Black Sun Fortress


The Black Sun Fortress is one of the Confederacy's major stations in the Void. Constructed primarily as a concerted effort between Captain Angel and General Shockwave, the station acts as one of the main nexus points for the Confederacy's space fleet.


The Black Sun is in a binary star system, containing two blue stars and six planets. All the planets are gas giants and are uninhabitable. Quite a few of the gas giants have moons and the Black Sun is orbiting one of these moons. More specifically, it sits inside a stable asteroid field that orbits the only moon of the first gas giant.

Strategically, the Black Sun fortress is in a key position on the front lines. It can deploy Confederate forces to almost every location within Confederate space with ease, and even into some Union territories.


The Black Sun Fortress has many purposes. The main one is to act as a major staging point for Confederate space fleets. It also has room for a large number of Confederate troops that may pass through during operations. Scientific research, fleet repair, and even trade are additional purposes.


The Black Sun Fortress is circular in nature, with a dome on one side, flat on the other. Approximately 20km in diameter, the flat side faces an artificial path through the asteroid field. This side is heavily armored, painted black, and contains the primary dock entrance. There is a secondary entrance on the other side. The other side of the station is a transparent dome, allowing a view of the void beyond.

The primary dock entrance leads to the closed dry docks. These docks are capable of servicing up to fifty starships of various sizes, anywhere up to 5km in length. For larger ships, there are twelve big open docks spread out on the surface of the flat side. These docks can service vessels anywhere from 5 to 10km in length. Larger ships require specialized docks which exist floating around the fortress.

Offenses and Defenses

The station's main defense system is a massive shield generator that can protect the entire station for some time. The side facing the path through the field (and is the only safe way for capital ships to approach) is heavily armored.

The exact number of offensive weaponry varies from time to time, due to upgrades, faults, ect.

~ 100 Plasma Cannons (standard anti-capital ship weaponry)
~ 100 Flak Lasers (standard anti-missile and anti-fighter weaponry)
One Antimatter Cannon (extreme anti-capital ship)
One Ion Cannon (disabling weapon)

Heaven's Gate weapons platform: This weapon was constructed by Alexandra and is a large cannon mounted on a satellite. The satellite is capable of moving for use against targets in other locations. However, it spends most of its time orbitting the Black Sun fortress.

As previously stated, the only safe way to approach the fortress for capital ships is through the artificial path created through the field. Along this path exists twenty asteroid weapons platforms. Each contains 4 plasma cannons, 4 flak lasers and one rocket launcher. The platforms also house a large number of mines which can be deployed into the path. These mines can be set to target specific vessels by the Black Sun control center.

The fortress has a number of fighter bays that can support fighters of various kinds. But the station also has two specialized fighter bays which house the unique Flare class fighter squadrons. These fighters were designed by Dr. Doom (before he became Field Marshal). They are an agile craft that is controlled entirely by an artificial intelligence. They have two weapon systems. The primary is a weapon that is based upon transporter technology. This weapon destabilizes the entire structure of the enemy target. The secondary is a simple pair of laser cannons. These fighters are designed to work in swarms with hit and run tactics.


The Union is aware of the existance of the Black Sun Fortress. It is aware of the location of the fortress and some of its capabilities. But there has yet to be a battle near the station so they are not aware of its full potential.

OOC Note

This fortress is designed to be a monster. It is not something that is easily attacked. Any offensive against the station would require a considerable number of forces, to the point where a TP app would likely be required for the multiple scenes it would take to destroy it.

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