Beli Yo'il
Beli Yo'il
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Half angel & half demon
Source OC - Original
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Holy Aberration
Groups Heaven Or Hell
Other Information
Age (Appearance) ~23
Age (Actual) Unknown
Still Aging? No
Height 6'0"
Weight Undecided
Hair Color Black with cyan ends
Eye Color Heterochromatic (left green, right blue)
"…with these powers…what could I possibly do…?"
Table of Contents


Beli Yo'il is a being who, by all the laws of Paradiso and Inferno, has no right nor reason to exist, thus her name meaning "worthless". Created from the experimental union of an angel of kindness and a demon of wrath, she holds within her the opposing powers of both aspects and can switch between the use of angelic magic and demonic magic at will. However, her powers are incompatible by their very nature and fight and weaken each other. She has no knowledge of why she was created or what her purpose was meant to be, but she strives to use her powers for good where she can, though her split aspects make telling the difference between right and wrong difficult at times. To help resolve this issue, she carries a coin with her at all times to decide for her, but otherwise she has to rely on the advice of others, which could lead her to evil without her knowledge.


TWIN MAGIC: Beli can switch at will between channeling demonic magic and angelic magic, thanks to her mixed heritage. She usually uses these to create melee weapons she can wield or projectiles to be launched against her opponents, both of which are formed from either holy light and seraphic fire or hellfire and darkness, depending on the magic used. The light and seraphic fire of her angelic magic are especially effective against demons, undead, and other unholy beings, while the darkness and hellfire of her demonic magic are more potent against angels and other holy beings.

SERAPHIC FIRE AND HELLFIRE: The twin fires that Beli can use in her magic have different properties from normal fire. Seraphic fire is an angelic, cleansing flame that doesn't actually burn and causes little pain or damage to those of a virtuous aspect, instead being used to heal wounds and burn away curses or evil influence. Similarly, it acts with intense hostility toward demons or other unholy beings, burning them painfully like one would expect fire to do. Hellfire, meanwhile, is an incredibly volatile flame used exclusively for damage and torture. It doesn't need to consume anything to burn and is very difficult to put out, and it has a similar reaction to holy entities that seraphic fire has toward unholy entities.

FLIGHT: Beli can fly by manifesting a pair of magical wings from her back.


OIL AND WATER: Beli's demonic and angelic powers are complete opposites to each other and she is incapable of using them both simultaneously, forcing her to switch between them depending on the situation. Additionally, these powers are almost always fighting for control inside her and canceling each other out. Because of this, her magic isn't particularly powerful yet and probably won't be unless she can learn how to harmonize her opposing abilities.

HOLY AND UNHOLY: Beli's physical weaknesses change depending on what magic she is currently channeling. When using her angelic powers she is very weak against unholy magic and objects, and when using her demonic powers she is very weak against holy magic and objects. If she isn't currently using either, she is equally weak to both properties.

ABERRATION: Beli's entire being is a mixture of two incompatible, opposing entities: a demonic embodiment of the sin of wrath and an angelic embodiment of the virtue of kindness. Because of this, her presence tends to create a strong sense of revulsion in both divine and hellish beings, potentially making it difficult to associate with demons or angels if they choose to act on this deep-seated feeling of dislike.

INDECISIVENESS: While Beli is constantly trying to lean toward her angelic side and do the right thing, she's often conflicted by her demonic side instinctively telling her that the right thing to do is the evil thing in a given situation. It's very hard for her to form decisions between right and wrong and she often chooses to settle such problems with a coin toss if nobody is around to help her. Similarly, it can be easy for others, both good and evil, to manipulate her when she's forced to make these decisions.

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