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Making a Character Page

First, create your character page using the button at the bottom of the menu to the left; just type in your character's name in the box, with proper punctuation and whatnot. IE 'Blossom Rose', don't try to write 'blossom_rose' thinking it will help.

On the next page, under the title of the page (which will be your character's name), you will see the section 'Initial Content'. Select 'template:newcharacter'. Fill in the fields. You're done! After that, on your character page itself (ie after saving the code), click on options at the bottom, then on parent, and set your page's parent to 'characters'. Enjoy.



CO: Zelda
XO: Nathan Hall
XO: Paarthurnax


Senior Ally


Last Chancers

CO: Zelgius
XO: Precia Testarossa



CO: Dracula Vlad Tepes
XO: Serori




Special Classifications


Characters listed here have been removed from the hands of their players, often for incorrect portrayal, and may be subject to retcons for future potential applicants. Since the Admin have only put down entries here for characters that were fired for incorrect portrayal, other kinds of firings should not be publicized here.

Rei Hino

Multiple Incarnations

Logan Trieste


This is where "public use" NPCs are listed. NPCs associated with a player should be listed in that player's character page. In general, all of these should only be spoofed by FacHeads, designated officers, and Admin.

NPC Name NPC Purpose Notes

Union NPCs

Confederate NPCs

TP Characters

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