Blank Space-1

The world of Blank Space is a world where dreams come true, literally. The Primary Dreamer, Blank Space, created eight secondary dreamers and told them to fill the void by using the power of their dreams. While each of the secondary dreamers was given some amount of power in every aspect, each of them was given extra power over one of eight different aspects: Life, Mind, Worlds, Combat, Healing, Blessing, Curse, and Travel. At first, they did as Blank Space asked, but when she left them to their own devices they began to turn on one another.

In the end, only three secondary dreamers really stood above the rest: Placia, the Dreamer of Worlds; Llyvina, the Dreamer of Life; and Silence, the Dreamer of Mind. Due to his unique ability to permanently seal away the secondary dreamers by turning their own dreams against them, Silence was also named the Dreamer of Death. To hide from Silence, Placia and Llyvina both created worlds to hide within, and they both created tertiary dreamers to defend their worlds from Silence. It is this third generation of dreamers that most of the cast of Blank Space belongs to.

In Placia's world, in a futuristic time, exists two main dreamers: K4-800M, Placias unwitting champion; and Mutik, who was a creation of Placia whose mind was twisted by Silence. In this time, K4s physical robotic body, as well as her AI brain, was created by a couple of gifted scientists: Dr. For and Dr. Switch. Once she was booted up, her soul inhabited the robotic body, and K4 was born. But at the same time, a different scientist was experimenting with genetics, and was able to create Mutik, a small potted plant with incredible psychic powers, as well as the ability to mutate not only itself but other organisms. However, the full potential of these abilities was not fully understood until it was too late.

Mutik, without warning, grew into a massive monster, large enough to dwarf a typical city building, and began to twist nearby plants and animals to his will, commanding them with his psychic powers. He became the center of a hive mind. Using this, he was able to generate vast armies of mutants that eventually took over the whole world and killed most of the humans who used to rule it. At the peak of his dominance, he grew arrogant, thinking of himself as a god and insisting that others call him such.

But Mutiks reign of the world was short lived, as K4-800M united a number of humans under her command and formed the United Survivalists Nation, or USN, and led them in combat against Mutik. Their combined effort pierced Mutiks defenses, a feat that all of the governments that once controlled the world couldnt match, and allowed K4 to reach Mutik himself. In a duel between the two most powerful leaders of their time, the fate of the world was decided as K4 struck down the evil plant, destroying the mutant hive mind and preventing the extinction of the human race.

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