitting the Neko and Komori ninja tribes against each other on quite a few occasions.
  • Kagemaru - Chizu's direct subordinate, called a chunin/executive officer. He's very set in the traditions of the clan and often clashes with Chizu's ideals. He quietly plots to over throw Chizu's leadership at any length and has many supporters, as does Chizu.
  • Kimi - Kimi is a female Neko Ninja that is one of Chizu's strongest supporters. She seems to be the highest ranked or possibly just the closest friend of Chizu's out of all Chizu's support. Her ranking is never officially given, but it is she that comes to Chizu's aid most often.
  • Shingen - Chizu's late older brother. He was a masterful ninja and seemed unquestioned in his ways, despite sharing a great many beliefs like Chizu's. His death brought Chizu and another neko ninja into position for Kashira, and Chizu earned his place though she wasn't quite prepared for the role. Shingen isn't honestly an NPC, but more someone of great direct importance to Chizu.


  • Ninja Weaponry - Like any ninja worth their salt, Chizu will always have a vast array of weaponry hidden upon her. This ranges from shuriken and daggers, to a kama, to swords, and even some small balls of gun powder that explode shortly after impact with some thing.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ninjitsu - Chizu was born and raised into the art of being undetected. She is dedicated enough to the art that she can tie herself to the top of a rafter when going unconscious as not to be found while injured. As such, Chizu is very highly skilled in all sorts of acts of stealth and inflicting injury upon others. This, due to working for an evil master, is most commonly used for thievery, spying, and murder. Her training also extends to things such as having honed senses, a great ability to conceal weaponry, and more sense of balance than normal people of her kind.
  • Weapons - Being a ninja, Chizu is skilled in many forms of weaponry. This goes as far as using the environment around her as a weapon as well. However, she mostly seems to use ninja stars and kama.
  • Neko Ninja Kashira - Being the leader of the Neko Ninja, Chizu has a very large host of ninja cat people at her command. However, seeing them as her family, she only orders them into danger as needed. This also doubles as a weakness due to the fact that a few others wish for the title and would resort to all sorts of back handed acts to usurp Chizu.
  • Strategy - Being the leader of a large clan of people in a position such as her own, Chizu has had to use a great deal of strategy. Doing something wrong may lead her people into a great amount of trouble, as is easily done in the time and situation that existed in her world.


Chizu's personality leads her to some great conflicts in her life as a neko ninja, especially as the leader of the neko ninja. She is a very caring and honorable woman, seeing the entirety of the neko ninja clan like her family. The death of one of her own always greatly saddens her, causing the saying that a ninja's life is death, to be her only form of comfort. This saying refers to the fact that a ninja lives to die while doing their duties.

Despite the strength of her emotions, which seem unique for someone raised in the way of life of the traditional ninja, Chizu knows how to hide or ignore her feelings. She can easily kill one of her own when needed for her own well being, despite the fact that it brings her great heart ache to do such. Chizu looks out for the neko ninja above all else, including her friends and her loyalty to lord Hijiki. She is softer on her own than other leaders had been, doing things such as granting leave to a couple who wished to have a normal life rather than being ninja, when the code would order that one be a ninja until they are dead.

Though Chizu would work for a dark lord and lead a band of ninja, she is highly honorable and far from cold hearted. She is not willing to do things such as let an innocent child come to harm. Also, as with most the neko ninja, she is highly duty bound, often risking her life for things such as delivering information though she could be sending other ninja to do it. She also seems to be a romantic, given her actions with the couple she released, her thoughts on the matter that "Even a ninja deserves some happiness," and her actions with Usagi (often parting from him with a kiss). This seems to have brought her to dislike her life as a ninja, even bringing her to say she fails as one, yet she remains a slave to her duty.

While Chizu's actions are, at times, ones that serve for sources of good, she is always acting toward what she believes is best for her 'family' and generally seems to care little otherwise


Chizu was born into the Neko ninja clan who loyalized themselves to lord Hijiki after the placement of the Shogun. Her brother had originally been the chief of the neko ninja. However he died while getting vengeance on a man who'd killed a village full of Neko ninja clan members. This left his little sister Chizu and the other executive officer, Gunji at odds about who would be the next chief. Chizu reluctantly bowed peacefully to Gunji's greed for the position of chief. However, he ruined everything when he attempted to kill her in order to cement his place as the chief of the Neko ninja. Chizu dispatched Gunji and easily took her place as the chief of the Neko Ninja.

Since then, Chizu has gained the admiration and loyalty of many of the Neko Ninja due to her unique take on leading them. Rather than following traditional, harsh, ninja code, she acts as a matronly sort of leader. However, this has gained her some distaste within the neko ninja clan as well, as some of the more traditional and traitorous Neko Ninja think she is too soft to hold such a position. It has further harmed her standing that she has always taken the well being of her clan into account before their loyalty to Hijiki. Due to this some would see her as incompetent in her actions, as they do not serve the lord very successfully

Upon unification, Lord Hijiki joined with the confederation. Being allied to Lord Hijiki, this lead the neko ninja clan to also be allied to the confederation.

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