Black Mage (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Black Mage
Faction: Union (SA-Senior Ally)
Series: Final Fantasy-1
Species: Human
"Names hold power, and it is given to no one to have power over the greatness that is I. So, my most unwanted friend, you may call me Black Mage."

BLACK MAGE is a Light Warrior, as well as a practitioner of magic whose true identity is largely unknown. He constantly shrouds himself in magical darkness to hide his true appearance, just as he denies all those who ask him anything but a title to call him by. While essentially being well-intentioned at heart, Black Mage is without mercy for those that he perceives as evil and has been known to tear away dens of evil in a maelstrom of destructive magic, giving pause only in order to spare what true innocents may be about. Some villages, to this day, tell of stories of Black Mage burning away a whole forest with a great flash of light, doing away with the troublesome monsters and bandits living there with but a single spell. At his core, Black Mage is an okay guy, but he's also frequently sarcastic, condescending, and not uncommonly just as arrogant as any stereotypical elf. He is also rather abusive towards his friends, particularly when he is in a foul mood, and is rarely physically restrained when it comes to Fighter, whom he knows is full well capable of withstanding a physical onslaught from him without really flinching. He is frank, informal at best, and his sense of humor is often grim enough that his morality often comes into question. In battle, Black Mage easily holds his own through sheer attack power but is better-suited to having a sturdier partner to hide behind while he casts powerful offensive magic on his opponents.

Vital Statistics

Age: 282 (Multiverse Aging Factor: In Effect)
Physical Age: Nebulous. Late Teens, Early Twenties.
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 140lbs
Hometown:City of Gaia
Occupation: Arcane Specialist (Magic User)
Past Occupations: City Defender


  • Magic:

Black Mage is a powerful wizard, capable of casting every offensive spell within his world, related worlds, and in some cases worlds that are mostly unrelated to his. He has an extensive array of utility spells that allow him a variety of benefits, from conjuring mundane objects to hindering others by holding them in place, or turning them into a sheep, or forcing them into a magical sleep.

However, his power does not stop at simple powers and fireballs. Black Mage knows many true things - not to tell people his true name, how to coerce passageways (doors, staircases) into taking him somewhere far away from where they truly lead. He is also capable of identifying, crafting, or repairing magical items with ease. Furthermore, his magic is fueled by intent: If he wants to blanket an area with fire, it need not affect those whom Black Mage does not wish to harm, no matter how much destruction it causes otherwise.

He can draw magically-powered confining circles, scry far-off things using tea leaves or liver and entrails - depending on how specific he needs it to be. Illusions are within his power, and he is rather talented at making himself look more powerful and imposing than he really is. He may even manipulate the elements themselves: Summon thunderstorms, make the earth act against his foes, and so forth.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly next to his raw destructive power, Black Mage is proficient in the creation and use of rituals. Rituals are not dis-similar to normal magic, save that their effects are more long-reaching: They require more time to cast, specific ingredients, circumstances, and so forth. The longer and more difficult a ritual is, the more powerful it's effect is - generally. The purposes vary - from inflicting grave misfortune upon a single individual, to causing a great draught in a certain locale.

  • The Black Waltz:

For years Black Mage has possessed the Crystal of Fire. Only recently has he unlocked it's power for his own use - and on the rare occasion in which he does so, he is transformed.

When Black Mage "taps" the power of the Crystal of Fire, he becomes a nexus of arcane energy for one of the great forces that holds his world together, with such great destructive power that it goes rivalled only by the other great forces of his universe, represented in the crystals, Chaos, and others less known. In addition to a general power boost, his ability to cast spells - especially destructive ones - is greatly increased:

For every spell he casts on a round, he may cast two additional spells of equal power, or many additional spells of lesser power, in the same round. In addition, all fire-based spells have their destructive power more than doubled. (Aura Flare: 33 -> 35.)

  • Weapons Proficiency:

Black Mage is proficient in the use of staves, knives, wands, clubs, and even swords. He is, however, most proficient with a knife - any knife, even if pointedly makeshift.

  • The Shroud of Darkness:

Over his true face, Black Mage passively sustains a black and impenetrable shroud that prevents his true face from being looked upon. A pair of glowing yellow eyes replace his own true eyes. This shroud and illusion are passive and partway contained within his hat as enchantments, but should he be unconscious it would only take the removal of his hat to cast away the illusion.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Black Mage has been around the Multiverse for what can be described accurately as a 'longass time'. He participated in the Nightmare Wars, and the Battle of the Great Ocean, and he was around before the Union and Confederacy were named such. Accordingly his knowledge of the Multiverse and the various cultures within it is pretty vast, and it's not that odd for him to be aware of off-world things that most others wouldn't.
  • Underneath the dark shroud he maintains over his face, Black Mage is a relatively plain fellow. Somebody having seen him without it isn't that common, but most people recognize him better when they can't see his true face.
  • Although inactive in recent years, Black Mage has a nasty reputation for saturating the battlefield with the chosen element of the day - although this reputation is well-earned, a great deal of it has to do with how precise he is. Simply put, he has been known to light up the whole enemy line while his side is fighting in hand-to-hand range without so much as scratching his allies.
  • Black Mage is from the city of Gaia in the Final Fantasy-1 world. This city is isolated from most of the rest of the world, and almost everyone there is a magic user without exception.
  • The Gaians of Final Fantasy-1 have neither true names, nor given names - instead, they have titles based on their aptitude at their chosen profession. Being called simply "Black Mage" or "White Mage" is indicative of great aptitude in the schools of Black or White Magic.
  • Black Mage shares a voice actor with Bender and Smilin' Jack, from Futurama and Vampire: the Masquerade.
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