Anders Honhart

General Information

Full Name: Anders Honhart
Aliases: Idris of the Thousand Stars, Anders Worldwalker
Faction: Unaffiliated
Rank: None
Function: Meddlesome Harper
Series: Forgotten Realms-1
Species: Human (Feyblooded)

"Hey, it's not slander if it's true!"

Profile: A bard trained on the road from Sembia to the Sword Coast, Anders Honhart is an adventurer's adventurer: bold, stupid, and possessed of a completely inappropriate sense of humor. With a natural talent for illusion and persuasion, Anders is a natural entertainer and performer, charming to a fault and prone to shenanigans. Despite his tendency to bite off more than he can chew, Anders's profound resiliency and curiously good luck keep him on the path to discovery and adventure. Few would ever guess that he is really a seasoned agent of the secret brotherhood of Harpers, a clever fighter for good, justice and liberty, who uses his foolishness and harmlessness as a weapon as often as a longsword or crossbow. Fewer still would guess at one of the secrets of his success - this charismatic fellow gets much of his handsomeness from his grandmother, the archfey Lurue, Queen of Talking Beasts.

Vital Statistics

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: Your Weight

Additional Details

  • Harper Vanguard - An experienced Harper Agent, bard, and inveterate spy, Anders was the High Harpers' first choice to serve as a scout and representative to alien worlds for many reasons, foremost of which is his enviable prowess as a diplomat. Anders has special dispensation to act as agent of the Harpers in the Multiverse. He carries with him nearly a decade of experience as a Harper, bard, and wandering merchant. This gives him access to myriad resources, allies, and a huge base of knowledge. It also allots him an equal number of pernicious enemies.
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Major NPCs

  • Lurue - Lurue, Queen of the Unicorns, is the archfey goddess of all the talking beasts, but most of all, the noble unicorns. Patron of the Harpers, and grandmother to Anders.
  • Rhys - More formally known as Prince Iorwerth of the Moonlit Glade, Rhys is a faery who serves in the court of Lurue, dancing with her under the light of Selune. As it happens, Rhys is one of her grandchildren, and Anders's half-brother. A fierce warrior even at his tender young age, Rhys is passionate, fiery, and bullheaded to the point of stupidity. He and Anders harbor a natural sibling enmity, but after questing with his half-brother for nearly a year across the Feywild to save the Multiverse, Rhys has a begrudging respect for Anders's superior years and smarts, and has begun to ask him to teach him more about the world outside of the realm of the Fae.


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Other Information

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