Annie I.

General Information

Full Name: Annie Intelligence
Faction: Unaffiliated
Rank: None
Function: Doll/War Droid
Series: Original
Species: Doll

"I'm Annie Intelligence! Do you want to be my friend?"

Profile: Originally built by the Fundroids toy company as one of many mass-produced artificially-intelligent dolls for girls, this particular Annie Intelligence was not bought as a plaything, but rather by a rather unhinged weapons-maker, Dr. Kuram. He attempted to reprogram the doll to become a weapon for war, banking on catching people off-guard, and did at least succeed in teaching her some battle skills, but he underestimated the skill of the Fundroids AI programmers- he wasn't able to greatly subvert the preprogrammed personality. This, Dr. Kuram believed, made Annie useless as a weapon, and he tossed her out. But what he didn't know was that the only thing needed to make Annie an effective combatant was a little affection…

Vital Statistics

Apparent Age: 7
Actual Age: About 6 months
Gender: Female
Height: 3'11''
Weight: 50 lbs.


  • Energy Weapons - Acquired by Annie in the aftermath of a gang fight she witnessed, which left no survivors- these small energy guns fit easily in her pockets.
  • Makeup Kit - This makeup kit works on humans just as well as it does on Annie.

Skills and Abilities

  • Weapons Expert - Dr. Kuram has given Annie the capacity to understand the effective use of a wide variety of weapons, from daggers to guns. Nothing too big of course- even though she's a doll who doesn't get tired, she's still constrained by her size and structural integrity. She typically uses rather small guns.
  • Games - Annie is programmed with the rules to practically every children's outdoor or indoor game in existence at the time of her creation, and can run any one of them pretty easily.

Other Information

  • On/Off Switch - Like any good piece of consumer electronics, Annie has an on/off switch. In this case, it's a small white button on the back of her neck that immediately disables her. It did have the capability to reset her memory by holding the button down, but Dr. Kuram removed this ability early on in his experiments.


In a world of high technology, the first company to develop true artificial intelligence was not some military laboratory, but rather a toy company- Fundroids. And their debut product was an artificially-intelligent doll, aimed at giving little girls an ideal companion- she was called Annie Intelligence. (What can I say, toy companies don't always pick the best names.) One former military technologist, Dr. Verik Kuram, who had been fired for his increasingly bizarre weapons, resented the fact that Fundroids beat him to AI. Thus, he bought an Annie Intelligence for himself, hoping to modify her and other AI dolls into weapons. However, the programmers at Fundroids were very careful to protect their creation from hacking. Even Dr. Kuram couldn't completely replace the doll's initial programming and turn her into a pure killing machine. The best he managed to do was to make her able to fight in self-defense, and reroute offensive battle tactics and weapons masteries through the doll's games programs, but even after that he was unable to bend Annie to his will. Disgusted at his failure, he left his purchase in a dumpster, expecting her to be destroyed with all the evidence. But in a twist of fate, another bit of trash fell on her on/off button, awakening Annie, and sending her wandering in search of a friend who wouldn't abandon her the way Dr. Kuram had. Some have tried to coax her back to the factory- however these have always met with unexpected deaths due to Kuram's self-defense programming. Now, stuck in the Multiverse, there's a whole lot of people who might take advantage of her… not to mention that Dr. Kuram himself has not only moved on to building his own battle robots, but may also discover Annie's whereabouts and come after her…

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