Long into the future, the planet New Texas floats deep in space. Far from Earth, it is the home of a new group of settlers and miners and people coming in what is known as the great Kerium Rush. Kerium, more precious then Gold, is the substance that provides near limitless energy for the known universe. Unfortunately, with such riches, come those who will profit from it.

Stampede, a horrifying alien menace, has taken up residence on New Texas. And at the start of the Kerium Rush, he created an ally with which to gather to him those outside the law… willing to take and to plunder and to destroy. That ally is Tex Hex, who quickly became the leader of the vicious band out outlaws known as the Carrion Bunch. They set New Texas on its heels and drove the people to scream for help from the Galactic Marshalls.

They needed a hundred lawmen to tame New Texas. They got one. You know something? He was enough.

Marshall Bravestarr came to New Texas, and set the Carrion Bunch running. Standing for all things good in the wild west, he fights with the powers of Hawk, Wolf, Puma, and Bear. Guided by the mysterious Shaman, the battle for New Texas is only just beginning.

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