Aristreia (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Aristreia (Aris-trei-a)
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Guardian
Series: Original
Species: Silver Dragon

"Peace is known only to those whose heart truly seeks it."

A majestic and beautiful Silver Dragon, Aristreia has lived thousands of years within her own realm, though her age would be rather young in comparison to some of those seen within the Multiverse. Having dealt with humans before, she has gathered a decent understanding of their nature, though has a much better understanding of elven kind. However, she has studied numerous forms of magic used by both humans and elves, as well as those of other kindred. While she may not be one of the strongest of her kind, it can be said that she is one of the more determined to succeed, at least in what she values as her goals. Once having joined the Multiverse she has dedicated herself to the protection now of not only those she swore to years ago, but now the Union as well. One thing she has always valued above all else is the desire for a peaceful life with those she values, and when this is threatened her wrath is terrible.

Vital Statistics

Age: 5,273
Date of Birth: August 30th
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Sapphire
Height: 16' (Dragon) 6'8" (Humanoid)
Length: 78' (Snout to tail) 23' (Tail) 32' (Body) 21' (Neck and snout)
Width: 11'
Wingspan: 87' (Dragon) 13' (Humanoid)
Frame: Slim (Dragon) Athletic (Humanoid)
True Name: Aristeyatreistaza (Aris-teya-trei-staz-a)
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Unlike most female dragons, Aristreia has taken a liking to smelting various metal ores. However, instead of taking upon the skill of the often seen blacksmith, she has instead taken up the seldom seen skills of the whitesmith. As a whitesmith she deals with the finer metals such as gold, silver and platinum. With these materials she often makes different items than a blacksmith, such as various trinkets, necklaces and rings. Through the quality of the materials used, many of these items have an inherent magical ability. However, she is still able to craft various types of weapons and armor, though these are of a different use and quality then that of a blacksmith, often focusing more on their magical properties.

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  • Elven Allies - After having taken up friendly relations and eventual guardianship over a kingdom of elves, Aristreia has a small army under her command. When necessary she may call a small task force to aid her, though the full strength of the entire elven army, including the Lord and his Court, is rarely seen and only called in when of dire need.
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Skills and Abilities

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