Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Source Dark Knight-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank Ally
Function Gotham's Reckoning
Groups n/a
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Middle Aged
Age (Actual) ?
Still Aging? Undecided
Height Six Foot
Weight Muscular
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Blue-green
"No one cared who I was until I put on the mask."
Table of Contents


Born in darkness and honed though an unforgiving prison lifestyle, Bane is a sinister figure whose past is shrouded in mystery. Some consider him a charismatic demagogue, devoted to righting the wrongs of the world with blood and fire while others call him a deranged psychopath, intent on destroying anything in his path. Intimidating through his sheer size alone, the power behind Bane's fists is matched only by his incredible cunning and his dominating force of will. These qualities have served to grant Bane the unerring loyalty of the men and women within the League of Shadows, who will die at his command. Known only for his brutality and the bestial mask that always obscures his features, Bane is an enigma to the law enforcement agencies of his world. Behind the mask and the fearsome reputation, however, is one of the most intelligent and cultured minds in the world and anyone who thinks of Bane as a simple, rabble-rousing brute will find themselves enlightened as they lie broken at his feet. More an unstoppable force of nature than a man, Bane lives for one thing: to light the fire that will purge the world of injustice.


DOMINATING STRENGTH: Bane possesses strength that is simply phenomenal, able to heft even Batman from the floor with one hand, to snap necks and handcuffs, to crush windpipes and faces with ease - he can even smash concrete pillars beneath his fists! Bane also has years of experience - from prison brawling, mercenary combat and League training - in how to utilise his strength in the most effective ways, allowing him to violently demolish almost any form of opposition. Bane's muscular physique and height also allow him to lever his strength as an intimidating psychological weapon, dominating people through his sheer presence alone.

FEEL NO PAIN: Enhancing Bane's already considerable strength and endurance is the analgesic gas pumped through Bane via his recognisable mask. This gas nullifies the horrific pain that wracks him at all times. Providing his mask is not damaged or removed, Bane is, for all practical purposes, immune to almost any pain that he might suffer. This enables Bane to hit harder, fight longer and endure punishment that would severely injure any other man.

BORN IN DARKNESS: Bane is at home in the dark. It does not hinder him. His night-vision is exceptional and his acute senses allow him to pinpoint things that many people might miss. The dark is his territory, something which he is able to take advantage of, and it would be folly to challenge him in such conditions.

MERCENARY COMMANDER: After Bane was excommunicated from the League of Shadows, he became something of a wandering mercenary. He was quite effective in this role, to such an extent that he was responsible for a coup in Western Africa that led to him attracting the attention of the CIA. Bane has experience with a variety of strategic theatres and tactical approaches, giving him capable strategic planning skills.

CHARISMATIC ORATOR: While Bane has cultivated a brutal image and therefore possesses the reputation of a simple mercenary, there is more to him than that. Bane possesses a powerful, resonating voice which, when combined with his sharp mind and intimidating physique, allows him to sway the minds, beliefs and actions of people - from individuals to large groups. Keenly perceptive, Bane is able to sense populist thought and then exploit it to further his own goals. Bane wields his charisma much like he wields his fists - as a weapon with which he can dominate those around him.

LEAGUE OF SHADOWS: Bane was excommunicated from the League of Shadows, once, a long time ago. Now, with their change in leadership, he is once again counted among their number and could be considered the second in command of the organisation. Bane can draw considerable manpower from the members of the League, giving him a potent and numerous fighting force, one he can boost further with his mercenary contacts. These people, be they former soldiers and assassins or even just petty criminals and normal people can be instrumental in his plans. Bane believes wholeheartedly in the creed of the League and, through this, has such incredible loyalty from the men and women under his command that they will die for him without question and accept it without complaint when his brutal punishments fall upon them. League members could range between PL 6 (representing the more common expendable members) to PL 19 (to represent a trusted lieutenant, such as Bane's right hand man Barsad).


AGONIZING MUTILATION: Once a handsome man, Bane was horrifically mutilated by his fellow prisoners in the Pit. It was so extensive that it resulted in severe scarring down his back and along his scalp and also causes him to occasionally require a back brace. The worst harm was done to his face, however. While the Pit's physician attempted to repair the damage done, he, in fact, only made the pain worse. Bane's mask numbs the pain, along with any other pain, nigh completely. However, if the mask is removed or damaged, the pain will quickly become totally incapacitating, rendering Bane unable to move or even speak.

BANE'S MASK: The mask, in and of itself, makes many things difficult. More than simply making mundane tasks harder to perform, the mask alters Bane's voice, makes his breathing very audible, and is large enough to render it difficult to disguise. To disguise himself, Bane would need to obscure his entire head - which would still draw attention. It is also a tempting target, if Bane's enemies knows of its significance. While the source of his power, Bane's mask is also, perhaps, his greatest weakness.

REVOLUTIONARY FIRE: Whether it comes from Bane himself, or from the urging of his mysterious master, Bane has an issue with Gotham City and the institutions and entrenched beliefs that can be found within it - and in many cities like it. Bane does not see value in wealth or luxury and seems openly contemptuous of them, extending that contempt to anyone who thinks that such things grant power. Bane lives for only a few things: vengeance, pain and fire.

THEATRICAL: For Bane, it is not enough to simply win. It is not enough to simply kill his enemies - he must break their spirits just as he breaks their bodies. Bane has a message and it is important for his opponents to understand it. Only then, when they have realised the extent of their folly, will Bane finish them off.

UNCOMPROMISING BRUTALITY: At the end of the day, Bane's brutal iron will falls on his own people and his allies almost as much as it does his enemies. Bane does not accept failure from his subordinates nor does he take attempts to dominate him lightly from his allies. The ability to inflict pain is one of Bane's tools and it is one that he uses to instil loyalty and crush dissent as much as he uses it to destroy his enemies. Bane plays well with others - providing that they understand he is not to be trifled with.

DEVOTION: Bane is incredibly devoted to Talia al Ghul. Much like how his soldiers would die for him, Bane would willingly die for her. This devotion could no doubt be exploited by anyone ruthless enough to attack the one thing that Bane truly cares about.

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