Archmagi Covenant

The Archmagi Covenant was one of the finest institutions in Tarai. For as long as Tarai existed, the Covenant was there to guide its people in the proper use and care of magic, and the ways it could be manipulated to better the existence of all.

The Covenant was populated by the finest magi in the land. Though others could become mages, only the Covenant had access to the most complicated texts, and the most potent spells. The Covenant maintained the Mana Pool, a great and powerful concentration of pure magical power which enabled them to manipulate the weather systems around Tarai, and perform great acts for the betterment of the common folk.

The Covenant was headed by a Grandmaster and his Council. By custom, the Grandmaster named the next, or, if he died too suddenly, was elected by the Council. The final Grandmaster was Jacob Lionheart, a man renowned for his loyalty to the King, and his fierce determination.

It was this determination which led to the destruction of the Covenant proper. In one fell swoop, Chief Librarian Alice Maestra of the Confederacy came down upon the Covenant after they mounted a counterattack against the Confederacy at their Tower. The fighting was fierce and bloody, with many giving their lives for the cause. In the end, Lionheart gave his life in an attempt to destroy the invaders, a sacrifice which proved futile, as only a handful of Covenant members are known to have survived the vicious purges of the Union forces. They are listed below.

Elizabeth Staasberg: A noble battle mage, captured and presumed dead.

Francis Smitt: A wayfarer and teleportation specialist who fled the field of battle.

Rora Yirr: An earth-specialist and miner who fled the field of battle. Last seen heading towards the Golden Peaks.

Ursula Koralis: A young daughter of the Koralis family who had only been a member of the Covenant for a few days. Last seen heading towards Vertan.

Of the other sixty members of the Covenant, there is no sign.

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