In the year 2138, World War III erupted. At the apex of its technology, the human race almost destroyed both itself and its home planet, permanently irradiating it with countless chemicals, radioactive compounds, and other volatile biohazards. In the wake of that war, only a few safe zones remained, the survivors building large domes around clean sources of water to protect them from any further fallout or airborne polluants. In this state, the world only has limited time left. Water will run out. Contamination will eventually get through the domes. Humans will fade away, just as most of their history did then their planet was ravaged by their own hands. The only dominant group left is called TRIDENT; remnants of the United States of America, settled in one massive dome around the Great Lakes, left unpolluted. Led by a military-commanded iron fist, they begin plotting to seize the other sources of water left on the planet, along with the few safe zones around them.

Meanwhile, in what remains of the United Kingdoms, scientist refugees from across the globe have started working on a project codenamed CLEAN: Cleaning and Limiting Environmental Aggitator Neutralizors. The goal: to create artificially enhanced humans or cyborgs who can survive in the conditions outside the city-domes and with the technology necessary to start fixing the planet's condition. It was not until a girl by the name of Ashley Lancaster, suffering from radiation poisoning, volunteered to be the original guinea pig for this that the project moved forward. Though the project moved along surprisingly quickly past this point, with several clones of Ashley being produced and enhanced like her, and field-tests proving that the concept was viable, an encounter which resulted in Ashley using her ability to remove radiation from the land and air like a weapon caught the attention of politicians and military-nuts within the small city-dome.

When TRIDENT finally made its move is when they took over. The entire project CLEAN was then reworked. No longer a way to save the planet, it was completely redesigned as a way to combat TRIDENT, and renamed to GIA, for Geographically Influencial Armaments. The tools for collecting biohazards were upgraded and replaced by powerful suits of armor and weapons called BEEHIVE, for Biological Enhancement External Humanoid Interfaces for Variable Environment. Then, the war started anew, people having learned nothing.

The year is 2155. World War IV, the final war humanity may ever live through, is being fought fiercely. TRIDENT's forces continue trying to take the planet's clean water and safe zones by force, while the ex-members of project CLEAN, now project GIA, led by Nuke, formerly Ashley Lancaster, fight for the continued survival of those not affiliated with the United States. Though TRIDENT's weapons are ever more powerful, they refuse to surrender, having learned the only way to end this is for TRIDENT to disappear— completely.

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