Annie Sandberg
Annie Sandberg
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Android
Source Fundroids
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Daughter
Groups Starlit Hearts, After School Heroes
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 7
Age (Actual) 4
Still Aging? No
Height 3'11''
Weight 50 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
"There's more than one Annie, but I'm the only one that's me!"


Annie was once just one of many in a line of mass-produced android dolls called "Annie Intelligence", designed by Maxine Sandberg for the Fundroids toy company. However, she was bought by a mad scientist, Dr. Kuram, who attempted to modify her into a battle machine, programming her with knowledge of a wide variety of weapons. When this failed, Kuram abandoned Annie, who eventually came into the care of Magus Zeal of Guardia, and later her original creator, Maxine, who treats Annie as a daughter. Annie's experiences have changed her from a simple artificial playmate into a lively, good-natured little girl. She likes to make friends, especially with children, and has gained admiration for heroes such as magical girls and Kamen Riders. She's gained the ability to develop new armors or outfits based on her friendships. She's also learned some healing magic at the Magician's Academy, and as she's come to dislike fighting, she hopes to be able to utilize her abilities to help people who are in need in nonviolent ways.


Weapons Expert: Dr. Kuram has given Annie the capacity to understand the effective use of a wide variety of weapons, from daggers to guns. Nothing too big of course- even though she's an android who doesn't get tired, she's still constrained by her size and structural integrity. She typically uses rather small guns.

On/Off Switch: Like any good piece of consumer electronics, Annie has an on/off switch. In this case, it's a small white button on the back of her neck that immediately disables her. It did have the capability to reset her memory by holding the button down, but Dr. Kuram removed this ability early on in his experiments.

Games: Annie is programmed with the rules to practically every children's outdoor or indoor game in existence at the time of her creation, and can run any one of them pretty easily.

Flowmetal Skin: Annie has an artificial skin, made of a material called flowmetal, which makes her sense of touch more like that of a human, but also makes her a bit more sensitive to pain (though these sensors can be turned off if needed.) She can move the skin to alter her appearance (though not her size), and even change the color of her hair to some extent. The entire mass of flowmetal can also be removed from her body if she wishes, forming a large ball and leaving her bare metal skeleton exposed.

Healing Magic: At the Magician's Academy run by Eine Hagatsu, Annie has learned a form of healing magic that is one of the few forms of magic that doesn't interfere with her systems. She's not incredibly skilled, not being from the world where this magic originates, but can reliably heal many non-serious wounds.

Voice Bank: When she was originally created, Annie was given a number of different possible voices to be used when speaking different languages or in different countries. In the Multiverse, most of these voices are not needed because of the translation effect. Thus, she has room to overwrite the different-language voices with completely different ones. The voice banks have to be compiled separately and then loaded into her; she can't come up with them herself.

Social-Reactive Armor: Inspired by the powers of X, the first Reploid created by Dr. Thomas Light, Annie has been equipped with a system that connects with the nanomachines in her clothes (which were originally used to allow them to change size, at a time when Annie was able to change between adult and child forms), altering them into new outfits or armors corresponding to her friendships and other social connections with others. These armors give Annie different abilities corresponding to the person they are connected to; they may be copies or close facsimiles of a power used by that person, or they may be a related ability that Annie believes would help her assist that person in whatever situations they tend to interact in. Some of them may be combat abilities, but many will not. (OOC: Development of new armors and powers requires consent from the relevant players, and an upgrade application. Some powers may not be replicable. See +info Annie/Armor for current armor modes.)


On/Off Switch: Like any good piece of consumer electronics, Annie has an on/off switch. In this case, it's a small white button on the back of her neck that immediately disables her. It did have the capability to reset her memory by holding the button down, but Dr. Kuram removed this ability early on in his experiments.

Weakness to Magic: Not coming from a world where magic exists, Annie was naturally not tested against it. Thus her systems will frequently act in an undesired fashion when they are exposed to magic or other supernatural energies. Typical responses include fuzzing and distortion in Annie's voice, pain in the affected area, and the occasional loss of motor control.

Naive and Trusting: Anyone Annie meets is "innocent until proven guilty", so to speak. That is, unless they are actively mistreating, or she is aware that they have at some point mistreated, Annie or one of her close friends, she considers it perfectly all right to associate with them.

Power Sources: Annie is mostly solar powered, with her hair doubling as the equivalent of solar panels, and storing it in powerful internal batteries. She can also get a small amount of energy from food. If she is close to running out of power she will act sleepy- going to sleep will allow her to conserve energy.

Dislikes Fighting: While Annie's many customizations make her a surprisingly-powerful fighter for one so small, and she does admire others who have shown strength and bravery in combat, Annie has grown to personally dislike fighting. As such she prefers to stay out of combat unless absolutely necessary, though she often eagerly takes on non-combat support roles in dangerous missions, even at risk to herself- after all, as an android she can be relatively-easily repaired.


Magus Zeal: The first intelligent being that Annie encountered outside of her own world, Magus eventually became Annie's adoptive father. Despite their nearly opposite personalities, they are still very close to each other- anyone who threatens Annie will likely have to answer to him for it. Armor Ability: Generate small black holes for attack, defense, or utility purposes.

Maxine Sandberg: The Fundroids designer who designed the Annie Intelligence dolls has become Annie's adoptive mother, separately from Magus. Armor Ability: A multi-tool attachment for assisting in mechanical repairs.

Andrew Imagination: Another Fundroid, whose self-awareness is in its early stages. While he does technically have another "family" that he may return to, he's essentially become a brother to Annie.


Andyquil: A Cyndaquil from Johto.

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