Vital Statistics

Species Name: Cabbit
Creator: Washu Hakubi
Fur Coloration: Varies between colors one would find on rabbits
Eye Coloration: Typically golden colored, though there are several examples of dark eyed cabbits
Height: Somewhere between that of a house cat and rabbit
Weight: Roughly that of a house cat
Series: Tenchi Muyo


Cabbits, technically a highly sophisticated multifunction, yet display far more complexity than most organic forms of life. They were created by Washu Hakubi from Mass (or Masu, communal creatures allegedly discovered by Naja Akara) along with Ryoko (and allegedly Kagato after Naja Akara's death). Due to both the eccentric nature of their creator and the Masu's violate metaphysical properties cabbits can best be described as….odd. At first glance cabbits appear to be little more than a blend of cat and rabbit, hence the name. However beneath the furry exterrior there is so much more. While on average they may posess the intelligence of a small child, by animal standards (and even by most nonsentient computer standards) that is an incredible ammount of intelligence, especially for something slightly smaller than a house cat. Often times cabbits like nothing more than to be what their appearance suggests, cute cuddly furballs that will eat their owners out of house and home. After all being able to transform into a weapon of mass destruction, or frnakly into anything, is energy intensive.

Skills and Abilities

  • Flight - Reguardless of form or aparent lack of visable method cabbits can fly, thoug htypically only capible of a dozen miles per hour or so in their fur clad forms they can go much much faster when in their crystaline forms, some even able to achive hyper-luminal velocities.
  • Phasing - Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage. Not for these critters anyway! In fact the only thing they seem incapible of simply walking through are forcefields, or superheated plasma (such as one would find in a star).
  • Energy Manupulators - Washu originally designed Ryo Okie as a means for Ryoko to access and manipulate the energy in the three Chōshin gems she had in her posession, as well as to aid Ryoko in many other respects. As many cabbits can, as if any would try to, trace theri parentage back to Ryo okie inhereted many of the same qualities, though in differing degrees. By and large cabbits can act as conduets for energy, form coherent energy blasts, pillers of energy, forcefields, and many other such things that one would typically associate with starships.
  • Infromation and Data Managment Cabbits are able to house and process a great deal of infromation. Typically this includes htier reletive position in the multiverse, where htey've been , what they've seen and heard, as well as what's been loaded into their memory by external scources. At least one served as the heart of one of the GPX's ships while others are ships themselves, and have the computational power to rival all but the most complex vessles from the organization of your choice.
  • Shapeshifting - These little fluffballs are more than meets the eye. No, really they are. The problem is while they can and often do assume multipul forms that seem to not be limited by their diminuative size it doens't take a genius to figure out that the crystaline tree, or guitar, or whatever is actually a cabbit. Beyond the rare few that can assume humanoid forms each form outside of the cabbit's 'naitive' form is crystaline in appearnace, colored much the same reguardless of shape. There is a plus side though. Cabbits have been known to turn into anything from computers, to swords, to hoverbikes, to even spacecraft, giving them a degree of versitility that few devices can match. Additionally a cabbit's ability to handle energy, top flying speed, and other such functions increases exponentially in its crystaline forms. As a side effect of this shapeshifting ability cabbits are notoriously difficult to kill, or even permenently harm as they'll just regrow what pieces got cut/blown/disintigrated away. This takes time, however, and energy. Energy cabbits must replinish by feeding.
  • Hunger - Flying, Phasing, Shapeshifting, and energy manipulation takes alot out of anybody. Given that cabbits can take energy from food just as readily, if not moreso, than any other energy scource, they eat. Unfortunately given what they have to do requires more energy than your usual 2,000 calorie diet requires they eat..and eat…and EAT. No they're not always bottomless pits of hunger, but hey. YOU change into a gigantic spaceship of destruction, blow up entire fleets, and not want to tuck in for a sayjin sized feast.
  • Cute! - lets face facts. Cabbits are, far and wide, considered adorable. C'mon, you try looking at that loveable fluffball and tell it no. Go on, just try it. You can't!

Final Note

Reguardless of origins, ever since entering the mutliverse propper Cabbits have become a mainstay of childrens shows, toy lines, and due to their ability of strip whole crops bare in a single feeding a pest in some areas. Predominently they survive either in Union or Unaffiliated territories, though there have been rumors of the Confederacy attempting to raise them as a means of quickly building whole fleets of heavily armored war vessles.

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