General Information

Full Name: Boss
Faction: Union
Rank: A-Ally
Function: Utterly Disposable
Series: OFC - Shin Mazinger-1
Species: Human

Quote: "My nickname is Boss! Even the author doesn't know my real name!"

Profile: Originally, "Boss" came to the Japanese town of Atami to fight Kouji Kabuto, and become the undisputed leader of Japan's delinquent gangs. What a jerk! But when Dr. Hell attacks the town's nearby Photon Power Lab, and Kouji pilots the "Fortress of Iron" Mazinger Z against him, Boss and his friends Mucha and Nuke repurpose a construction robot into the unbeatable, unconquerable ally of justice, Boss Borot! It's a scrapheap with arms, but Boss is an expert at rebuilding it from scratch with only spare parts - and adapting parts from other robots to fit it! He's still just as conceited as ever, and his anger is all to easy to rouse, but these days he's considered more of a thick, but lovable lunk. Him, Mucha, and Nuke can fix anything in a jiffy - although sometimes it takes a little work to UN-fix it afterwards.

Vital Statistics

Age: Late Teens
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 230 pounds

Major NPCs

  • Nuke: (Pronounced New-kay.) Boss' right-hand man. Soft-spoken, plagued by allergies, and extremely book-smart. He enjoys learning about the more technical aspects of mecha; He is an expert at combing Union-linked databases for technical information to help Boss.
  • Mucha: A practical joker, wisecracker, and agile student. Often in charge of pilfering resources from the Union hangar complex for Boss' pet projects. Enjoys building model kits of mecha (gunpla) in his spare time.

Photon Power Lab

  • Sayaka Yumi: Boss' attractive, charming childhood friend. His big crush, although she's really Kouji Kabuto's gal. Pilots the Aphrodite Ace.
  • Yannosuke Yumi: Director of the Photon Power Lab and understudy of the late Juzo Kabuto. After finding out about Boss' construction of the Borot, he had him ejected from the lab, and sent off to Union HQ until he could shape up his act.
  • Professors Sewashi, Nossori and Morimori: - The renowned "Three Professors" of the Photon Power Lab. They designed the Mazinger Army units, and were responsible for the initial remodel of a construction robot into Boss Borot.


  • Boss Borot: A "super robot" bearing Boss' namesake. The head contains the cockpit (which is also stylishly decorated like a small Japanese apartment) and is constructed entirely of unobtanium Chogokin Z, rendering it virtually indestructible. The rest of the robot is cobbled-together scrap and spare parts, making repairs (and complete rebuilds) extremely cost-effective despite the robot's weak constitution. Practice at piecing together the discards from the Union's refuse pile and stores of spare parts allows Boss to outfit Borot for any battle with powerful equipment, or to pilfer Confederate parts to use himself.

Borot's Equipment

Note: Always being updated!

  • Mazinger Borot: Hangar leftovers from a previous passing-through Kouji Kabuto create Borot's default loadout. A flip-out chestplate that opens up is lined with heat-generating plates on the inside, allowing for a Breast Fire-like attack called "Borot Fire". Photon emitters installed into Borot's eyes are used for the similar "Borot Vision". Borot's rocket fists are powered by solid-fuel boosters, and while controllable remotely, do *not* come back on their own.
  • GGG Borot: Originally devised as a Halloween costume, using worn-out GaoGaiGar parts. When a working backpack-mounted GS-Ride was added, the parts turned out to be functional. Capable of using Broken Magnum, Protect Shade, and Dividing Driver. Hell and Heaven is possible, but the energy output immediately destroys the rest of Borot's body on impact. (Boss does not own any other tools from 3G.)
  • Reinforced Rocket Lance: When artificial copies of the Lance of Longinus were proposed as anti-Angel weapons, one of the problems was that the Lances had subtle wills of their own. They would often curve and direct themselves in ways to hamper recovery, or miss their targets completely. There was also the entire mentally impressing themselves onto the mind of the wielder thing. Boss' solution? Use a giant rocket punch, attach it to the lance, and use it to direct it via remote control in-flight. For EVAs, a rocket punch would be like an amputation, so the rocket punch was designed to slip over the existing hand of an EVA, making it much larger than it would have been otherwise. Sets of adapters provide interoperability with several common manipulators found on mecha.
  • Borot Couplings: Adapters designed by Boss and Nuke that fit onto equipment designed for other mecha, so that it can fit Boss Borot's hands. Such equipment might not be the correct scale for Borot's, or it might have a specialized equipment interface. Currently couplings for Gundams and EVAs exist.

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