Aurora (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Aurora
Faction: Confederacy
Series: Original
Species: Superior Human

"They taught us to fight… They taught us to kill… They taught us to suppress and use our emotions… But one thing they didn't teach us was how to get blood out of a silk dress. You'd think that would be important!"

Project Apollyon, yet another of the Confederacy's super soldier programs. Genetically engineered to be superior to the average human, Aurora was the first child born into the project. She was and would continue to be the prototype for the program. The enhancements from her genetic engineering, along with later augmentation using cybernetics, nanotechnology and magic runes, molded her body into a deadly weapon. Extensive training in warfare, weaponry, controlling and manipulating emotions, has resulted in a deadly mind. Aurora exceeded expectations, adapting to her new abilities and absorbing the training far faster than any intended. This resulted in Aurora being released from the project a full year before the others. Nineteen years of enhancements and training to kill has not impacted much on her personality, other than an unwavering loyalty to the Confederacy. Aurora has a lighter attitude, enjoying a good laugh, and willing to crack a few jokes or tease her fellows. She also enjoys a challenging fight, though is not beyond deception should it help complete an objective. Greater reflexes, greater strength, greater intelligence, the ability to neural interface with computers, able to create weapons from her own body, capable of suppressing or using her emotions for the benefit of the mission… All the trademarks of a Destroyer.

Vital Statistics

Born: August 7, 1989
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 58 kg
Occupation: Confederate Super Soldier


This woman appears to be in her late teens, possibly early twenties. Her appearance is relatively uninteresting on most counts. She's about average height at 5'5". She has a slim build with only some noticeable muscles. Her hair is of medium length, tied into a ponytail on the back of her head, and is a blonde colour. She does have a rather noticeable cross scar under her left eye. But the most unusual thing about her features are her eyes, which are a bronze colour.

She is wearing a form fitting combat suit of some kind. The outside appears to be made of a cyber-mesh. Although its default colour is a dark green, it also seems to blend in a little with its surroundings. The suit has a few light armour plates on some sections, including the chest, back, forearms, and shins. Around the waist is a combat belt, with two holsters holding a pair of Desert Eagle handguns. While the handguns are relatively antiques, strapped to her back is a more modern pulse assault rifle.


Genetic Engineering: Aurora was designed even before birth to be the ultimate soldier. Using the advanced knowledge of the Confederacy's science division, Aurora's genes were modified while still unborn. The results are a superior human, with increased strength, dexterity, intelligence and heightened senses.

Cybernetic Augmentation: Once old enough, Aurora underwent a procedure to augment her body with cybernetics. Her skeleton was reinforced with a layer of battle-grade armour. Her muscles were strengthened and her reflexes boosted. A neural implant allowed her brain to process information faster and even store data. A data port hidden just behind her ear allows a direct neural connection to computer systems. And finally, an implant containing several different drugs that can be used to improve combat performance or assist the natural healing process.

Nanotech Enhancements: In addition to the cybernetics, Aurora's body was also enhanced with nanotechnology. The results of this are a boosted immune system; resistance to chemical and biological weapons (including a wide variety of drugs); an enhanced healing rate; and the ability to slightly modify body and facial features to assist in disguising her. Also, the nanomachines can be directed to form together into throwing knives, providing her with a numerous supply of the weapons. The nanites replicate using preprocessed and stored matter, so the supply is limited.

Runic Protection: The final enhancements added to Aurora consisted of a variety of magical runes tattooed onto her body. Designed entirely for protection, these runes reduce damage from a number of sources. This includes things like basic magical elements, high levels of radiation, EMP weaponry, direct psychic attacks and attempts at intruding into her mind, and acidic weapons.

Military Training: Being part of a Confederate weapon's program, Aurora was trained from a very young age in the arts of military service. She is well versed in various combat tactics and strategies, battlefield medical treatment, covert ops, stealth, disguise, intelligence gathering, harsh environment survival, and so on. She has also been trained in leading troops, whether it's at a squad level or an entire battalion.

Weapons Training: In addition to military training, she also received training in various weapon types. It was focused mostly on melee combat (mostly hand to hand and martial arts) and conventional ranged weapons; such as handguns, rifles and sniper rifles. However, she did receive some training in more unusual weapons, such as throwing daggers, explosives, staves and swords. She also has a talent for learning new weapons quickly, thanks to her enhancements. Though there are some unique 'signature' weapons that are beyond even Aurora's ability.


Mark XIX Desert Eagle: A Mark XIX Desert Eagle handgun. With .50 Action Express ammo, six inch barrel and a brushed chrome finish. Aurora typically takes two of these weapons into battle. Although antiques, Aurora uses modified models which can accommodate different types of ammunition.

Model X51-B Pulse Rifle: A more modern weapon, the X51 Pulse Rifle is an assault rifle which fires armour piercing rounds with a high rate of fire. The X51 uses a high-density energy storage pack to generate ammunition. The X51 can operate in single fire, burst fire or full automatic fire modes.

Confederate Standard Combat Cyber-Suit: (bbpost 18/2) A standard issue elite combat suit. Includes some stealth abilities, protection from the elements, and a built-in power supply.

Confederate Standard Emergency Transporter: Developed by General Taro, a wrist device which allows Confederate elites to be transported to safety at Confederate HQ should they be defeated in the field.

Energy-Pack Recharge Unit: Developed by General Taro, the EPRU is a small device that attaches to and draws power from the Combat Cyber-Suit. It is capable of recharging an energy clip to full power within a minute.


Medal of Bravery

For outstanding courage in the service of the Confederacy.


Twenty years ago a new project was authorized by the Confederate Field Marshal at the time. Project Apollyon was just one of numerous Confederate super soldier programs run throughout the history of the faction and the war. Once again the Confederacy was looking to create the ultimate soldier to fight the Union. One which was unfailingly loyal, extremely efficient, reliable and above all, deadly. There are many ways to create a super soldier and Project Apollyon utilized the results of previous attempts to try and fully succeed.

The project began with the selection of the Confederacy's greatest soldiers at the time. At least, those that were human. Both male and female were selected with the purpose of using their combined genes as a template for the Apollyon… The destroyers. The DNA of one male and one female were combined in the normal process of human reproduction. The resulting embryo was then taken and modified. Using all the advanced knowledge of genetic engineering, Confederate scientists re-wrote the embryo's genetic code. They added in traits for greater strength, intelligence, and other such properties which would be useful for a super soldier. This genetic engineering, based upon an already strong genetic foundation of two powerful soldiers, resulted in a superior form of human. But this wasn't the end of the project.

But this was how Aurora arrived in the Multiverse. The result of experimentation, she was the first of the Apollyon to be born. With her birth, the scientists knew that the next step would be to begin training the child. Even before being able to walk or talk, Aurora and her fellow Apollyon were subjected to extensive training as soldiers. The way the children quickly developed in skill, even at such a young age, proved that the genetic engineering had been a success. But Aurora was a cut above the rest. The training that the Apollyon participated in was all refined from the experimental training she first performed. She was the prototype.

The children were kept in a secret underground facility, never permitted to leave in case they were negatively influenced by the outside world. The training was strict, harsh, and long. There was no time for them to be children, which was appropriate. They were soldiers from birth and they were reminded of this fact every day of their life. Being the oldest of the group, Aurora was seen by the other children as an unofficial leader. Although she hated the idea of this kind of responsibility she didn't say anything, quietly accepting the role. To each of the Apollyon children, their fellow destroyers were everything. They were as close to family as any one of them would ever have.

By age ten, Aurora and the other children were already well trained in warfare. As it was, they could have given the Union regular forces a run for their money right then. But they wouldn't have survived long against the overwhelming numbers. Besides, the project was far from over. The next phase was about to begin.

Again, Aurora was the prototype. She was the first to undergo the cybernetic augmentation which included the nanotechnology. The procedure was a dangerous one, quite possibly fatal. This was proved when several of the Apollyon children died before the procedure was complete. But Aurora survived it, and helped her fellow destroyers survive it too. Adjusting to the new capabilities of her body was difficult, but still she managed to do it very quickly. The cybernetics alone would have increased her abilities well above that of an average human. But combined with the genetic engineering and the training, she and the others were quickly starting to live up to the name of the project.

What followed the augmentation was again more training. They had to retrain their bodies to do things that they had already learned. Perhaps not the quickest way to do things, it turned out to be much more effective than anticipated. Besides, those interested in the project's success had always been patient. Accelerated growth had been considered and quickly dismissed before the project was even authorized. The problems it could cause were not worth the shorter deployment time. Besides, a normal growth allowed the children to be extensively trained.

Aurora was quickly pulling ahead of her fellow Apollyon. Those in charge of the project decided to accelerate her timeline a year ahead. After turning fourteen, Aurora received the last of the enhancements. Magical runes were tattooed onto her body, created by some of the most powerful mages the Confederacy had to offer. They would provide her protection above anything that a technological device or suit could provide, while also allowing her to keep her movement unhindered.

With the final enhancement complete, Aurora was moved to a dedicated facility to continue the final phase of her training and the project. Although she felt a little saddened by leaving behind her fellow destroyers, she quickly pushed the feeling out of her mind. The training that followed was beyond anything that she had participated in before. It was so dangerous and taxing that it was estimated that an average human would die within the first couple of months. But the strength provided to her by her enhancements and previous training experience allowed Aurora to survive.

Finally, by the age of nineteen, Aurora participated in the final tests to determine her worthiness as a weapon and soldier of the Confederacy. This would also prove whether Project Apollyon was a success, or a failure. Aurora exceeded all the expectations of those overseeing the testing. Ultimately it was decided that she was ready for deployment. Her exceptional growth throughout the project had put her a full year ahead of her fellow Apollyon. The project's scientists saw this as a good thing, as Aurora's actions that would follow her deployment would allow them to refine the final testing stages of the remaining destroyers.

And so, Aurora was transferred to New Pyongyang for her first assignment as an elite soldier of the Confederate forces.

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