Full Name: Alexis Hanekary
Faction: Union
Rank: SA - Senior Ally
Function: Tomboy Monster Trainer
Series: Pokemon - 1
Species: Human

"You go long, I'll drop back, fade to the right and then rush the line, and we'll crush them in the middle. Break!"

Tomboy. That one word describes Alexis Hanekary almost perfectly. She's a rough and tumble girl that would rather be roughhousing than dressing up and twittering over boys. Though she has no problem with swinging a little female charm if it suits her purpose, she's usually a lot more likely to spit out snide remarks, and if necessary swing a fist or two. Alexis is by no means a mean person, she just doesn't take gruff from anyone, and will say what's on her mind with little conniption over how 'moral' it might be. Energetic and free-spirited, she took up being a trainer more for the adventure than anything else (though a championship or two would be a nice bonus!), and proving that she can be tough even if she is a girl. More of an adventurer than a soldier or hero, she often comes across as being stubborn, arguing and making fun of things… and then goes out and does it anyways because it's a challenge. Often teases friends about their personal quirks, yet when the Tauros dung hits the fan she'll be one of the first to stand at their side as well. Needless to say, her attitude and willingness to take a risk puts her in as much trouble as her toughness gets her out of, usually by accident. While most of her peers have stuck with Pokemon, Alexis has taken advantage of the Multiverse's diversity, and expanded her base of familiarity into the various other trainable monsters that exist. Unlike some creature handlers though, Alexis has little problem with getting into a fight side by side with her beasts, throwing punches first and asking questions when she's ready to beat the answers out of her adversary. She's best known for her tendency to weld sports equipment, like her trademark hockey stick and rollerblades, as weapons and hardware.

Vital Statistics

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: -GLARES at whoever asked-
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Bubblegum Pink (occassionally dyed blonde or red)
Native Region: Fallarbor, Hoenn
Group(s): Oak's Trainers (home world), Special Forces Gamma (Union Group)

Monster Tamer Licenses

  • Pokemon Trainer - Alexis started as a Pokemon Trainer, and comparetively speaking they are still her strongest group of companions. No matter what the odds she can rely on one of the 'cuddly seizure inducing WMDs' (her own words) to back her up.
  • Monster Rancher License - Seeking to broaden her horizons past just Pokemon, Alexis's first certification for other tamable creatures was as a trainer/breeder for a different chain of islands. Her current ranking is high enough to allow her some of the more uncommon species such as Dragon and Hengar.
  • Quest Monster Tamer - This magic ring serves as both a 'license' and a storage device for the tamable monsters from the Green Bays island chain (Dragon Quest Monsters).

Important Pokemon and Other Monsters

  • Scorch - (Typhlosion) Just a stray Cyndaquil when Alexis found him, Scorch has grown into the role of her primary pokemon. He is a bit of a shameless pervert, hitting on most anything female at least once, but his strength and loyalty as a combatant make that worth overlooking. Other than the occassional smack upside the head when he goes overboard. His fire attacks are very powerful, and he is no slouch in melee combat, either. Knows such moves as Fire Blast, Eruption and Lava Plume; as well as the 'Cometary Spike' combo: Using Alexis' killer volleyball spike to launch his Flame Wheel or Gyro Ball attack with additional force and impact.
  • Wildfire - (Entei) Cipher produced three Shadow-corrupted clones of the Legendary Beasts but were unable to control them. Alexis managed to catch the Entei off-guard when it tried to run from attacking a city and capture it, and after much work and determination purified him. Better behaved but no less fierce, the process erased his Shadow abilities but unlocked several powerful abilities in their place that are not typical for his species.
  • Spindrift & Wreckloose ** - (Sandslash & Excadrill) Bash brothers if ever there were, a two pokemon wrecking crew. Also an exceptional tunneler and can navigate underground without getting disoriented. Spindrift often rolls up in a spiked ball for others and Alexis herself to use as a kicking/throwing/spiking projectile.
  • Spikes** - (Nidoking) Spikes is the utter opposite of his trainer; the fruitiest, girly-girliest Nidoking you'll ever see. Timid and not much of a fighter despite his physical strength, but he's an exceptional housekeeper and decorator. When not pestering her into trying to wear a dress or skirts more often. Wears a bow tied to the base of his right ear and either an apron or a tutu, himself.
  • Renarda (Lucario) Renarda on the other hand is very much LIKE her trainer, with a tomboyish attitude and a growing fondness for human sports. Particularly soccer, volleyball and dodgeball; even using her chi-like powers to shape her Aura Sphere and other attacks into ball-like projectiles to throw and kick at foes.
  • Glomp (Gliscor) Scrree-Hugs! Overly friendly despite his creepy bat-scorpion appearance, named on a joke because of his fondness for latching onto people or other pokemon, often forgetting his poisonous tail or sharp claws in doing so. It is also a viable means of attack though, when aimed for the face, or Goddish forbid, lower extremities. Like a Facehugger, but with happiness and misplaced affection instead of egglaying, as Kefka found out first hand. Or face first, so to speak.
  • Stinkbomb (Skuntank) Stinkbomb is a bit of her own contradition, a sassy and somewhat snarky femme fatale in mind, yet being a living breathing 'biological weapon' of stench, poison, shadows and flaming farts in body. We're serious on the last one.
  • Twitch (Porygon-Z) Renamed after his evolution and developing a more erratic personality, the Porygon formally known as Eddie is a bit more combat capable now, though still geared better for research, survellience, and tactical analysis. As well as keeping track of all the statistics and mathematical aspects of sports Alexis doesn't have the patience for.
  • Riptide (Floatzel) It's hard to find a Water pokemon that's not slowed down on land, but the otter-like Floatzel fits the bill more than adequately. Riptide can be a bit of an arrogant jerk at times, but he means well, and at least has the guts to back up the attitude. Knows a semi-unique version of Aqua Jet that spins himself like a wheel, often in conjucture of Alexis or another pokemon throwing/kicking him.
  • Maulotov (Emboar) Do you smell what the Hog is cookin'? Given to Alexis to help the professors study the Unova region pokemon, someone must of watched too much wrestling while tending to this egg, because the fire pig thinks he's one macho baconator. Despite being full of bravado and cheesy one liners, the fire pig can hold his own in a fight. Knows several unusual bred attacks he uses for professional wrestling style signature moves, such as Superpower and Heavy Smash.
  • Stormfront (Salamence) As her name suggests Salamence has several weather-like attacks, such as Twister and Hydro Pump due to clever breeding with the Kingdra lineage. Watch out for dragons that can fire -and- waterbomb you from above.
  • Brambi (Deerling) See the cute deer? See it's pretty colors, flowers and sweet scent depending on the season? See it … OH MY GOD ITS COMING RIGHT FOR YOU! Despite being cute and cuddly this floral fawn is every bit as rugged as the tomboy trainer.
  • Tsunami (Dewott) A virtueous combatant that weilds his seashell blades like a pair of swords, envisions himself a noble warrior and aspires to be a mighty and honorable Samurott shogun some day.
  • Stormpaw (Tiger) Alexis has an (in)famous reputation for actually fighting some of her monsters into submission with her own hands; Stormpaw is just one such example, but it's also what earned his difficult to gain respect. More wolf-like despite the species name, his speed and plethora of Ice and Lightning based ranged attacks make him a popular choice as a battle mount as well as fighting monster.
  • Thrasher (Hengar) An example of that world's ancient-yet-super-advanced-lost technology, Trasher's method of operation is pretty straight to the point: Analysize Threat, Compute Strategy, Eliminate Threat. Unlike a lot of monsters of his world he's also easy to transport since he folds up into a little self-propelled UFO.
  • Spade (Mischevious Mole) Regenerated from Alexis' 'starter' monster of the world, Spade is a dirty fighter. Literally, being a mole-like critter wielding a shovel as a weapon. His Huntsman and Bounty Hunter skill sets give him an edge in combat, despite his small size.
  • Phase (Great Sabercat) Phase is a fast and furious fighter, wielding a conjucture of high agility and a set of Wind, Fire and Explosive style attacks; in contrast her personality is very laid back and almost lethargic out of combat though. Maybe she's just conserving her energy?
  • Slimander (Dragon Slime) Training and combining has turned her Slime into a more formidable battler, though he's still weaker than others and works best in a group. Uses dragon-like breath and spell attacks.
  • Breakwind (Metal Dragon) Resembling a large machine dragon, Breakwind is bred specifically to be a counter-strike to dragons, giant monsters and large mecha. The name is a bad joke on several of its moves involving being able to stop breath and air based attacks.
  • Blader (Phantom Swordsman) - A wind based monster that looks like nothing more than a floating cloak wielding a sword, giving it a ghost-like appearance. Alexis will occasionally 'wield' him by wearing the cloak and holding the sword herself.


  • Pokemon Trainer Gear - The 'traditional' hardware of Trainers. Various Pokeballs (sometimes used as projectiles), Pokegear and Poketch for communications, and a Pokedex with computer and memory modifications for storing data on her various other monsters as well.
  • Tamer Ring - A magic ring that serves both as an ID, denoting her as a Monster Tamer, and as a means to store and transport Dragon Quest Monsters much akin to a magic trinket Pokeball.
  • Armor and Weapons - Alexis wields an assortment of sports gear as if weapons, and surprisingly effective at it, too. Bats, golf clubs, rackets, dodgeballs; the infamous Hockey Stick is her trademark, having highsticked and crotchshotted the vilest of many worlds. Her 'armor' is mainly a protective bodysuit and assortment of sports pads and guards, although her helmet and bracers are true armor level, made out of donated dragon scales and given to her as gifts. Also, her boots have retractable rollerblades and small boosters.
  • Monster Ranch - Alexis and Nova refurbished a large, unused barn on the back lot of her Aunt Talia's breeding farm as a ranch and training grounds for her various monsters. The loft is rebuilt as an apartment as well, that the two share.

Skills and Abilities

  • Monster Trainer - Although Pokemon are still her best suit, Alexis has proven to have an exceptional knack in training most any sort of tamable, competing and fighting monsters that is beyond just trying to apply pokemon skills to other worlds. She's even tamed a few not-quite-so tamable ones, such as turning the Piranah Plant given away as a 'prank' Christmas gift by someone into a potted guardian for the monster ranch.
  • Sports - Alexis is an athlete and pretty darn tough herself. She's well known for her preference for rough and often more 'boy' associated sports like Football and Hockey, but she's no less apt at Volleyball, Basketball or Soccer, either. Hell, she even plays Golf and has a passing understanding of Cricket. She's also skilled at several 'Xtreme' sports such as Skate/Snowboarding and Rollerblading.
  • 'No Style' Fighting - Alexis doesn't have a 'named' fighting style, that is to say, like martial arts or something. Her brawling, hold nothing back, bats and sticks and balls as weapons style works just fine for her, she's just as dangerous with it as any karate master or chi specialist would be with their abilities. A prime example of I Know Madden Combat.
  • Monster Knowledge - Outside of the cluster of series she actually trains creatures from, Alexis has at least done some research and familiarized herself with various other 'trainable' fields out there should she ever need to fight against them (ie. Digimon, Custom Robo, GotchaForce, ect), and assorted monster-dom in general.
  • Moderate Linker - Alexis isn't the strongest of linkers, though her ownership of and work with various pokemon, bonding with a boosting source like Wildfire and working on her distrust of Psychic types have helped to bolster it. Her very hands-on methods to training and combat make up the slack though, as well as making her that much more capable of working with the monsters were mental bonds are -not- a major contributing factor.

Other Information

  • Relationships - Alexis and Nova Kendalae, a young (for their species at least) kitsune she met in the Multiverse, started off as a somewhat rough aquaintance, but have since become a very close couple. The two seem to be well matched despite coming from different worlds, and actually have traded between them a bit. Nova's helped her learn more about mythical and other 'not trainable' monsters; Alexis got him into pokemon training. Not even being temporarily turned into robots was able to get between their relationship.
  • Alternate Version - The Pokemon-6 version of Alexis is also an Union ally and member of the overall Trainers organization, but unlike her counterpart mainly focuses on their version of the Islands. (Occasionally NPC-ed for laughs). The two are fundamentally identical, save P6 Alexis is still in the stage of dying/braiding her and actually dressing like a boy.


Pre-Multiverse - Alexis was one of the 'founding' members of the Trainers of her version of the Pokemon World, right along with Ash, Gary and the other core group first brought together by Prof. Oak to fight against Team Rocket. And because, like in so many cases, Ash had demolished her bicycle in the course of their first meeting — in this case 'borrowing' it on the fly-by to get down a cliffside fast enough to stop Team Rocket from blowing up a cave to get to the rare Element Stones buried inside, mangling it in the process because it was a Mach Bike instead of an Acro Bike.
A sample of her blood was one of the several collected from various Trainers used to 'power up' Richie initially, giving him some of her exceptional endurance and stamina.
Was one of the 'victims' of Mewtwo's reality warping and turning people into human-pokemon hybrids. Mewtwo must of been confused by her conflicting gender and 'tomboy' personality, as she was turned into a female Nidorino, which technically doesn't exsist. She has a bit of a stigmatism towards psychics and Pyschic-type pokemon because of it, though recently she's adopted a Kirlia to try and work over it.
The primary reason reinforced groin cups have become a standard issue piece of hardware. Amongst Team Rocket AND Trainer males. After she threw a low bean ball to 'test' if James was really… well, we don't need to go into specifics. Needless to say, even he doubled over for a few minutes.
Participated in the infamous encounter with deranged 'mutant' pokemon Missingno, which partially lead to unification of that Pokemon world to the rest of the Multiverse.

Alexis has done a good deal of research into all sorts of 'trainable' monster realms and various creatures and critters of all sorts. She's the go-to person for Monster Islands and Green Bays monsters, as well as assorted others that are known to exist but may not have local or active representatives in the Union.
Helped in the battles against deranged Rudy and his cultists, taking its members by surprise by using her Rancher monsters when they were expecting a Pokemon-based counterattack.
Was one of the victims of the Transformafication nano-virus, reformmated into a 'Communications' class transformer similar to Soundwave or Blaster, but with a techno-futuristic motorcycle alternate mode, the sidecar-like module/backpack serving as the storage compartment. The six pokemon she had with her at the time — Typhlosion, Lucario, Porygon-2, Buizel, Skuntank and Snorlax — were reformatted into her sub-units, that transformed into pokeball-esque 'dataspheres'. Alexis still has the Auto-brand on her upper left arm, like the other infectees consider an 'honorary' Autobot due to her contributions during the and a hard fought final battle against the 'Beast' Megatron and corrupted faux allspark. Eddie, having absorbed a tremendous amount of data and digital code with the augmented sensory input of a Transformer, evolved into a Porygon-Z when restored to a Pokemon, due to some new erratic personality traits he was renamed 'Twitch' afterwards.

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