Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice.

Those three words are enough to draw the most horrifying ghost out of the netherworld and right into your presence! A certified "bio-exorcist", he passes himself off a crude and wicked poltergeist. This is his world, where the spirits of the dead first exist pass through a strange, grisly netherworld that oddly mirrors the living world before moving on. Some spirits never move on. Beetlejuice is one of those. Wanting to live again and wanting to have more fun and adventures, he enjoys himself however and wherever he can!

This theme is an OFC version of the Beetlejuice continuity, taking place a few years after the end of the cartoon series. The theme begins with the movie Beetlejuice, with no events changing. After the events of the film, the ghost couple moved on and the ghost case worker erased the memories of Lydia's parents, though found her powers unable to work on Lydia. After writing off the whole business, Lydia was left alone. Lydia, in her loneliness, turned to the only ghost she knew how to contact, Beetlejuice. The pair made peace and made a pact with one another, and the events of the cartoon then occurred. This theme takes place shortly before Lydia turns 19.

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