Bramble Patch

General Information

Full Name: Bramble Patch
Faction: Confederate
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Nightmare's Gardener
Series: MLP: FiM - 1
Species: Corrupted Earth Pony

"Of course this place is important. Or it wouldn't be covered in overgrowth and traps."

Profile: Bramble Patch possesses an unusual divergence of the Earth Pony affinity for nature, that makes her resistant to the effects of plant-based hazards and capable of traversing dense overgrowth without being hindered. The downside is that her growing ability is also limited to such invasive plants, often earning her the ire of other ponies despite her ability to explore places others could not get to. It was while exploring one such place, Everfree Forest, that she came across a corrupt gem once used by Nightmare's cult to manipulate the forest's growth. Through it the Mare in the Moon was able to whisper darkness to her, tempting Bramble Patch's pursuit of usefulness and acceptance to lure her into service. Bound with the everfree gem, Bramble Patch can innervate plants with the same chaotic growth and sinister mutations… But she does not necessarily always have full control over the results. None the less she tries to make due when ever possible, exploring strange places and using the wild growths to farther her skills in alchemical concoctions and, if one is brave (or desperate) enough, her cooking.

Vital Statistics

Age: 19-20ish (Ponies don't age quite the same way humans do, this is more a measure of mental maturity than physical age)
Gender: Female
Height: Slightly over 4 feet
Weight: Robust but fit.
Coloration: Sable orange body coat, two-tone dark and ivy green mane and tail
QT-Mark: Barbed vines in a knot

Personal Attributes

  • Earth Pony:Bramble Patch is an Earth Pony, one of the three types of pony that are known to live in Equestria. While lacking some of the more mystic abilities of Unicorn or Pegasus Ponies, she is more durable, and has the endurance to engage in stressful activity for long periods of time or travel farther distances without getting exhausted as quickly. Earth Ponies have a natural affinity for nature and the great outdoors. (See Skills and Abilities below)
  • QT-Mark - Thorn Knot: Bramble Patch's mark is of thorned vines tied in a knot because she posesses an unusual off-shoot of the Earth Pony attunement to nature; being unaffected by overgrowth and resistant to toxic plant-life. She can travel through dense foliage and underbrush without hinderance, and handle hazardous plants without suffering ill side-effects. But she can also only grow thorns, vines and other invasive plants because of it.
  • Explorer: Sometimes things are lost to the past, and some things would be better left there and forgotten. Those are the sort of things Bramble Patch goes looking for, either at the behest of her mistress or out of her own curiosity into new alchemy possibilities, be it the forgotten depths of Everfree Forest or the ruins of some obscure world of the Multiverse. Being good at this involves equal parts of doing research and discovery, and the sort of adventuring that comes from braving trapped ruins and wild creatures.
  • Affably Evil: While she can be sarcastic, scheming, and dangerous; Bramble Patch's 'bad girl' attitude can have an almost endearing mischeivous quality to it. Much like her mistress she doesn't want to destroy the world, because you need subjects to pay respects and all, but she's all for causing trouble and annoyance to put them under her hoof. Traps and tricks and sending mutant plant-life to raise terror sure, but she's not out to kill anyone or ruin the land. Intentionally. Yet just as often she engages in the regional holidays and other special events, even if she mocks the season-changing ones. And cheats at compatitions. Because cheating is what bad guys do, it's irrelevant if it succeeds or not, and being undone by her own nefarious doings in the end is just part of the job. Dick Dastardly would be proud!
  • Inferiority Complex: Bramble Patch is driven to prove herself, as a villain's henchpony or otherwise, because of how her one-off abilities were mocked through childhood and the lack of respect even when she tried to be useful with them drove her into exile in the dark woods nopony else enters. She tries to be a useful contribution to villainy and corruption… Sometimes trying a little -too- hard to be regarded as an asset.
  • Wild Child: Other ponies guide nature and change the seasons by hoof. Bramble Patch believes most ponies are taking -too much- control over the aspects of nature, preferring the wild and self-sustaining manner of Everfree Forest instead. And her job as gardener is to make sure it -stays- that way.
  • Pony Physiology: Although they still walk on all fours the ponies of Equestria have evolved a greater range of human-like motion, even using their forelegs as arms to a degree. However there is still the tricky issue of lacking hands, most ponies using their mouths or semi-prehensile tails instead. Bramble Patch can grow vines and such to hold things for her, but they lack the fine dexterity of actual hands. Equestria Ponies are vegetarian in general, though they also eat breads, fruits and sweets as well as hay and flowers; eating meat is strictly out of the question… Though Bramble Patch has no qualms about -cooking- meat for allies. Just won't -eat- it.


  • Everfree Gem: A gemstone of vile dark green color, bonded to Bramble Patch and inset on the headband she wears. It is through this corrupt jewel that she draws the wild natural energies of Everfree Forest to ennerevate and mutate other plants. It can also be used to drain life energy from normal plant-life to keep itself charged when away from the dark forest.
  • Explorer's Outfit: An unusual amount of dress for a species that tends to go clothing free much of the time, but for surviving the dark wilds of Everfree Forest and properly enacting her crazy schemes, it's necessary. Bramble Patch wears a vest with multiple pockets, glove-like bindings on her forehooves, hiking boots on her back hooves, and the aforementioned headband.
  • Floral Armaments:Bramble Patch's abilities allow her to wield barbed vines like whips, fling chakrums made of thorn branchs, toss prickly seeds and exploding peppers like gernades, and other such volatile vegetation. Her jacket and boots are woven with fibers from ironwood and briar and she often has vines or flowers coiled in her hair, both for increased defense and so she can use her botanical powers to sprout protective growths from them.
  • Garden Spade: A necessity for gardening, and when all else fails Bramble Patch can pull out her trusty spade and use it as a weapon.

Skills and Abilities

  • Alchemist: Because she is able to handle various hazardous plants with relative safety, Bramble Patch is able to work in levels of alchemistry that other ponies cannot, and travel to otherwise dangerous places to get ingredients. This has allowed her to pursue some darker paths of research, developing concoctions can be used to inflict strange effects or hinderances on others when used as a weapon in addition to providing healing and aid to her allies as typical potions do.
  • Botanical Nightmare: In exchange for her service to Nightmare Moon and aiding the night queen in regaining her strengths, Bramble Patch was given greater powers with a gemstone bound with the ennervated energies of Everfree Forest. It allows her to infuse corrupted growth in plants, mutating them into thorny vine-lashing terrors, toxin-spewing blossoms and other fiendishy floral frights. It can also be used to drain botanical energy from plants, causing them to wither and wilt rapidly.
  • Lethal Chef: Bramble Patch's cooking skills are fine, it's just that she often tries to do so through alchemistry and her altered gardening abilities instead of normal means. This tends to result in her creations having strange and dangerous effects, like spicy food that actually produces fire, exploding pastries, slime-like stews and so forth. So while she could potentially feed an army since she has no shortage of ability in producing ingredients, one is often left wondering if it wouldn't be a better option to just starve…

Related (NPC) Characters

  • Cupule: A flying squirrel that is Bramble Patch's pet and oft only companion other than her floral mutations. Occasionally aids Bramble in her schemes, occasionally just sits back to snicker in amusement when they backfire on her, and has at least once been the one to backfire them -on- her when he thinks she's overdoing it. Named for the acorn top he wears like a beret.

Other Information

  • Overgrowth Cottage: The cabin in the deepest parts of Everfree Forest, even farther than Zecora's hut, that Bramble Patch calls home sweet lair. As the name suggests it's covered in vines and weeds, even in the midst of winter seasons, in the center of a grove of dark towering trees. It's actually fairly homey… if one ignores the carnivorous snapdragons and the botanical alchemy lab in the basement.
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