Castlevania-4 is a general theme for Castlevania. It takes place in an Earth during the 11th-19th centuries where the Belmont Clan of vampire hunters is in a constant war with the vampire Dracula as he resurrects every century, threatening all of Europe with his army of evil beings bent on bringing mankind's extinction. The Belmont Clan has gone against Dracula and his forces ever since Leon Belmont was betrayed and used by Dracula when he was still human, then swearing that every one of his descendants would live to oppose his former friend. Since then, the Belmonts have been aided by such unlikely figures as Dracula's son, Alucard, and Dracula's former general, Hector, who have been able to stop Dracula in their own ways. However, despite all this the Lord of Darkness never fails to return, and the two sides seem locked in an endless conflict that continues even into the Multiverse.

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