Amuro Ray

General Information

Full Name:Amuro Ray
Rank:A - Ally
Function:Mobile Suit Instructor/Pilot
Series:Mobile Suit Gundam:Universal Century (Char's Counterattack)

Quote: "Will I stop fighting and be the destroyer…Or continue to fight and be the savior…Char, I think I'm finally beginning to understand what your question meant."

Profile:He was but a child during the One Year War between the Earth Federation and Zeon. A young boy who enjoyed working with machinery and electronics who eventually was thrust into a conflict. Since then, Amuro Ray has matured greatly. A young pilot who learned of war and its hardships, they should have broken him, but instead he has become even more powerful. After the One Year War, Amuro Ray was placed under house arrest due to the growing fear of Newtypes, especially ones with what some called infinite potential. He eventually would escape his confinement to join up with Quattro Bagheena and help the AEUG fight against the oppressive Titans. Once he became part of the Londo Bell special forces and rejoined Earth officially, Amuro's new goal was to stop the uprising of Neo-Zeon, an empire born of his bitter rival:Char Aznable. With Char's final goal being to drop the asteroid Axis on Earth, Amuro risked everything to stop Char's ambitions, eventually resulting in Char's defeat and death. While the pain of 14 years of hell is finally behind him…Amuro knows his fight is far from over. He will continue to do everything he can to aid his allies, and protect those he cares about as he strives to bring peace amongst normal humans and Newtypes.

Vital Statistics

Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Note: N/A

Additional Details

  • Newtype - As a human who has lived in space, thus no longer being bound by Earth's gravity, Amuro has had latent powers awaken in him. Those who have such abilities in his universe awaken are called "Newtypes." Newtypes are more or less humans with a heightened level of mental awareness, but can also use these heightened abilities to communicate with others, see things before they happen, exert mental "pressure" on others, and soforth. The subject of Newtypes has been a great debate in the Universal Century, with people like the deceased Zeon Deikun claiming Newtypes are the next stage in human evolution, but with Anti Space groups like the Titans simply labelling them as freaks of nature. Just what is a Newtype, truly? No one can really be sure…All that is known is they exhibit phenomena that set them apart from normal humans.

Major NPCs

  • Bright Noa - Amuro's commanding officer and the captain of the Ra-Cailum. Amuro and Bright have known each other for 14 years, first meeting when Amuro commandeered a Gundam in UC0079 during the One Year War against Zeon. As a result, he became one of the pilots charged with defending White Base, an Earth Federation ship which Bright Noa was forced to take command of when he was but a mere Ensign. With Amuro's own father missing in action, Bright would become the tough sort of father figure that would help shape Amuro's destiny. When they first met, they hardly were what one would call friends, with Bright even going so far as to hit Amuro when he refused to continue piloting the RX-78-2 Gundam, one of White Base's sole means of defense against Zeon. Eventually, Amuro Ray did come to respect Bright Noa and his determination to protect his ship and crew, and do everything in his power to ensure White Base completed its missions. After the One Year War, Bright Noa continued to play a role in the Earth Federation until he became disgusted with the private army that had begun to control it from within:The Titans. He joined AEUG, an anti-Titan military faction, and offered his tactics and command to the effort to bring an end to the Titans oppressive reign. After the end of the conflict against the Titans and Zeon Remnants known as Axis, Bright Noa rejoined the Earth Federation. Reunited with Amuro after 14 years, the two became part of the new Londo Bell Task Force, charged with preventing any further colonial uprisings such as Zeon, but without the brutal methods used by the Titans. After the Neo-Zeon incident, in which Bright handled fleet command in the final battle against Char Aznable and his fleet, Bright Noa resigned from the Earth Federation in disgust upon learning that the Federation's greed and ineptness were what gave Char the means to drop Axis on Earth in the first place. He has used his influence and remaining friends in the Earth Federation however, to transfer himself, the Ra-Cailum, its crew, and equipment into the Union military itself.


  • Chan Agi - Chief Engineer of the Ra-Cailum. Chan Agi's duties include maintaining the Ra-Cailum's mobile suits, though she was also a key figure in the development of the Nu Gundam, and its successor, the Hi-Nu Gundam along with Amuro Ray. While Amuro Ray handled the initial design concepts, Chan Agi was the engineer who actually helped in putting together Amuro's work. On top of this, while Amuro was hospitalized after the destruction of the original Nu Gundam, Chan took it upon herself to upgrade Amuro's secondary unit, the ReGZ into a better machine for his use once he returned to active cuty. While Chan Agi may have some possible feelings for Amuro, she simply explains them away as her "Respect for a superior officer." Despite this, she feels rather close to Amuro as a friend, and always feels she has a responsibility to be a voice of reason for him when needed. A rather kind hearted woman, she will always make sure that the crew's Mobile Suits are in pristine operating condition before they are deployed. Truly one of the best engineers a ship could ask for. Along with the rest of the Ra-Cailum's crew, she has resigned from the Earth Federation, and is now officially part of the Union's forces. She maintains her position and duty on the Ra-Cailum as Chief Engineer.


  • Haro - Wherever Amuro Ray goes, this little robot is sure to follow in some way shape or form. Haro is one of Amuro's first creations from when he was only 15 years old, a simple robot with basic AI subroutines and more or less a sort of personal assistant and helper. While limited in his speech capabilities, Haro is always ready to try and say something to help encourage his master or friends. However, he has several other functions that make him useful aside from being encouraging: He is fully capable of performing simple tasks or keeping track of schedules, and can also wake up someone at an exact moment when needed like a sort of alarm clock. On top of that, his metal casing is actually hard enough to take bullets (Which he has more than once, actually…). While Amuro was separated from Haro after the One Year War, he eventually found his way into the hands of Kamille Bidan and the Argama Crew. When Amuro returned to active duty in the Earth Federation, Bright was waiting for Amuro, along with this Haro. Since the One Year War, Haro actually became quite popular amongst the young and old alike…Everyone wanted the little robot that belonged to Amuro Ray. Amuro signed a deal with a major toy manufacturing company to have Haro turned into a mass marketed toy, earning himself quite a bit of money in the process. Since unification, Amuro Ray has built more of his own Haros, since while he licensed Haro to be mass produced, he maintained the right to build his own as well. Among others, he has built Haros for for several interested Union members including Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun, and even tried to build a massive "army" of Haros to be given to unfortunate children across the multiverse who had their Christmas taken from them. …Unfortunately, that group of Haros managed to break free, forming a pack mentality and becoming known as the "Haro Horde." Entirely harmless despite the name, they simply roll around the Multiverse, spreading their unique form of cheer.



  • Hi-Nu Gundam - Amuro's primary Mobile Suit, and one of the most advanced mobile suits ever constructed. This particular machine having been designed and built by Amuro Ray himself (with assistance from Chan Agi and the Union's mechanical divisions as far as actual construction went). The Hi-Nu Gundam utilizes several new, and experimental technologies which were ironically enough, leaked to Amuro Ray and his division by Char Aznable himself. Char's reasoning:He would never accept victory if Amuro were using an inferior mobile suit. And Hi-Nu Gundam would hardly be what anyone could call inferior. The suit itself is an upgraded version of the Nu Gundam, a prototype Gundam designed for use by Newtypes such as Amuro Ray. Hi-Nu Gundam's most noteworthy feature outside of its Newtype functions would be its E2 Reactor; E2 being a crystal-like substance that, while highly volatile, can be a power source on par with nuclear fusion if not beyond it when properly refined. On top of this, the E2 Reactor's heat output is significantly lower than a standard fusion reactor, and also replaces the need for conventional fuel, in other words, the reactor powers not only the suit's functions, but its engines, verniers, and boosters as well. Because of the reactor's efficiency, the Hi-Nu Gundam is capable of extended flight and not limited to ground combat while in the atmosphere, and is fully capable of space combat as well. There is one additional function for mobility though…That being Hi-Nu's Overboost function, in which it uses two supercharged verniers to give a brief, instantaneous speedboost that can only be safely utilized for a second or two…Extended usage, due to the G-Forces involves, could easily tear a pilot apart with misuse. Even the standard boosters' outputs are something the pilot must take into account, given how much power they unleash while active. As for its Newtype capabilities, the Hi-Nu Gundam utilizes an advanced Psychic Communcation System (Psycommu for short) called a Psychoframe to allow a pilot to use their mind to directly interface with various functions of their suit. In the case of Hi-Nu Gundam, it operates several remote attack bits called "Fin-Funnels" which are each loaded with a high energy beamgun capability (And can also link their beams to form a Beam Shield), the pilot's mind more or less directly controlling them. This advanced Psychoframe also boasts another, riskier function, in which Amuro can also use his mind to directly manipulate and control Hi-Nu Gundam…Essentially the Psychoframe can replace the standard controls entirely. The risk of this is that the interface is two-way in function…Amuro can send input to the Psychoframe, but he also recieves it…If Hi-Nu Gundam takes any damage, that damage is sent back to Amuro in a feedback loop, causing him to feel the "pain" of his suit. As such, the Psychoframe's Direct Mental Link system is as useful as it is dangerous. As far as conventional firepower goes, Hi-Nu Gundam is armed with a standard issue Beam-Rifle and multiple e-caps (The energy source for the gun) that can be recharged by Hi-Nu itself. Additional weapons include a beam cannon and missile launchers mounted on the underside of Hi-Nu's shield, head mounted vulcan cannons, an optional, back mounted Hyper Bazooka, and the E2 Bazooka:An experimental energy cannon that links directly into Hi-Nu's E2 reactor to unleash beams with firepower comparible to a capital warship's beam cannons. For melee purposes, it also comes equipped with two inter-locking beam sabers capable of forming into a double-bladed beam saber. In this mode it can also output the full power of both sabers out one end of the fused blades, forming a single, powerful hyper beam saber as well.


  • Re-GZ Custom - Before the development of Nu Gundam and Hi-Nu Gundam, Amuro's primary suit was the Re-GZ (Shortened term for Revised Gundam Zeta). The Re-GZ was an attempt to create a mass produced version of the Zeta Gundam utilized during the war against the Titans, that Gundam having been designed and piloted by AEUG member Kamille Bidan.

The result was considered a failure, because while it was effective, the Re-GZ didn't have an ideal cost-per-unit that would make it mass producable. Because the prototype was still fully functional however, it was assigned to Londo Bell, and found itself in the hands of Amuro Ray. Once Nu Gundam was completed, the Re-GZ became a reserve unit Amuro didn't make much use of until during Julian's metatron induced temporary insanity resulted in the destruction of Nu Gundam. While Amuro recovered, Chan Agi began work on improving the Re-GZ and fixing its flaws, most notably the fact its alternate Waverider mode was an attachment and not a transformation function like the original Zeta Gundam's.

Chan managed to restore that function, and integrated the additional weapons featured on the detachable Waverider into the new, improved Re-GZ Custom. The Re-GZ boasts a rather impressive, but difficult to use arsenal because of how it is designed. While the suit is in its "humanoid" mode, it can utilize a beam assault rifle, twin beam sabers, head mounted vulcan cannons and arm mounted grenade launchers. In its Waverider form (Comparible to a fighter jet) it gains access to additional beam cannons, a Mega Beam Cannon, and missile launchers. It also can use a secondary set of boosters in this mode to give it sustained flight and faster speeds overall than when it is in Mobile Suit mode.

Skills and Abilities

  • Mobile Suit Pilot - Amuro has spent a good amount of his life around Mobile Suits, having first piloted one at 15 years of age when he stumbled upon the original Gundam (model RX-78) and its operating manual. Quickly reading the manual and learning how to operate the machine, Amuro wasted no time in using the Gundam to defend his home colony. Since then, he has only become better and better at operating mobile suits. Combined with his Newtype powers (See below) Amuro has become proficient enough in using a mobile suit that it's like an extension of his own body. As he's gotten older, that piloting skill has only improved even further.
  • Engineer - While not a professional engineer by trade, Amuro's knowledge of piloting mobile suits is nearly matched by his knowledge of their inner workings, mechanical and electronic. When he was only 15, Amuro was the local expert around the neighborhood for fixing electronics or machines that broke down. A whiz with them, and able to fix most problems rather quickly. The true proof of his engineering genius at the age though would be Haro, a robot he built and programmed himself to be his personal assistant and friend to help him pass the long hours he spent alone. Today, Amuro's knowledge spans into the field of Mobile Suit design. While he didn't handle the actual assembly, Amuro did design a majority of the parts and circuitry used in Nu Gundam and Hi-Nu Gundam, even using technology leaked to him by Char Aznable and improving on the design in the process.
  • Newtype - As mentioned before, Newtypes are those who have lived outside of Earth's gravitational pull and thus are no longer bound by it. By living in space, Amuro's sixth senses have awakened, granting him precognitive abilities, as well as the ability to communicate with others on a psychic level, at times he has even been able to speak with non-newtypes using his powers. In battle, he is able to at times, read his opponent and see their moves before they even happen. Most notable however, is that since he is a Newtype, he can use a Psychic Communicator system (Psycommu for short) interface with mobile suits that have one equipped. A psycommu allows Amuro to manipulate weapons linked to it, and in the case of Hi-Nu Gundam, operate the entire suit using his brainwaves. Amuro can also often sense the emotions of others, newtype and non newtype alike, and has done so on more than one occassion. Perhaps the most frightening thing of all amongst his powers though is the Psychoframe, a new experimental Psycommu that has unrivaled response time and effectiveness, but also apparently can unleash inexplicable phenomena when overloaded with input, this input doesn't necessarily have to come from Amuro himself either, Amuro merely would be a focal point to which the emotions are drawn, and then activate the Psychoframe.

Other Information

Nothing relevant to mention at this time!


Pre Unification (UC 0079): Amuro Ray moved with his father, Tem Ray, onto a Space Colony in the Side 7 Colony Cluster. While his father was "officially" there to assist in construction of additional space colonies, he was actually in truth, there to help with weapon development for the Earth Federation after it entered a war with the Principality of Zeon. Eventually, the Principality caught wind of a secret weapon project being developed there, and began to run a recon mission on the colony. That recon mission however soon turned into a raid as one Zeon soldier attempted to launch a surprise attack thinking he could become a hero and earn a medal of honor known as the Zeon Cross. Side 7's citizens were forced to flee as the colony was subjected to an all out attack following the initial one.
Amuro Ray was among the citizens fleeing the chaos. Upon seeing several of his neighbors and friends die, he couldn't take it anymore…His father had ordered him to get onto an experimental battle cruiser known as White Base, but Amuro wasn't ready to leave the citizens of Side 7 to die. That's when fate intervened…A federation pilot, killed by a stray explosion, dropped something at Amuro's feet…The operating manual for the experimental Earth Federation Mobile Suit:Gundam (Model number RX-78-2). Amuro made his choice, he entered the cockpit of the Gundam, and he activated it. With all the ranking soldiers and officers who were part of Project V (The weapons program that created White Base and Gundam) dead or wounded, a mere Ensign became captain of White Base, and Amuro became one of its Mobile Suit pilots. Along with several other refugees turned soldiers from side 7, they were forced to complete the White Base's mission of bringing vital information and schematics to Jaburo, fighting against Zeon in all the process. During this time, Amuro Ray met and fought many people, ironically some of his own enemies helped shape him into the soldier he would become, as would the corrective actions of Bright Noa (The infamous Brightslap). The most noteworthy enemy he ever fought in the war though was ace pilot Char Aznable, also known as "The Red Comet" amongst Zeon and Federation officers. Several times, they met, fought, and each time no true victor emerged…During this time, Amuro Ray began to develop strange abilities, precognitive abilities that were part of the theories of the late Zeon Deikun, original founder of the Principality of Zeon, who eventually was usurped by the Zabi Family. These precognitive, psychic-like powers were said to be the gift of Newtypes, humans no longer bound by Earth's gravity who became capable of using their full, unrealized potential.
Amuro's most fateful encounter however, happened near the end of the One Year War. On a neutral colony, Amuro met a beautiful young Newtype, gentle in nature, named Lalah Sune. Lalah Sune and Amuro quickly became friends, but Amuro soon discovered that Lalah Sune was actually a Zeon officer, serving directly under Char Aznable. When Amuro and Lalah fought, Char eventually intervened as the two became close to reaching an understanding in the middle of their battle, due to their Newtype abilities resonating. However, when Amuro was ready to deal a fatal blow to Char, Lalah Sune used her mobile armor to take a fatal beam saber strike from Amuro's Gundam…This would make Char and Amuro enemies for the rest of their days, Amuro blamed Char for making Lalah into a soldier, Char blamed Amuro for killing Lalah. Amuro fought Char again in one of the final battles of the One Year war…Winning, but at the cost of the Gundam, which fell in the battle. As his final act before the end of the war, Amuro guided the crew of White Base to safety before the ship was destroyed entirely.

Pre Unification (UC 0087): After the One Year War, Amuro Ray's combined military pension and mass production sales of Haro made him a fairly wealthy man. Unfortunately, when he moved into a nice manor, the servants he hired ended up being Federation spies, sent to monitor him and keep him under house arrest:The reason being that the Federation feared the abilities of Newtypes and wanted to keep the monitored. The Titans and their Anti-Spacenoid views, which had now dominated the Federation, only furthered fear towards people like Amuro.
Eventually, Amuro managed to escape his prison, and enlisted with an Anti Titans group called Karaba, aligned with the Anti Earth Union Group (AEUG), the Titans greatest foe. Amuro did his part in helping to end the Titans' reign on Earth, and remained with Karaba until the end of the Titans conflicts. During this time, Amuro and Char actually fought side by side, the Titans being their common enemy. But at the end of the Titans conflict..Char vanished without a trace…

Pre Unification (UC 0093): Char Aznable had returned, this time as the leader of a new Anti-Earth movement known as Neo-Zeon. His new goal? Render the Earth Federation's world uninhabitable by dropping multiple asteroids on it. Amuro, now part of the special taskforce for the Federation, Londo Bell, was determined to stop Char at any cost…But just as Char had begun to try and send the asteroid Luna-V crashing into Earth…Amuro Ray's universe unified.

Post Unification: With help from the Union, which responded to Londo Bell's calls for assistance, the drop of Luna-V was halted in time. The Earth Federation immediately began diplomatic relationships with the Union, in an attempt to strengthen itself against further attacks from Neo-Zeon. For a time thereafter, Neo-Zeon…Was quiet. Shortly after unification, Amuro Ray and Chan Agi would begin work on Amuro Ray's next generation mobile suit, Nu Gundam.

Nu Gundam was completed, and proved to be quite effective. But it had its limitations, as Amuro soon found out. In a battle to save the Jupiter Colony of Antillia, Amuro pushed Nu Gundam beyond its limits, forcing him to retreat from battle. In this battle, Julian was believed to have died, and Amuro Ray blamed himself for having to retreat. For all of Nu Gundam's advancements in being a Gundam that truly made full use of a Newtype's abilities…Amuro could not accept its limits. He began designing a new, superior model of Nu Gundam…But was limited by existing power sources and technology. There was no way to power this new design, until…

An explosion in the Mars Asteroid Belt was picked up by a Federation listening post. The explosion was massive, unusually so, and had heavy radioactive fallout…Upon arriving, Amuro and a team of Union operatives found out the explosion was caused by an unstable new energy source being researched by Neo-Zeon…A crystalline substance called E2. Despite its high energy output though, the most impressive feature of E2 was its low temperature output…It could output far more energy than typical nuclear fusion, and at the same time generate far less heat. The Union immediately began research on this volatile but powerful substance. Eventually, a way to refine it safely and turn it into a fuel source was found.

After E2 research began however, Julian Egret returned, driven insane by Jehuty's Metatron…Amuro Ray joined the fight to try and bring Julian to his senses, but Nu Gundam took critical damage, and was destroyed…Amuro's Nu Gundam however, performed one final act before it was destroyed, Amuro using its Fin Funnels to shield himself from Nu Gundam's explosion. Chan Agi narrowly saved Amuro's life by using the Re-GZ to catch him in freefall. While Amuro was in the hospital, Chan Agi successfully created a prototype E2 powered Jegan, which proved to be effective and functional. From there, once Amuro was out of the hospital, he and Chan began work on his next mobile suit, and Nu Gundam's successor…Hi-Nu Gundam.

Then…Char returned. The long silent Neo-Zeon had returned, and begun a blitz campaign against the Earth Federation, all while Char revealed his own plans, and that Amuro wasn't the only one developing new mobile suits. Char himself was also developing new weapons, and attempting to launch another asteroid campaign against Earth.

Amuro and Duo attempted to gather intel on Char's ambitions and plans against the Union and Earth Federation, infiltrating Sweetwater, the colony that acted as Neo-Zeon's base of operations…Amuro eventually came face to face with Char, fighting him hand to hand before being forced to retreat. For a time, Neo-Zeon became quiet again, until…

Char had developed a new system, the NT-D (Newtype-Destroyer) that allowed him to push a mobile suit beyond all known limits…And with it, he humiliated Amuro in a duel, forcing him to retreat from battle. Shortly after this, a sudden blitz against the Earth Federation, in which Char revealed his new use for E2…Warheads loaded with it, that dealt a devastating blow to the Earth Federation and its fleet.

Char delivered an ultimatum. The Earth Federation would surrender in 72 hours, or else he would destroy them. Amuro knew…This would be the final battle that determined the fate of his world, Char was ready to end it…And so was Amuro. The issue was that no one knew how Char was going to do it…Char however, had his own plans. He began secret "peace negociations" with the Earth Federation, and bought the asteroid Axis from them while agreeing to disarm Neo-Zeon…The entire thing an act that allowed Char to launch a surprise raid on the Federation's stronghold of Luna-II to secure nuclear weapons to use alongside his E2 warhead stockpile…All loaded into Axis, which was sent towards Earth via its nuclear engines.

Amuro and the Union made their final charge in a two staged assault…One team, headed by Ash, F Gattaca, Maya, Iria, and others would attempt to split Axis in two from within with nuclear warheads, while an outside team headed by Amuro Ray, backed up by Winry Rockbell, Noriko, Isamu, and other operatives would try to disable Axis' nuclear engines from the outside. Unfortunately, in the end while Gattaca's team was successful in splitting Axis with the nuclear weapons…Char revealed his true plan…As Axis split in two, its engines were supercharged by E2, allowing it an even better collision course with Earth. Char was waiting for them all with his final E2 powered Mobile Suit, the Nightengale. As suddenly as Axis split though…Shu Shirakawa appeared to destroy the front half, which had no dangerous payload. With it gone, Shu left the rest to the Union.

Time was running out. Even as everyone did their best to stop the E2 engines, Axis began to enter the atmosphere, and Amuro and Char began their final battle, fighting on Axis as heat levels built up around them. Then suddenly, as things looked desperate for Amuro Ray, a surge of power went through him and Hi-Nu Gundam, he charged at Char's Nightengale, smashing it into Axis' surface and pinning it there with a metal beam. He had decided…Even as dark as things looked, he would do the impossible…He would try to push back Axis using Hi-Nu Gundam.

Of course, one mobile suit alone could do nothing. But as Amuro tried to push back Axis himself…So in turn did everyone else. The shuttles of the ground assault team, the mechs of everyone who had joined Amuro for this assault…Even Neo-Zeon's own soldiers joined the effort to push back Axis. All while this happened, Amuro's psychoframe began to resonate with them, and the citizens of the Earth Federation. Taking on their emotions, their wishes to stop this disaster, the Psychoframe began to overload, unleashing a surge of psychic power…And then, the unthinkable happened. Char himself, breaking free, joined the effort to stop Axis, his own Psychoframe resonating with Amuro's.

In a brilliant, radiant display, the psychic energy formed an aurora that changed Axis's course, and eventually pushed every mobile suit away from it…Save Amuro and Char's…As Amuro continued to push however, he lost consciousness, with Char telling Amuro that he had now entrusted the fate of humanity (From their world anyway) to him. Once everyone was away from Axis, and Axis was a safe distance from the Earth Federation atmosphere…Char detonated the E2 reactor of Nightengale, the chain reaction destroying Axis as well. With that, Char Aznable was dead, and Axis no more.

Amuro however…Had paid a heavy price himself. By taking on so much power, emotion, as much bad as good, the mental strain overtook Amuro…He blacked out.

Amuro Ray had entered a coma, unable to wake up as the negative emotions he absorbed held him unconsious. The negative emotions manifested themselves as Amuro's greatest sin…The death of Lalah Sune. Amuro relived it, endlessly, until finally…Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, F Gattaca, Teresa Testarossa, Optimus Prime, and Malin assisted with ending Amuro's nightmare…Entering his dream world and then bringing an end to the evil that had manifested within.

Awakened after this horrible nightmare…Amuro Ray is at long last freed from his nightmare and sin of 14 years. With that nightmare ended, Amuro Ray at long last has been freed from the burden that has haunted him for those long, painful 14 years. Now, he intends to remain with the Union, as the Londo Bell taskforce has dissolved, and the Ra-Cailum's crew, including Bright, has transferred into the Union, no longer wishing to serve under a Federation that allowed its greed to endanger their entire population.

Amuro Ray has since returned to active duty, and partaken in various operations such as Operation White Star, as well as the events revolving around Julian Egret's home, Mars (His mars to be specific).

Along with that, he has now re-formed the Londo Bell special forces unit under Union command, leading the group as well as its Gundam Team division.

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