Altair ibn la'Ahad
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Source Assassin's Creed
Faction Union
Rank Last Chancer
Function Hashshashin
Groups Last Chancers, Gatecrashers, The Hashshashins
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 25
Age (Actual) 25
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'11
Weight 140 pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
"Stealth is as much not being seen as it is not leaving any witnesses"


A member of an ancient order of Syrian Assassins formed by the venerated Hassan-I Sabbah, Altair ibn la Ahad has mastered the art of professional murder. Arguably the most skilled member of his organization, he is an expert in anything ranging from mundane pick pocketing, stealth, tracking and information gathering to outstanding feats of dexterity to avoid capture and a multitude of fighting styles. Not without his own flaws, Altair doesn’t quite fit the typical assassin profile; he is impulsive, overconfident and often chooses to ignore his extensive training of hiding in the shadows to engage his target in open combat. Altair is aware of the dangers that come from his recklessness however, he does this merely because of his sense of urgency to vanquish the seed of evil wherever it may take root. Somewhat of a walking contradiction, Altair comes off as someone who grudgingly sticks to protocol only because he is forced to, always holding back from executing far more brutal solutions than to what he is allowed. His motives are blurred in the intricacies of the Assassins making it impossible to tell when he’s being sincere about his ideals and when he is just pretending to be your friend to accomplish some ulterior goal. Whatever inner conflicts he may have, one fact remains true; targets stalked by Altair are almost always as good as dead.

Life in the Multiverse

After unifying, Altair was successful in rebuilding his order in the Multiverse and has conscripted a few individuals from other worlds into his organization, including those from his own past and future. His ruthless nature has also earned him the rank of Last Chancer in the Union, allowing him to work off the record so he can lead his group efficiently even in the most extreme circumstances. A devout follower of the Creed of the Assassins, Altair continues to operate under the tenets of his order not taking anything he sees in the Multiverse at face value. To him, Nothing is True and Everything is Permitted.

Major NPCs

Malik the Pidgey: After spending some time in the Multiverse, Altair grew greatly curious of the creatures known as Pokemon. He eventually took a trainer exam with the help of Gold and Ash to then later acquire a pidgey with a missing wing. Because Altair's world didn't unify with him, he decided to honor the memory of his old time friend by naming his new pidgey; Malik. Although the pidgey is still capable of flight thanks to a prosthetic wing Altair made for him, he is not suited to engage in any pokemon battles and Altair mostly uses him as just a scout. The two have synced together due to Altair's eagle vision and can see through each others eyes. Malik has a bit of an attitude problem though, being very snarky and he usually announces Altair's thoughts loudly when he guesses what his trainer is thinking. He takes his role as informant of the Assassins very seriously, however, and is very protective of those that live in Alamut, specially the children. He has a bit of a rivalry going with Aziz, Alya's Griffon.


Shamshir: Altair’s horse and the only thing that unified with him. She’s a very good steed!


Alya: (Overwhelming Love) The Clavinger of the Heart was the very first person Altair met in the Multiverse. Initially, he had been drawn to her due to her affinity with birds and her impressive griffon steed, Aziz. However, as time went on, their relationship blossomed into something more, much much more. Though it was somehow fitting that The Heart would find a place with a heartless assassin, the overwhelming love Altair feels for the girl still doesn’t fail to surprise him. To this day, Alya holds the record of being the only one that has managed to make Altair stutter in embarrassment or make him show any sort of emotion outside of silent professionalism. He can say for sure that given the option to choose between the Creed or Alya…. he would likely choose the latter.

Nasrin: (Apprenticeship) Shortly after he unified, the city of Cairo Egypt was forcefully merged into the Multiverse. At first Altair thought little of it, though he was later intrigued to hear that Staren and Guu had given a radio to a prodigal thief boy named Hadr, a name that he had heard before used in the Brotherhood. After some investigation, Altair found that Hadr the boy was in reality Nasrin, daughter of a member of the Brotherhood and one who had lost her family due to the horrors of the Crusades. Altair was quick to pull her out of a life of petty crime and allow her to embrace her destiny as an assassin and his apprentice.

Auron: (Friendship) A troubled samurai from Spira who lacked purpose. Auron found himself attracted to the Assassin’s desire to spread goodness to all the lands and vanquish evil wherever it would rear its ugly head. He offered his sword to the Assassins and quickly became Altair’s personal bodyguard. Altair, however, considers Auron more of a brother and has made him an honorary Hashshashin despite him being an outsider. The Grandmaster has also let Auron know that he cares little for whatever failures he claims to have done in the past and that the samurai will always be able to find a home in Alamut.

Ezio Auditore: (Friendship/Apprenticeship (?)) An Italian Assassino from almost three hundred years into Altair’s future. Ezio is the total opposite of Altair; charming where Altair is stoic and hot blooded where Altair is cold. Nevertheless, if there is one thing Ezio shares with Altair is his devotion to the Brotherhood and the older Assassin senses that despite his relative inexperience Ezio will have a very important role to play with the Assassins some time in the future.

John Lackland: (Acquaintance) An interesting character. Altair and John initially looked ready to clash due to them being in opposing factions during the Crusades, until they revealed that neither of them cared much for that mess. Altair sees a kindred soul in the legendary hero, Robin Hood, and almost always takes the same stance on things with him due to both of them being from the Medieval ages. Altair has noticed with no small amount of amusement that John is much less guarded with his words than he is and often blurts out social blunders due to his outdated ways to see the world, it makes Altair think ‘Do I really sound like that?’

Kirito: (Acquaintance) A boy stuck in a death game along with scores of other people. Altair’s initial interactions with Kirito were simple sparring sessions as the boy wished to learn how to increase his swordmanship. However, Altair soon found himself getting sucked into the events of Sword Arts Online and often gets pulled to raid bosses with Kirito’s guild along with Auron.

J-vassa: (Acquaintance) One of the very first people that decided to join Altair’s Brotherhood in the Multiverse. The troubled cat folk sough inspiration to finally accept his destiny as the Dovahkiin and he seems to think that joining the Hashshashins might help him achieve that.

Priscilla: (Acquaintance) Altair never thought that he would find a person more reclusive than he is, but then he met Prsicilla the half breed. It looks like Altair dislikes having a taste of his own medicine and seems to be, ironically, greatly irritated by the woman’s insistence of not associating with anyone, due to some imagined crimes. Unfortunately, Altair is greatly anti-social himself (Indeed, his relationship with Alya is nothing short of a miracle) and he can do little to help the woman outside of give a few encouraging words every now and then.

James Braddock: (Acquaintance) An enthusiastic member of the ODST brigade that has befriended Nasrin. Due to his friendship with his apprentice, James comes into frequent contact with Altair and the two enjoy spirited debates on firearms, inventions that Altair sees both as very innovative and problematic. He who increases knowledge increases sorrow after all, though James would like to argue that there’s no such thing as too much firepower.

Olive: (Worry) Altair has a surprisingly big soft spot for children even if he is for all intended purposes a cold blooded murdering sociopath. As such, Altair feels extremely protective of Olive like the rest of the Union and can often be seen or heard grinding his teeth when she goes off on one of her escapades unsupervised.

Lucy Scarlet: (Pity) A young Confederate Assassin and one of Altair’s very first big assignments. Due to her age, Altair had hoped he could talk some sense with Lucy as his Creed forbids him to kill innocents which he believes Lucy to be. However, events such as the destruction of Lucy’s assassin school have led them to be stuck in what’s likely to be a never ending cycle of counter assassinations.

No. 9: (Pity) This Confederate Golem is well known in the Union for his erratic behavior as well as openly keeping friendships with many Union members. Altair is skeptical of this fellow, particularly due to his attempts to take revenge for Altair’s continued efforts to eliminate Lucy Scarlet. It’s almost endearing in a way how protective he is, like a puppy. Sadly, further encounters with Nine will likely continue to be the violent kind.

Bloody Feather: (Suspicion) An Argonian woman who for one reason or another began stalking Altair. Due to his naturally untrustworthy demeanor Altair made interactions with Bloody Feather as difficult as possible, answering her questions with riddles or purposely misunderstanding the meaning of her words. His opinion of her changed when he helped Altair in a mission where he was almost set on fire by Aria Quicksteel and decided to give her a proper audience. According to Bloody Feather her motivations are mere curiosity for the world around her, and she expressed interest in joining Altair’s order mostly out of whim. Altair decided to accept and bring her into the ranks of the Hashshashins, probably because he just prefers to keep a close eye on the peculiar Argonian.

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