Binds of the Elements-1

On the surface, this land was decent enough. It has it's wild creatures, hungry monsters and aspiring warlords; but it also has its heroes to defend against them. But the surge of combining magic and technology has caused a shift in many races' societies; a dawning industrialization drawing them away from the natural harmonies and towards wealth and convenience.

While not terrible in itself those that have started disregarding the people and the environment for their avarice have caused disruptions to the balance, causing cracks deeper than most realize exist and allowing the corruption and decay once sealed in the Netherdark to start seeping back into the moral and elemental realms. Most don't see the dark tendrils creeping into their own shadows and tempting men farther into the pit of power and destruction.

But in those hamlets where occasionally the rampant monster needs to be driven off; in the great wilds were survival of the strongest and the will of the Elements is still law; from the towering mountains to the dungeons sprawl the depths and otherworldly terrors lurk: these are the places that the heroes and adventurers still walk, fight, and defend.

It's up to those chosen and guided by the Envoys of the Elements to protect the balance of their world from a precarious topple into Nothingness.

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