General Information


Full Name: Astrotrain
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: 3 - Master Sergeant
Function: Military Transport
Series: Transformers-2
Species: Cybertronian

"In confusion there is oppritunity."

Profile: Astrotrain revels in the confusion he can cause on the battlefield. As a Triplechanger he can shift between his three modes almost instanteously to leave his opponents guessing at his intentions and abilities, expertly waiting until the moment of utter perplexity to strike without remorse. Knowing his victim's last thoughts are a tangle of panic and confusion is what keeps Astrotrain happy while performing his more mudane duties as a transport between battles. In bullet train mode he can reach speeds over 400 mph and generate energy rails to reduce friction and wear on his wheels. Capable of self-sustained orbital velocity and interstellar flight in space shuttle mode. Able to increase cargo space in vehicle modes by expanding special interlocking parts and armor, at full extension in shuttle mode he can carry an entire invasion force and fully combined gestalt; in robot mode the compression of parts makes him exceptionally strong and durable. Equipped with an ionic disruptor to farther hinder his victims. Although not as power-hungry as other Decepticons Astrotrain will eagerly latch onto an oppritunity to get away from the drudgery of his transporter role and can be a bit of a bully towards those he knows won't retaliate because they need his abilities to haul their ill-gotten gains. Partnered with the minicon Starcatcher and the Sabotage Team to aid him in raids and keep him company on long supply runs.

Vital Statistics

Age: Several million years (this is YOUNG for a transformer mind you)
Gender: Male
Height: Around 34 feet tall
Weight: Heavy

Additional Details

  • Triplechanger - Astrotrain is a rare kind of Transformer that posesses two alternate modes instead of one. As a space shuttle is his capable of orbital velocities and faster-than-light warp travel with ease, and has an expansive interior capable of carrying several Decepticon troops and even a merged gestalt if need be. His locomotive mode has been upgraded into a bullet train, allowing him to travel at speeds over 300 mph using his shuttle thrusters and a special projector system that produces energy rails for him to travel on. Triplechangers are by design able to transform quickly between any of their modes, allowing them to jump from one to the other as they see fit to get the job done. As he can fly, space travel and cover vast distances on land quickly, you never know were this three form terror may be coming from or going too. Not to mention it makes cargo transport easier since he doesn't need to stop for transfers.

Major NPCs

  • Starcatcher - Astrotrain's primary minicon partner. Although more scientist that soldier, he was tired of being just a lab assistant and partnered with a big guy like Astrotrain to be able to see the wonders of space for himself. Expert in engineering and astrophysics, transforms into a moon rover and has a magnetic blaster that can be used as a tractor beam. The only minicon that can fully Powerlinx with Astrotrain to increase his combat capacity.
  • Sabotage Team - A trio of minicons Astrotrain picked up while making supply runs in deep space. Scammers and troublemakers, they live up to their team name well. Astro-Hook is a con man, Astro-Line is the braniac dragged along to try and keep his schemes together, and Astro-Sinker is the dumb muscle. Transform into a utility truck, a jet and a submarine. They can link to Astrotrain to be used as weapons or tools, but not fully Powerlinx.


  • Ionic Disruptor - Astrotrain's primary weapon fires streams of focused ionic energy that can scramble the internal hardware of machinery as well as do direct physical damage.
  • Tractor Beam - Starcatcher's magnetic blaster can be used as a tractor beam to drag enemies around. He can affix beneath Astrotrain's nosecone in shuttle mode as well, or atop his train mode.
  • Hook Shot - Astro-Hook can use his crane line as a hook and whip. Astrotrain sometimes uses him as a grapnel or harpoon as a weapon.
  • Line Drivers - Astro-Line's arms convert into two shell launchers, which are also carried under his wings in jet mode. When used as a weapon they function similar to mortars
  • Sinker Fire - Being a submarine, Astro-Sinker naturally has torpedos that he doesn't use often due to his low intelligence. Astrotrain can use his vehicle mode like a missile or grenade launcher with them though.

Skills and Abilities

  • Mode Usage - Astrotrain is an expert at using his vehicle modes to an advantage in battle. In the old days before Triplechangers were well known he'd use the ability to terrorize his victims into thinking there was more than one Decepticon after them. Doesn't work so well these days, but the fact that his foes are still paranoid about which way and what form he'll be coming in works just as well. Each form has its strengths and weaknesses, and he knows how to utilize them to psyche people out.
  • Expansion/Compression Tech - Instead of the massive amounts of mass shifting other size changers use, Astrotrain is designed with a special technology of expanding parts and shifting layers. It is mainly used to make his shuttle mode large enough to be a suitable transport, though the spread out components make his exterior hull thinner. In robot mode the compression of those parts in layers is what gives him his formidable strength and endurance. In train mode he can only expand length-wise, limited his creatable cargo space but also ensuring that he can maintain that mode's exceptional land speeds.
  • Powerlinx - Of the four minicons Starcatcher, being his primary partner, is the only one that can fully Powerlinx with Astrotrain. This allows him to draw on the immense 'battery' of energy minicons contain to heighten his own abilities. Already a formidable foe in battle, the boost to strength and endurance makes him even more of a danger. (Note: This is primarily used as an explaination for when HP +pulls are needed). Since they don't fully powerlinx, the Sabotage Team can still be used as weapons during the type or handle other activities.
  • Power Trip - Normally pretty laid back for a Decepticon, content to lug gear around and occasionally punch some goody-goody's face in. But when he does get a taste of power, it usually goes to Astrotrain's head, and he can be an even bigger jerk until he's put back in his place. Watch The God Gambit or Triple Takeover if you don't believe me.

Other Information

  • "Jettison some weight!" is the scariest thing you can ever hear Astrotrain say if you're riding in him.
  • Astrotrain once stole nuclear fuel rods as a means of keeping the reactor from overloading. And almost irradiated everyone else present when he smashed his way into the core. Being the only Confederate there, he didn't really care. He later gave them to Drill Bit as a christmas present (or to suck up to someone capable of repairs, as Astro-Hook puts it).
  • An honorary space pirate, after spending some off-screen time hanging out with Cannonball and the crew of the Space Slag.


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