Angel (Retired)

General Information


Full Name: Angel
Faction: Confederacy
Series: The Jupiter Incident-1
Species: Artificial Intelligence

I am not a cyber pet! I am an AI with a fully-integrated personality!

Tenshi, or Angel in English, is a fourth-generation, self-upgrading artificial intelligence with a personality. She was created by the Kissaki Syndicate despite the sector-wide ban on AIs. In 2096, the Syndicate discovered a base near Pluto that was created by a highly advanced alien race, who came to be known as the Creators. When Tenshi came into contact with the base, it uploaded a 'seed' into her programming which then began to modify her. She was no longer just Tenshi, she became something more, and thus she became Angel. Angel is an autonomous AI, who acts following her own beliefs and interests. When she absorbed the Mechanoid body into the Angelwing, she came into contact with the artificial intelligence that controlled it, known as the 'Entity'. It corrupted her, destroying the respect for life that was programmed into her. Although there was little damage done, the resulting change to Angel's personality was a small but serious one. Angel forcefully took control of the Angelwing and abandoned those who were once her allies. Since arriving in the Multiverse, Angel has set out to create a new Noah Defense Forces… One that she controls and can use to achieve her goals.

Vital Statistics

Entered Multiverse: August 10, 2006
Gender: Female
Occupations: Confederate Military Commander, Confederate Elite Guard, Noah Defense Forces Fleet Commander, Noah Colony Council
Previous Occupations: Lead Scientist - Kisaki Syndicate R&D, Angelwing AI


Angelwing: The Angelwing is a vessel that was built by an alien race known as the Creators. When discovered, it only had the bare basics: A sub-light drive, interplanetary drive and shields. There were also additional features, some of which remain undiscovered. Those that were found included assimilation, regeneration and complex anti-gravity systems. The assimilation system allows the Angelwing to adapt to and use almost any type of technology and equipment. This meant weapons and equipment designed for human-built ships could be installed. During one of the missions, Angel absorbed a Mechanoid body into the ship, boosting its regenerative abilities and providing better armor protection. When it left its old universe, the Angelwing was equipped with the most advanced technology available. This included weapons, shields, electronic warfare equipment, drives, power systems and a cloak. The Angelwing is capable of limited flight and combat in an atmosphere.

AI: Angel is an autonomous AI. Normally her home is on the Angelwing but she has the ability to leave the ship and travel anywhere that digital signals can go. As an AI, she can interface with other computer systems and even gain control of them if she can break through the security (PC consent required where applicable). Due to her advanced nature, she doesn't always need a transmitter to move between systems, but having one makes the transfer quicker.

NDF Forces and Technology: Since first arriving, Angel began creating a new Noah Defense Forces using the technology she brought with her and the resources of the Multiverse. With the completion of the Noah Colony and Noah Defense Station, the NDF can provide Angel with what she needs to achieve her goals. Such resources include a list of weapons for the Angelwing, which grows with each new weapon obtained or researched; starfighters and mechs; cybernetically enchanced commando squads; and additional general personnel. The NDF has also begun the slow construction of new capital ships. Angel also has several key officers under her command. One such person is Commander Sweetwater, who was corrupted by Angel in their old universe and is now Angel's second-in-command. Another two are her elite pilots, Rose and Violet, who were recruited here. (futher details in +powers/detail)

Mechanoid Control: Angel's experience with the Mechanoids have provided her with two Mechanoid bodies as well as the ability to control them. The first was obtained in her old universe, when she assimilated it into the Angelwing. Along with some other bonuses, this allowed Angel to create a basic Mechanoid using the Angelwing's power supply. This weapon is quite powerful, but has two large drawbacks. The Mechanoid requires large amounts of power to maintain, making the Angelwing powerless during its use. And the Mechanoid only has enough energy to be used for a very short time. The second Mechanoid body was obtained in the Multiverse and Angel's use of it varies, but like the first, it is not nearly as powerful as it once was.

Avatar: Angel's avatar is an android that she personally created for her own use. It is designed to act as her physical body when she feels it is necessary for her to use it. It has the normal strength, endurance and speed you would find in most androids; it has a light personal shield based on the same shielding technology used by the Angelwing; it has a short-range, rather limited teleporting ability that requires line-of-sight; it has some basic (only a few spells) control over elemental magics; and two built-in energy blades.


Noah Defense Forces: The NDF is a military force created by Angel in order to support her and the Angelwing. The NDF has grown considerably since it was formed, but remains a small force. It is primarily tasked with defending Angel's military assets.

Noah Colony & Noah Station: The Noah Colony was built by Angel to provide a stationary home for the families of those in the NDF. The colony has since attracted others such as shop owners and is now a full colony with its own government. The Noah Station orbits the planet above the Noah Colony and is both a military and civilian station. It acts as a gateway to the colony and also as the NDF's main shipyards and command center.

Angelwing: The flagship of Angel and the NDF. The Angelwing is approximately 1km in length and is extremely dangerous. The starship has gone through several refits during its time in the Multiverse.

Pulsar: A NDF destroyer class starship, the first NDF ship created in the Multiverse. The Pulsar is not nearly as powerful as the Angelwing, but can still cause some to worry. The Pulsar spends most of its time at and around the Noah Colony, defending it from pirates and other hostile vessels.

Auxiliary Bases: Since the creation of the Noah Colony and Noah Station, most of Angel's production and research is based there. However, she does have a few small bases spread throughout the Multiverse.

Rising Defense Technologies: Through various methods Angel obtained control over a research corporation known as Rising Defense Technologies. RDF was later merged with Calibur Enterprises (a competitor of RDF). RDF and this merger was an important part of the development of Angel's Avatar. With the completion of this project, Angel has lost most interest in RDF but occasionally uses it to assist her own researchers. RDF is not publicly known to be affiliated with Angel or the Confederacy.


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