Yuuki Asuna AKA The White Flash
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source swordartonline
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function White Flash
Groups Gatecrashers Union
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 17
Age (Actual) 17
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'7"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Chestnut
Eye Color Brown
"As long as you put your mind to it, you can do it!"


When the ten thousand players of the world's first VRMMO, Sword Art Online, found themselves unwittingly trapped in the death game, it wasn't pretty. All panicked. Some committed suicide, believing it to be a hoax, or unable to cope. Some huddled in the Starting City, too terrified to even hunt the newbie mobs. Yuuki Asuna, however, chose to plunge on like a shooting star fighting to the end, with only her undeniable will, incredible rapier skills, and a bit of digital armor to depend on. Despite newness to video games of all kinds, she quickly rose to become one of the game Clearers the players depended on for freedom, known by her considerable fanbase as 'The Flash' for her legendary speed. As the vice-commander of the guild known as the Knights of the Blood, Asuna is a sharp-tongued and temperamental, yet kind and helpful young woman who looks out for others no matter the consequences, condemning the suffering the Death Game puts everyone through.


  • PLAYER CHARACTER: As digital avatars manifested in reality, Sword Art Online player characters enjoy benefits common to MMORPGs. The menu grants access to customizable friend/party/guild organization and tracking/communications, and an inventory capable of storing and recalling a variety of in-game items and equipment (healing potions, weapons, armor, teleportation crystals that only work within Aincrad, etc). Avatars grow stronger over time with experience, do not feel pain very intensely regardless of its source, and require no air, food, or drink (though they feel hunger and thirst, and CAN eat), while exchanging vulnerability to biological threats for digital ones. High level players are superhuman forces that possess all-around basic forms of enhanced strength, speed, resilience, regeneration (even from loss of limbs, after several minutes), and so on. Finally, observers can see an avatar's player indicator (green diamond for normal players, orange for criminals) and HP meter by gazing at them intensely for a few seconds.
  • SWORD SKILLS: Sword Art Online players can use 'Sword Skills' by entering a Skill's starting posture and making its first motion. These are System Assisted manuevers, fanciful and powerful strikes and combos done with speed and skill nigh-impossible to execute normally. Different skills exist for each weapon and martial arts. Once begun, a player has minimal control beyond putting personal motion and effort into guiding the skill for best aiming, maximum force. Being struck hard, fighting the System Assist (or screwing up aforementioned personal guidance) or slamming into another Sword Skill breaks the animation and invokes a moment of stun time. Each Sword Skill's usage is very televised however thanks to the unique posture that triggers it and the colored glow that accompanies its activation, and each immobilizes the user for a brief moment as the Skill finishes - a critical flaw.
  • THE WHITE FLASH: Asuna's taken surprisingly well to defying death in SAO's deadly frontier, her damage dealing-oriented, speedy build and godly skills with a rapier earning her the nickname of 'the Flash' or 'the White Flash' by some. She's an incredible swordswoman whose elegant and lightning-swift strikes make up for their lack in impact power with sheer volume, terrifying accuracy, and being nigh-impossible to follow. Her defense is just below average, boosted by considerable regeneration from the 'Battle Healing' skill but hindered by reliance on light metal equipment and no shield to maximize speed. She does have some skill with two-handed spears and heavy metal armor, but rarely relies on this more defensive loadout.
  • EQUIPMENT: As a front line Clearer, Asuna frequently comes across oodles of Col (in-game currency) and decently powerful items with some regularity, although her inventory size is hindered by under-average Strength. Her personal equipment is top-notch, particularly her cherished rapier 'Lambent Light.' She also carries a somewhat considerable horde of items that just might be useful - healing and status cure potions, teleportation crystals, and the like.
  • COOKING: Asuna has mastered the art of cooking, capable of even using and understanding such rare, S-Rank food material as the Ragout Rabbit.
  • HOME OF MY OWN: After selling dozens of rare items and hoarding Col, Asuna has been able to purchase her own small home in the castle-city known as Salemburg on the sixty-first floor of Aincrad. It is a three floor mansionette and it is her home base outside of the Knights of the Blood.
  • KNIGHTS OF THE BLOOD: Asuna is the vice-commander of the highest level clearing Guild, the Knights of the Blood. This means she has a reputation to live up too, and she carries their uniform and their brand proudly.


  • REAL BODY: The flesh and blood body of Yuuki Asuna lies helplessly hospitalized. Were anyone to tamper with the NerveGear Asuna wears, or should it lose power for more than a few hours, or worse - were anyone to actually assault her very mundane flesh itself - she would be in deep trouble.
  • REPUTATION: As the vice-commander of the highest-level clearing guild known as the Knights of the Blood, and as a female in the world of Aincraid, Asuna has a significant reputation that she often can be seen living up too. This can often be problematic as the Knights have ordered two other members to escort Asuna around Aincraid, to protect her from player-killers. This makes it hard for her to do things on her own, which is annoying for the prideful woman.
  • EXPLOITABLE MOMENTS: While only expert players in Sword Art Online commonly know these intricacies, using Sword Skills has its downsides. The first is that they cannot be voluntarily canceled once begun. The second is that they have a short cooldown (a period in which they can't be used again.) The third is that there is a brief moment immediately after the Skill animation finishes in which Asuna cannot meaningfully move.
  • SYSTEM ASSIST FAILURE: Within Aincrad, Asuna's Skills and items function as intended, but very little of the Multiverse has an equivalent parameter that Sword Art Online can parse into a form her Skills can work with. Because of this, her abilities that rely on more than combat prowess or physicality might have unusual effects, be unreliable, or not work at all. This includes Stealth, Searching, Pursuit, and so on.
  • TEMPERAMENTAL: Asuna has a temper. While she isnt precisely angry by nature, when deeply embarrassed, or frustrated, Asuna can and probably will lash out, threatening people with the sharp edge of her tongue, or even a fork. So, dont annoy Asuna. Its better that way for everyone.

Other Information

  • Asuna's Tropes: - Action Girl, Badass Adorable, Beauty Is Never Tarnished, Beware The Nice Ones, Commanding Coolness, Cute Bruiser, Determinator, Hope Bringer, Lady In Red, Lady Of Adventure, Lady Of War, Lawful Good, Lightning Bruiser, Lonely At The Top, Lonely Rich Kid, Nice Girl, Ojou, Plucky Girl, Proper Lady, Tsundere, Woman In White


Yuuki Asuna is the youngest child of Yuuki Kyouko and Shouzou,aged seventeen. She has a single older brother, Yuuki Kouichirou, a businessman who frequently goes on long trips, yet she appreciates and looks up too.

Asuna's father owns the large electronics company known as RCT Inc. Her mother is a university lecturer.

Much of Asuna's life was being pushed by her parents into being the very best that she could be in everything that she could; by very definition of the word, Asuna was a over-achiever in her real life, and as a popular, beautiful young woman, she had many friends.

One such facet of Asuna's life was meeting Nobuyuki Sugou, a businessman that was selected by Asuna's father to marry Asuna. He was then adopted into her family on her father's wishes. Sugou is the director of a sub-company known as RCT Progress, Inc, which is currently in charge of the servers hosting Sword Art Online after their originally company, Argus, went bankrupt.

Asuna originally got into Sword Art Online when her brother, called away on a business trip, did not log in to play during the opening day of Sword Art Online. Instead, Asuna used his Nerve Gear, and logged into the game, exploring around for the first few hours. Still wanting to explore, Asuna thus hadn't figured out there was no logout program when she was Teleported into the Starting City.

Kayaba Akihiko revealed the purpose SAO as a death game. Asuna, like many others, panicked and locked herself in her Starting City room for a full week, getting over her panics before she threw herself into the game.

Asuna leveled up quickly, earning the nickname of 'Flash' as she did so, and eventually met many friends, as well as joining the Knights Of The Blood, a high-level medium-sized clearing guild. Along the way, she met many friends, earning a reputation over two years similar to the one that she had in real life.

Asuna unified when Kirito did, just before Episode 8 of the anime.

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