CARA (Formerly Cara Fennell)
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Android
Source (Original) Nemain's Children-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank 1-Ensign
Function Unstoppable Force
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 25
Age (Actual) 27
Still Aging? No
Height 5'11"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Cyan
"What's that you have? A better weapon than mine, maybe?"
Table of Contents


The development of a morphic metal has seen its first and widest application in the form of the Combat Arm Replicator Android, CARA. Designed to be the ultimate weapon, she has the ability to form any weapons or other technology in her personal database from her body, rendering her a walking armory. She isn't a mere machine either, infused as she is with the living consciousness of an actual soldier. However, this is not without its own problems. Damage of the body brings out the damage of her mind, often manifesting her own trauma and guilt as hallucinations of her own personal hell. She does what she can to repress these issues, but they always come back despite her attempts to hold them off, making her more and more violent and brutal the more damaged she becomes.


MOBILE ARMORY - CARA's primary ability is her capacity to warp her body to form any weapon she has in her database. This extends to things from melee weapons and heated blades to physical guns and flamethrowers, from particle weapons and EMPs to heavy artillery and chemical mortars. The advanced technology of her body is also perfectly capable of producing the necessary ammunition for any weapon she is capable of replicating, though she is automatically programmed with a 'clip size' so that she cannot wear out her body too much by producing more ammunition than she can afford. This morphing also extends to other technology useful for combat, such as armor, force fields, flight systems, mobility enhancers, and optic camouflage systems.

TECHNOLOGY REPLICATION - If given the time to dissect and examine a piece of technology, usually a weapon, CARA can catalog the construction to her database and later replicate the device from some part of her body for her own use. The only requirement is that the device be purely technological in nature, as she cannot replicate magical properties, and when she replicates the device it will be in a size and shape more suited to her humanoid body. (Consent and upgrade required for replicating other themes'/characters' special devices. Listed in +info.)

REGENERATION - Thanks to her metamorphic abilities, CARA can regenerate any physical damage inflicted on her in a matter of moments. However, attacks made on her will gradually wear down her systems' stability until she can't keep a constant form anymore. At that point, she melts down into a pool of metal and has to spend a day or two recovering stability until she's functional again.

SUPERHUMAN ABILITY - Even without weapons, CARA has speed and strength far exceeding that of a human of her size. On her own, she can punch through nearly a foot of concrete, run as fast as an Olympic sprinter, or lift a standard tank with both hands.

SECONDARY DETECTION ABILITY - To round out her capabilities, CARA is equipped with infrared or night vision that she can switch to when her normal vision isn't sufficient.


OVERHEATING - While CARA has built-in stores of coolant, the weapons she makes are still prone to overheating if fired for too long without a break. Flamethrower or energy-based weapons are more susceptible to this and can overheat rapidly if left unchecked. When a weapon overheats, that portion of her body deactivates for a brief period of time. It can be disastrous if it happens to one of her limbs, so she tries to keep her heat levels in check.

MIND DAMAGE - Implanting a human consciousness into an artificial intelligence proved to be more flawed than expected. Normally CARA is relatively stable and calm, but as she takes damage her programming focuses on keeping her combat capabilities in optimal condition. Naturally, her mental stability suffers as a result, making her less rational and more barbaric and violent as she takes more and more damage.

LIMITED AMMO - CARA has a limit to how much ammunition she can produce for her weapons. For physical guns, this is however much mass she can spare from herself before it becomes too great a risk for her physical stability. To regain mass, she has to consume steel or iron so her body can change it into the morphic metal she's made of. Energy weapons, meanwhile, require little to no mass for ammunition but come with a greater risk of overheating and have a limited 'clip size' to prevent wearing down her battery too much.

SCRAMBLING - If damaged to the point of shutting down, CARA will be forced to undergo a reset during the recovery period. Each time she resets, there's a one-in-four chance that things in her memory will directly meld with her vision and make her experience heavy hallucinations, often making the world look completely different to her. While she's gotten used to it to some extent and doesn't experience the same shock anymore, she still has no control over it and it can make recognizing people or things very difficult.

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