Bradley Carbunkle
Bradley Carbunkle
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Source My Life as a Teenage Robot
Faction Union
Rank Ally
Function Happy-go-Lucky Sidekick
Groups METAL
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Late Teens
Age (Actual) 17
Still Aging? Probably!
Height 1.8, approx.
Weight Athletic
Hair Color Red (possibly dyed)
Eye Color Dark
Aliases Brad, Bradster, Bradness, Bradicus Maximus, Bradimus Prime, Bradinator, Iron Brad, Action Brad, etc. etc.
"Striking out? Hah, my dear Sheldon, this is called… playing the field."


Bradley Carbunkle (or Brad, as he prefers to be known) is a seemingly average example of the average human adolescent male. Outgoing, adventurous and a self-professed 'ladies man' (without much actual success) Brad's certainly rather charming in an energetic, boyish way. Given that his best friend (…girlfriend?) is a crimefighting robot superhero, Brad has seen his fair share of adventure. He's faced down aliens, supervillians, robot slavers, space bikers and a dozen other life-threatening situations. To Brad though, it's just fun! Unfortunately, his impulsive and rather danger-blind nature has led to him causing his fair share of problems. Brad always seems to come through with little long-term harm, however, and he's always ready to leap head first into some new, exciting situation. While little more than a happy-go-lucky sidekick, Brad has the makings to be a great hero. Still, a lot of the time, Brad just wants to be cool and smooth. Nothing really fazes him and he greets the multiverse and its varied denizens with his usual boyish enthusiasm.


SERENDIPITY: Things have a rather interesting habit of just… working out for Brad. He always seems to avoid the worst injuries, punishments or other such difficulties and/or complications. Whether it's through the intervention of others or just dumb luck, everything just… works out for him. Most of the time. Sure, he causes trouble, but when he gets serious he can be a fairly significant - if inexplicable - source of help.

HEROIC: It might just been teenage boyishness but Brad could very easily be a superhero-in-the-making. Brad certainly likes to think he is! Whether he imagines himself as Commander Bradicus Maximus of Skyway Patrol, Action Brad or just regular Brad Carbunkle, adventurer extraordinaire, there's a fearless, heroic side to Brad's personality. He protects others, sees the best in the people around him, and is always ready with a reassuring word and friendly hand.

UNFAZEABLE: Maybe it's because his best friend is a robot superhero, but Brad is pretty difficult to surprise, faze, or generally upset. The unknown is just a chance to make new friends. Brad quickly adapts to whatever situation, no matter how unlikely or incredible, and he bounces back from any injury, be it physical or mental.

THE BRADSUIT: Perhaps better termed as the Wakeman Personal Defensive System, this set of sleek flight-capable powered armour was designed by Nora Wakeman to allow Brad to better confront the threats of the multiverse and, in doing so, assist her daughter at a more 'professional' level. The armoured suit covers Brad's entire body, enhancing his strength, toughness and agility, and is somewhat predictive, to make up for his sub-par fighting abilities. Mrs Wakeman installed a rough approximation of the hardware and weapon modules of her XJ-series robots within the suit but, due to Brad's human physiology, it lacks many of the more incredible abilities and powers that they might display. For example, it cannot transform and must adhere to a humanoid shape. However, utilising (patented) Wakeman Folding Armament Technology, Brad can produce an eclectic mix of weapons and tools from compartments within the suit: laser blasters, a plasma cannon, missile pods, hammers, blades, energized fists, just to name a few. The suit is also battery-powered, perhaps in an attempt to limit the mayhem that Brad may inadvertently cause with such a powerful asset.


STUBBORN: Brad is very difficult to dissuade from his chosen choice of action and he resents feeling that he has been made to 'sit out' of any interesting, superheroic situation. Asking him to 'stay safe' is almost certainly just going to cause Brad to grow resentful and strike out on his own. He rarely admits he's wrong, either, especially if he's trying to prove himself.

IMPULSIVE: A lot of the time: in fact, it's almost a certainty - Brad does not think before he leaps. He just wants to help out and doesn't consider any unintended consequences that might arise. This impetuous nature and Brad's own danger blindness tends to cause more trouble than it solves. On the positive side, at least his intentions are generally noble.

C-GRADE STUDENT: Brad isn't very bright. Academics just isn't his strong suite and a lot of things go right over his head. He's far from stupid, but he has street smarts as opposed to book smarts. This helps make him cool and stylish but makes it very difficult for him to grasp some of the more confusing aspects of the multiverse.

'LADIESMAN': Brad Carbunkle likes to consider himself a charismatic ladiesman. As he sees it, he has an 'obligation' to date women - a lot of them, as many of them as possible. Perhaps luckily for the multiverse, Brad is shot down on a regular basis. This is certainly his greatest weakness, demonstrated by Brad's willingness to go out with Vexus, the evil robot queen of the Cluster, or to get married to the alien space biker, Tammy. Now, while Brad might not get too upset about his intelligence (or much else), this flaw is definitely a sore spot as, deep down, Brad knows he fails more than he succeeds… he'll just never admit it to anyone, ever.

A cursory glance through Brad's past might reveal that he has been, excluding Jenny, successful only twice. And when one of those turned out to be prone to becoming a giant killer robot when stressed out, and the other was a psychotic space biker who threatened to devour him… well, maybe those don't count as successful.

A TEENAGE BOY: Brad lacks any sort of inbuilt superpowers, special abilities or unexplained, controllable, helpful phenomena. None of it is intrinsic to him. At the end of the day, he's just a regular guy… even if that makes him a charming, happy-go-lucky sidekick.

On the other hand, wherever he goes, Jenny Wakeman - an actual superhero - might not be far behind.

Brad's Guide to the Multiverse

Forthcoming, may God help us all.

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