Castlevania: SoTN-1

As was the fate of all Belmonts before him, Richter Belmont successfully faced Dracula and sent the Vampire Lord to slumber again until the next time he was resurrected. But four years later, the moon gleamed oddly, and the night was abnormally dark. And on that night, Richter Belmont disappeared. Maria Renard, the sister of Richter's wife Annette, set out to search for Richter, with no idea where he might be.

And then Castlevania appeared. Somehow she knew he must be there.

Elsewhere, Alucard, the son of Dracula, who had risen against his father in times past, lay in eternal slumber. Fearing the dark powers in his own blood, after he and Trevor Belmont defeated the evil Vampire Lord Dracula, he made the decision to lock his powers away in hibernation, to keep them from the world. However, with the absence of a Belmont, the forces of the world were vastly swayed in favor of darkness.

Alucard had no choice but to rise from his slumber, to again face the Darkness rising in the land of his birth…

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