Aurics are, in short, Player Characters. They have considerable amounts of Aura far above the normal population. They tend to have super powers, super intellect, supremely good luck, and have other markers of various kinds. They tend to survive impossible odds and do the impossible.

Aurics are known in the military as the High Elite, or Elite, for short.

Although technically all life forms have at least some Aura, Aurics have an astounding amount of it, such that they are considered special. The estimated proportion of Aurics is roughly one in one billion or less among the general Multiverse population. It is also important to note that, depending on the circumstances, it is possible for Aurics to either rise up from the masses, or be thrown back into the masses, or both, though this usually happens due to a major event or a series of major events. Different worlds have different numbers of Aurics - some have a good number, some have almost none or none at all.

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