Atria (Retired)

Character Name: Atria
Real Name(of character, not player): Elizabeth McWilliams
Faction: Union
Rank: PA - Provisional Ally
Function: Digital Enforcement Expert
Series: dothack-3
Species: Human

"Just because I'm shrimpy and plain and… well, flat chested… it doesn't mean that I can't kick your butt!"

Profile: Elizabeth McWilliams, more commonly known throughout the Multiverse and in The World as Atria. No longer /trapped/ inside of her character, thanks to a prize from The Reaper's Game, she now attempts to help people how she can, regardless of her inability to use her character form outside of digital environments. However, while in digital environments, the shrimpy plain little girl transforms into her character from The World, which gives her quite the multitude of abilities and powers, ranging from magic all the way to her own set of seven swords to use in combat. She's STILL the carrier of Macha, both inside and out of The World. It just doesnt show so much anymore.

Vital Statistics

Gender: Female

Real Age: 16
Real Height: 5'5"

Character Age: 20
Character Height: 5'9"

Weight: Not a lot

Major NPCs

  • Andrew McWilliams - Head of the ESCALON corporation, the one that runs and maintains The World R:3 and all of its aspects. President, client, father of Atria(Yue)
  • Elizabeth McWilliams - Atria's mother. Not really going to be used ever, but yeah, she's there.
  • Lios - The lead system administrator of The World R:3. Yes, this is Lios. No, he likely won't remember you if you haven't made a large impact on something(For instance, while he would remember Kite and Helba without thought, he probably wouldn't remember Moonstone, for you .hack// buffs). Lios, the person, is getting on up there in age, and tends to be just a bit crankier than he was before, having gotten tired of the 'young disrespectful' generations. He's currently working for ESCALON, having been given another chance by the president due to his knowledge of the settings and past experience.


  • Displacement Rifle - Built for a mission by Agatha Clay, this rifle looks like a large sniper rifle built with included stand and everything. It's a beam weapon that, upon striking a target, physically displaces it into a pocket dimension for up to three hours before they reappear in the same spot they vanished. Used against gumbies. They are unaware what happened, generally, except for the obviousness of the lost time. Time doesn't change inside the pocket dimension. This could, in that sense, also be used to stop someone from dying immediately while help is gotten.
  • Displacement Grenades - Same as above, but it's built in the shape of a pokeball. No, it doesn't trap people inside of it. Currently she's out of these.
  • Various items from The World - She IS a character from The World, and as such, often has a various supply of items with her(That is, when she is actively going back and forth in The World). These items can range from simple health and spirit potions(This one being the one she stocks up on the most) to varying buff boosters like different oils to help with elemental defenses and curative potions for various RPG ailments.
  • Duel Disk and Deck - Atria recently picked up a Duel Monsters disk and set of cards at a rummage sale. Nothing spectacular, though she could use it to create some interesting illusions to cause panic.

Skills and Abilities

  • Class:Multi - A class that allows for a user to pick two classes to specialize in. Jacks of various trades, masters of none, Atria has chosen the following two.
    • Subclass:Seven Sword - As the name implies, she now has and uses abilities and attacks related to and of a style revolving seven swords use in tandem. Picking up bits of skills and techniques from previous sword-user generations, this class can use attacks and abilities in regards to which sword set they have equipped currently. Atria's current sword set is the beginner set, which is nothing more than a set of seven Japanese-style Katana that have respective elemental properties(Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Dark, Thunder, as well as one non-elemental sword).
    • Subclass:Magic Bullet
      • Atria's class for the world is Magic Bullet, which is a class unique to The World R:3. The main features of this class is the fact that it uses their own MP as a source for their ammunition. The class, truely, is a mage class due to the fact that all attacks are elemental in base and in no way physical. On that note, it being a mage class, has HP that is low and MP that is high. Very high, actually, higher than even that of a pure mage. However, to counterbalance this, the damage done by the bullets isn't fully from the elemental properties of the characters data, but a portion of that mixed with the physical attack value(though it all equates to magical damage).
      • The tell-tale equipment of this class is the type of weapon they use. The gun is a one-handed rifle that looks to have the magazine of a tommy-gun. Each chamber of the magazine, which has between 6 and 12 slots depending on model, contains different amounts of each element, consisting of fire, water, earth, air, thunder, and dark. As the weapon is fired, it rotates and shoots in that specific order. It is possible for the user to change the order of the elements, but not the distribution of elements.
      • The main aspects of this class, however, is not the high mp or the range, but the fact that they can fire so fast that the opponents are continuously knocked back and don't have a chance to get close. If the rate of fire is picked up, naturally, damage goes down, but the trade-off can be effective when numbers outman the person. While this is going on, however, MP useage doubles. That is, if the player fires more than once every two seconds, it takes double the toll on their mana.
  • Magic and Skills -
    • Atria has a decent array of magic and the likes, her character having partially been made by ESCALON programmers specifically for the purpose of a beta test, trying to insure it wouldn't die and could be tested out with a lot of functions, but wouldn't be invincible for that same reasons. Testing. She has small and medium level magic attack spells as her gun as well as a small healing spell, poison curing spell(Health depletion), and a curse curing spell(Spirit depletion).
      • To be specific for the .hack// junkies, the full spell list is …
        • Gan Rom - Weak-strength earth spell, a tornado of jagged rocks rise around the target
        • MeGan Rom - Medium-strength earth spell, a tornado of jagged rocks rise around the target
        • Rue Rom - Weak-strength water spell, a flurry of sharp water droplets assault the target in a funnel
        • MeRue Rom - Medium -strength water spell, a flurry of sharp water droplets assault the target in a funnel
        • Vak Dom - Weak-strength fire spell, a surge of fireballs fall down atop the target
        • GiVak Dom - Medium-strength fire spell, a surge of fireballs fall down atop the target
        • Juk Rom - Weak-strength wood spell, a tornado of sharp leaves swirl around the target briefly and cuts them
        • BiJuk Rom - Medium-strength wood spell, a tornado of sharp leaves swirl around the target briefly and cuts them
        • Rai Rom - Weak-strength lightning spell, a tornado of electricity swirls around the target briefly and shocks them
        • GiRai Rom - Medium-strength lightning spell, a tornado of electricity swirls around the target briefly and shocks them
        • Ani Kruz - Weak-strength darkness spell, a swarm of darkness balls converge and attack the target
        • MeAni Kruz - Medium-strength darkness spell, a swarm of darkness balls converge and attack the target
        • Repth - Minor healing spell
        • Rip Teyn - Cures magical physical problems of minor level
        • Rip Synk - Cures magical mental problems of minor level
      • As far as skills goes, she has the entry-level skills for her character. Some of the skills are inherent, others based upon the weapon she currently has. She can either fire a powered shot of a specific element at five times the cost of what it normally would, or she can fire a cluster shot of all the elements at once at ten times the cost that each would separately cost combined. Respectively, the skills are named Power Shot and Combo Shot. Power shot is as random as the way she has her gun customized.
  • Flight - Atria's character was also made to fit the fact that… the player was a 15 year old girl with a tendency towards cute things, especially things that might be in an anime. A certain unnamed graphic artist who has a knack for such things(who might have just been one of the legendary .hackers by the name of Piros) was the main designer for HER character data. As such, he was exorbitant in the design. Large, overly poofy and 'beautiful' wings adorn her back. However, the programmers who designed her character decided to make them useful as well, and not just decoration(like the artist wanted). They installed a natural 'smoke screen' ability, allowing her to blow up a cloud of dust and escape from almost any battle, albeit at a time cost(if she got interrupted while trying to stir up the dust, no go).
  • Themesong! -
    • That Graphic artist that got ahold of her character data was a very… outgoing person, flashy and loved to make things noticed. As such, unbeknownst to the programmers, he installed a program in his division that worked in tandem with the graphics installed on her character. Effectively, he gave the girl a themesong. The themesong, in most cases, is plainly and blatantly obvious. For instance, if she was sneaking… there would be sneaking music playing, most likely alerting anyone she was sneaking up on that there is someone there.
    • This, of course, didn't do so for the digital monsters she used to face, but it certainly would in the MCverse. In some cases, however, the music is only audible through living creatures, only reacting with brainwaves. In this sense, a robot couldn't hear the noise, where a living guard could. As a further note, an android, or an actual sentient robot, that is able to interact with humans with an actual AI system and not just a few pre-set commands(ex: kill all things that create noise besides other guardians), can detect the themesong and could act upon it as it deems fit.
  • Carrier of Macha -
    • Despite first thoughts on anything related to phases, no, this does not entitle Data Drain to Atria. Nor does it in any form or fashion make her more resistant to the same things. What this entails is the fact that her PC data is entirely and thoroughly corrupted with the remaining strains of Macha. Having been pushed from Macha originally(Mia), then Endrance(Avatar user of Macha), it resided within the dead world data til the Aida attack during rebuilding caused it to shift and shatter, losing some of its potency that it once had.
    • As it remains now, one of the only things that it actually did was cause a shift in the appearance of Atria's character, giving it a furred look, as is tradition with all things Macha. However, in her case, the look it gave was Red, and a blood red at that. Carrying a portion of the Enchantress with her at all times, the only remaining power is actually Atria's, despite the fact that she can't use it on her own. It's two fold, one, she has a nearly perfect resistance to charm… and two, her attacks have a greater chance of charming(OOC consent). It's less likely to charm someone with a high IQ or even higher-end brain activity than it is a monster.
  • No SP, No Sight - As Atria's SP drops(spirit points, Mana, effectively), her eyesight proportionately goes with it. If she only has half a bar of SP, she has reduced vision by about 50%. This is due to two things. One, the fact that the Macha strands are infecting her system and tampering with a few things besides just the look and charm stats. Secondly, because of the fact that she is now 'real', to a limit, things like darkness actually affect her like it would a real person. Blindness and not just reduced accuracy. When sight becomes a problem, she panics and the regeneration of SP also reduces, as she is moving and can't rest to recover.
  • Nanotech Suit MACHA - Named after the AI residing inside of her head, this physical-enhancing suit enhances all of her physical traits, up to and including her reaction and response time. Being skin-tight, she often uses this in tandem with an armour suit that can attach directly over the skinsuit, allowing limited flight and increased defense and strength at the cost of some speed and mobility. (Armour Shift, full round action) She's also got several weapons accessible while in this suit, ranging from laser weaponry to mech-style laser swords. Note, this is barely taller than she is, and is made to literally be worn like Armour. Also, the armour actually consists of parts salvaged from the MAT MkIII tank that Atria destroyed, mostly the plating and armouring. That worked into forming the armour of her suit. That means that, as with MAT's armour's special ability to absorb magic, thus too can the MACHA suit. With nowhere to store it, the magic is treated much like electricity and returned back at whatever she touches next, though it can't be focused into blasts or anything of the sort.

Personality and other aspects

Keep in mind I'm working on this bit by bit. This is a list and outline that I'm expanding upon slowly. I'll be writing a paragraph or two on most of them.

Voluntary Naivety

Morbid fear of being hated


Fear of Spiders

HATES gangsters, and most Americans


Desire to be needed

Dislike of relying on others

Loves being treated like a princess

But hates being treated like she's weak

General depression

Martyr complex

Hero complex

Fear of intimacy

Dislike of authority

General dislike of Muscleheads

LOVE of Catboys(And bishies)

Uncertain what is real

Scared of her mind being toyed with(again)


She was born in England under the name of Elizabeth McWilliams, named after her mother. Her parents, being more than simply well off, afforded her easily the best education that was possible. When she was still young, her parents spoiled her quite badly and she became addicted to games of all sorts, finding herself eventually focusing on The World as a primary game. When it collapsed, due to CC Corps demise, her father, on a whim, bought the rights to the game and every aspect of it and turned his corporation, which at the time was linked with military computer technology, into the gaming industry. While this was a big change for Atria, speaking she was forced to move with her father and mother to another location to pick this new corporation up from the ground, she finally got used to it and went about her childhood.

As a side note, she eventually won a bet with her father in regards to her name. She had always hated having the same name as her mother, because she could never figure out when she was being called for and not her mother. At 13, she bet her father that if she could make perfect grades the entire semester, she would be allowed to pick out her own name. Of course, he agreed, he hadn't expected her to make near that mark. However, she did, and he grudgingly let her pick a name. However, he never actually /did/ get it legally changed, despite having told her he did. So, she still believes her legal name is Yue Elizabeth Ayase-McWilliams, a compromise with her father on the name, though she wants to be called Yue Ayase. (Yes, the character from Negima, she's an anime nut, loved the show /and/ her).

Shortly after she turned fifteen, her father announced the launch of The World R:3's beta testing phases. She begged him so much that he finally agreed to allow her to beta test the game, though it wasn't too much a thorn in the side of the company. More than enough of the employees loved her because of how interested she seemed in the game itself and their work.

She helped design her own personal character(PC) with the staff, finally winding up on the Magic Bullet class and human female appearance. She wanted a catgirl, but her father wouldn't approve in any circumstance. Character spruced up without anyones knowledge by one of the Graphics Artists of the team(More commonly known as Piros and all of his variants), the character wound up with wings and a themesong.(Yes, a themesong) set.

When they started up The World and she placed her MK5's on to access The World, there was a surge in the power of the building and she fell into a Coma. What really happened was the remnants of Macha, one of the eight phases, whose data had been partially destroyed by the reconstruction, latched onto the first being it found, entering her PC data when found. At the same time, however, as the power surge, her world unified.

When she woke up, she woke up inside of a version of The World that wasn't her own. Speaking her version wasn't online during the unification, at least fully, that version didn't unify like the other versions did. It remained an actual game. However, Yue, didn't get so lucky. She was unified into a physical body of her character. Her character, at least, as it was tainted by Macha. Her once human character, with wings, was now covered with a thin layer of fur and had a tail and cat features, including ears. Her general colour scheme changed too. As she later came to find out, her character data was corrupted to the point where when she uses magic, her vision would vanish.

Venturing around, she finally met Kite and Rena by accident, the first of the two helping save her from an admin who thought she was a hacker. However, shortly after meeting them, she vanished to solitude, being rather scared. She stayed this way for nine months, hiding herself away in The World's various incarnations, eventually coming to reside in her own when it came online finally. One day, while going through a field, she happened upon Rena again, and the ball got rolling from there, with her true introduction to the Multiverse.

She was sent to Pallet by Rena to help her get started on her pokemon journey(Which Atria thought was all some digital event). Upon the way, she got lost and wound up in Ilex forest, meeting Ash and Pikachu by accident(though she was sent to meet them anyways at Pallet). She got attacked by a swarm of Murkrow, but managed to fend them off with the help of Ash and Pikachu and was taken to a nearby pokecenter where introductions were made and such. Later, after Ash left her to fend to herself at the Pokecenter, she went back into the forest to try and help one Murkrow she had hurt during the attack. When she found it, she accidentally bumped into Gourry Gabriev, who helped her back to the center with the wounded 'mon.

The next morning, she went and released the murkrow back where she had found it and wound up being chased out of the forest again by the ungrateful bird, but was able to survive thanks to the help of a Lucario who happened upon her. Eventually traveling through Goldenrod to get to Saffron and eventually Pallet, she ran across Ash again, and by chance, Kiden-Marie. After a brief 'skirmish' with Kiden-Marie(whom, to this day, holds her fully responsible for everything), Ash left the two after scolding them for their behavior and she skulked along into Oaks' lab.

Over the course of the next few days, she'd try to make amends with Kiden-Marie and fail several times, finally just going about her business and wandering up to Viridian, where she met the older Kiden. Striking up a little bit more polite relationship than with the younger, she tasted ice cream again for the first time in 10 months.

Being who she is, she got slightly depressed at how the Pokemon she had known and grown up with was entirely different from how they really are, she wandered back into The World and was nearly deleted if it wasn't for the help of Rena. Being saved, Atria ran off afterwards and hid away in a field. It was at this point the admin called her on her story of being who she was and showed her proof that her body was in a coma in her physical world. After having a bit of a breakdown about being hated and insulted for how she didn't look human, she shaved all of her fur off and started wearing a dress to hide her tail, as well as a summer hat to hide her ears. While she couldn't do anything about her wings, most people didn't seem to care about those.

Making her way out of The World now, with a little confidence in her appearance, she wandered into Union territories and got associated with them partially, agreeing to help out with what she could in exchange for a place to bathe. Eventually, while listening in on the broadband, she happened to hear Katsumi's threat to the personnel of the Shining Paradise mines. Working up the courage, she agreed to go help them as best she could. During the skirmish, she felt pain, real physical pain, for the first time and nearly wound up destroying most of the mines, as well as herself and Katsumi. She wound up with most of her body crushed in the process.

Luckily for her, medical science is way past what it was on her world and she was healed quite nearly to perfection. It was at this point that, after nearly having yet another breakdown over her own loneliness, she came upon the wish to make a mission to her physical world, should it be found, and recover her body, as well as try to get in contact with her parents.

Striking up the help of Agatha Clay to help make a weapon she could take with her that wouldn't kill anyone, she wound up with her displacement weapons(See equipment). And with that, and the help of Terry McGinnis, Minerva, Raven, Iris and Hatsune Miku, she set off to her world. As they entered, they were assaulted by a group of admins who had been waiting on her to show up again. During the fight, Kite appeared to help, but wound up triggering a part of her that was hidden away, the fragments of Macha. After the skirmish was over, no casualties whatsoever on either side, that's where Atria is now, just stepping back onto her real world for the first time in nearly a year with no idea what to do.

However, things didn't go as she planned. Even after finding what she thought a way to get there, it turns out that, all in all, it just didn't work. Depressed and more than mad at herself, Atria finally just started skulking around and trying to occupy herself. That is til the day she went to take a vacation at Menethil Harbor and look at the sea. The confederate attack there by Storm and Katsumi led her to coming to the conclusion that sacrificing herself to Katsumi to get her to withdraw her troops was the best idea. Snake didn't like that and came to 'save the day' and wound up brigging Atria for a week.

Stripped of the rank she had, she was reduced to PA status and stuck in solitary confinement for a week. When she finally got out, a few arguments with several people on the radio in regards to her ethics and beliefs led her to claim that she was going to withdraw from the Union. However, it wasn't until she spoke with the Empress Zelda that she truly decided to post her upcoming resignation. In the meantime, though… she's did what she can to help people. For instance, Kyton, who got hurt badly during the defense of Gravitonis station by Albel.

Soon after all of that, the Multiversal Champions Tournament was announced. In a random spur of the moment event, she decided to join it. All in all, she made it to the second round, beaten by Kyton, but having beaten Bonnie and Clyde(just barely).

Between this period of time and following, she struck up a working friendship with Miles Prower when she offered to help him with his Robotnik problems and try to help Knothole in their war against Robotnik. She didn't do a whole lot, but she was there during the final battle to try and heal Mobians who were hurt. And, much since, she's thought of Miles as a friend, if nothing more than at peer level.

Not too far past that, however, her problems with the Union in the past began to surface again. A young man by the name of Haseo appeared and things began to occur which caused Atria to realize that she could not stay with the Union so long as hypocrisy was rampant. She chose to leave shortly after the events began and stayed that way for some time. During the meantime, she met another person from The World by the name of Tsukasa, striking up a friendship with him quickly.

Eventually, Atria heard about something called the Reaper's game. There was a prize for winning… life(or humanity0, for those who aren't human. She jumped at the chance to become human again and entered, despite the entry fee of her most precious possession, her memories of her human life before unification. Partnered with Micha Cossack(Forte.EXE), she lasted until the fifth day of the game, where she was finally deleted after she failed to save Micha from a shark noise.

However, when the winners of the game were announced, one of the winners gave up his prize to Atria instead, allowing her to regain her human self.

This wasn't without a cost, though, as when she got her body back, she got /her/ body back, the comatose one. The majority of her muscles had atrophied to a point where she was practically unable to walk. Over the course of then til present, she has continued to try and work past these problems, as well as building her health back up.

In the meantime, she finally realized she still wanted to help people somehow, and even moreso now that she was crippled to a point, she needed to be within the Union to do so. She choked her pride down and apologized to the Union, and Snake, as a whole, and was eventually let back in under the Provisional Ally.

Not to last, however, one day, while she was out and trying to help this old woman find a friend of hers that got lost on a hiking trail near their living area, she ran into a criminal who went by the name of Clayface. Almost killed, it took several backup Union members to drive him off and get her to medical. Due to the incident, however, the medical officer of MS6, Shamal, was able to point out that her legs simply needed to have her muscles worked on and it would get her walking easily.

Even with all the health care she's had since coming to the multiverse, she was still scared of having the 'operation' done. She eventually went through with it and was, soon enough, physically capable of moving about without a cane or crutch of some type.

As good as that should have been, though, it wasn't.

She began to get antsy with being human, with being weak, with being unable to help like she had before. Almost driving herself to the point of physically breaking, Elizabeth began to exercise and work herself in all manners of study to the point of physical and mental detriment. Saying she lost steam for the grinding effort to better herself isn't quite true so much as she felt bad because others were worrying over her. Eventually, thus, she stopped pushing herself so hard.

During this period of time where she wasn't so determined, she eventually found herself becoming more and more depressed. She took Tsukasa up on his offer to start dating, which mostly brought her out of her depressed emo self.

Miles Prower, however, vanished shortly. She was rather upset with the turn of events. When it came to be realized he was stuck in a compound of a group of aliens known as the Xorda, she went out with a few members of the Union to try and figure out what was going on.

That broke her. Mentally, and physically.

Elizabeth was just not prepared to any length for what was going to happen there. Seeing beings of all races imprisoned, dying, processed and even tortured and experimented on. They were finally able to escape with Miles and two of his group, as well as a single Vampire they rescued from inside.

It left her with several deep emotional scars and tics, among which is an insane fear and wavering view on reality subject to not.

Still, Elizabeth went on what she could, eventually finding solace through a conversation with Optimus Prime about her pet grunty, Manga. In the meantime, Elizabeth began trying to help out what she could. Through this period of time, she's found herself just a bit closer to Teana Lanster after trying to help console her regarding jilted feelings involving a misunderstanding with Subaru.

Coming upon yet another possible lead into a Confederate computer system within the Digital zone, Elizabeth set out to try her luck. She was accosted by MAT MkIII there, a large robotic battle tank. After along and hard fought battle, she managed with a lucky strike to destroy the central core of the tank. And, thus, she had killed her first opponent… her first Elite.

Incidentally, she didn't really chalk it up to such, claiming him mechanical and not really sentient. Having managed to get files from the Confederate computer before they pulled the plug, Elizabeth discovered information on a Confederate project called Exodus. In something of a rush attempt to catch a time-restricted bit of information on it, she brought along Miku to the hidden Cyberworks facility she found mention of.

While there, she and Miku ran into a couple of confederate Elites and were assaulted by them. During the assault, when she was nearly killed by Kain, she was knocked into a storage crate where she was exposed to an experimental Confederate nanosuit, which attached to her and helped her survive the encounter. And, at this point, she's still trying to use it to help her and others where she can.

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