Ai Suzuki

Full Name- Ai Genki
Faction- Union
Rank- A-Ally
Function- Goddess of Fitness
Series- Scion
Species- Goddess
Nature- Caregiver
Patron- Izanagi
Pantheon- Amatsukami

Quote: "Let the wind be always at your back, pushing you toward where you need to go."

Profile: Cool, sporty and socially mobile, Ai Suzuki was one of the thousands of socially-obsessed young men and women who called Shinjuku home. She was never a girl's girl, and her love of playing sports all day and independance distanced her from her family. In a way, it still does, although her family is now the pantheon of Japanese gods. Having ascended to the position of a goddess, the newly deified Ai Genki has taken her passion for fitness and good food as her purview, ensuing the people of Japan eat right, exercise right and keep their bodies strong. However, she also remains a fighter for the sake of the World and the Multiverse. Having saved the World multiple times, she is a valued asset in the battle against the gods' enemies, the Titans- and in protecting the World against threats from outside their borders. Ai is empathic and straightforward, but has a tendency to see things only in moral absolutes due to her experience with fighting so many monsters of absolute evil. She is also a poor tactical planner despite many people looking up to her as a leader, and favours a blunt, offensive combat style.

Age- Immortal
Gender- Female
Date of Birth- 1979 (Sheep)
Blood Type Ichor (formerly AB)
Voice Actor- Megumi Hayashibara


In the 1970s, Ai's mother, Minako Suzuki, was a fashion designer. She sabotaged her own relationships with other men, believing that she could not establish meaningful connections with other people. One night in a kareoke bar, she met a pair of friends named Toshiro Amagi and Nob Watanabe, and hit it off with both of them. With Toshiro, it was love at first sight- unfortunately, the feeling might not have been mutual. Although they dated on and off, Minako lusted for Nob, and slept with him one night to try and convince herself that she didn't have a future with Toshiro.

This turned out to be a mistake, as she quickly became pregnant. Nob wasn't willing to hold the baby, but Toshiro was- and his immediate devotion broke Minako's blinders off. She agreed to marry the man who was devoted to her, and they raised Ai as a precocious, sporty girl who loved to exercise, eat heartily, cook and sing.

A few years after she became a teenager, a friend of Minako's recommended Ai for a talent show type program, which she proceeded to win with flying colors. She was picked up by a music label and clung on hard, becoming an enduring success as an idol singer. She also began to push awareness of sports and Japanese culinary culture.

Her mother was disappointed, hoping to have given Ai a more rounded education rather than the narrow one she had, but Ai had a dream to re-establish Japanese food and music in the face of increasing westernization of their culture. She never got the chance to fully explain her dreams to her mother, as a 1995 terrorist attack on Tokyo's subway system caused the death of her mother. On the verge of dissolving into grief, she was given a Visitation.

A kami named Muro-O appeared before her, telling her that the terrorist attack was the plot of a terrible group of monsters known as titanspawn, the minions of a force that was endeavouring to destroy the world- and that as a Scion, she had to fight against it. Her talent and devotion to Japan's culture was not wholly born of herself, but due to the divine ichor she inherited from her father- Izanagi, alias Nob Watanabe, the creator of the islands and people of Japan and de facto head of all Japan's gods, the akatsukami.

He gave her gifts from the gods that embodied the things she loved- a cookbook and a pair of boots that would help her attune to her godly powers. In a short amount of time, she met a group of other Scions that were drawn to her by fate- Baz, Maria, AJ and Janie, and together they took on the cult and their plan to poison Japan's ricefields.

Since then, she has engaged in various adventures all over the world, fighting nemean monsters and spirits. She began to grow in strength to a disproportionate degree, a fact that worried her as she was unaware of what this power meant for her when all she wanted to do was sing and cook. On a fateful mission to Ireland, she once again engaged the forces of Crom Cruach and rallied the scions, spirits and even a couple gods of the Tuatha de Danaan to reclaim Mag Mell, the plains of joy and part of the Irish underworld, and in doing so ascended to a demigod. Her father granted her even more boons and weapons, which she accepted with confusion.

And later the World unified, throwing her away from her bandmates and leaving Japan in an uncertain position.

Ai saved the world many times, defeating schemes of Vritra, the Drowned Road and Crom Cruach, and made many friends and allies. Eventually, she explored Atlantis and a plot to cause Fimbulwinter, and when Omukade and Mikaboshi merged into one hideous amalgam she escaped from their clutches to become a goddess.


Epic Attributes & Knacks

One part of what makes a Scion what they are are the superhuman powers that they recieve through their ichor. As they become more ichor and power than human body mass, their superhuman powers grow accordingly. They also become capable of using Knacks, certain expressions of their power in a unique, focused way.

Epic Strength - (7) Izanagi's boons include prodigious strength and power, and Ai has grown significantly into such things. In addition to her immense athletic abilities, her raw power is very significant. She can lift anything up to a million pounds, allowing her to throw around the statue of liberty.

Knacks -

  • Holy Bound - With her athletic ability and muscle strength alone, Ai could make significantly impressive vertical and horizontal jumps, but with this knack she can double the distance she would be otherwise able to- 32 feet straight up, 64 feet horizontally.
  • Holy Rampage - If she needs to break something, Ai can really break it. She can effectively halve the hardness of anything inanimate she feels like smashing to pieces, be it walls, statues, vehicles, whatever.
  • Divine Rampage - Even more extreme than the aforementioned ability. Ai can, by expending legend, completely negate the damage-absorbing capacity of an inanimate object, crushing it like paper, or halving the defensive abilities of an object someone's currently using.
  • Uplifting Might - Using another minor expenditure of legend, when she REALLY needs to lift something, Ai can double her lifting capacity to twenty thousand pounds, allowing her to carry like, four elephants or so.
  • Shockwave - By concentrating her power offensively, Ai can smash the ground with her hands or feet so effectively she can create waves of force- either using them to buffet opponents increduble distances, shake them, or pound the ground to knock them off their feet.
  • Crushing Grip - Although Ai tends to fight with her two weapons, if she were ever denied them, she could fight with her bare hands easily enough. Using this knack, if she grips and crushes an enemy she damages them lethally, breaking bones and flesh.
  • Armor Crusher - Even more powerful than the above is this focused display of strength. It allows Ai to pierce directly through any form of mundane protection, and even damage supernatural types, though not irreplably in the case of the latter.

Epic Charisma - (7) Another aspect of Izanagi's power, this one is in many respects something Ai enjoys a lot more. It enables her to find automatic success when she performs, or just talks to people. Many of her knacks are incorporated into her singing, although by this stage- and due to her divine natural charisma- it seems as if her every word and gesture bleeds divine celerity, emboldening her friends and adding supreme dignity and gravitas to her words.

Knacks -

  • Inspirational Figure - So long as a group of people, be they elites, mortals or scions can hear Ai clearly, she can perform an inspiring and heartfelt speech or song based on anything she feels is appropriate. In doing so, she can restore a small amount of willpower to the listener. This can even be done on titanspawn, and although they will not benefit from it, they can find themselves helpless to stop her.
  • Preach On - This knack functions entirely the same as its predecessor, except by spending more time and effort on her speech or song Ai can completely refill the willpower of Scions or Titans. In addition, if she somehow finds herself leading titanspawn, she can perform a speech that will restore a small amount of willpower to anyone who listens.
  • Paragon of Virtue - By singing or talking to a group of people, Ai can produce an effect which reinforces the virtues they have or helps impose them on people. She can do this to reinforce Creativity, Duty, Endurance or Valor, making people braver, more inclined to stick something out, more devoted to their cause or more creative.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - On the off chance that Ai has committed some sort of social blunder that would otherwise get her in trouble with people in authority, by giving a shrug or smile (and expending legend) she can cause people to disregard her actions as just a silly thing she does, and give her a stern warning. There's a reason the male version of this is called 'Boys Will Be Boys'. However, if the person is equal or greater in legend than her, this won't work.
  • Blessing of Importance - By doing anything to personally reinforce the importance of a single person- be it with a pep talk, a gift, or even a display of friendship, Ai can restore an ally's willpower, or fully restore mortals'.
  • Charmer - Ai is very good at smooth-talking. She is naturally capable of being incredibly charming, working her way into peoples' hearts and getting them to do things for her, disarming hostility against her, making neutral parties into friends, friends into staunch allies, and making it so that people are incapable of reacting violently to her unless she does something to provoke them.
  • Hapless Cool - Activating this knack makes Ai just plain cool. No matter what she says, does, acts or looks like, people will assume the best of her, and think it's cool and awesome and socially acceptable.

Epic Perception (2) Making herself just a little more super-super perceptive than other people, this is primarily linked to the senses that allow Ai to be such a good gourmet and chef. She's able to see and hear and feel on a much higher level too, but…

Knacks -

  • Refined Palate - This is the big one. Ai's palate is refined beyond measure, so much so that she can pick out the individual ingredients in a piece of food she's eating. She knows when McDonalds isn't using 100 percent pure beef, or if someone's used folger's crystals in her coffee… or if someone's slipped her drugs or poison. It also lets her remember such things' taste or smell perfectly for future reference.
  • Scent the Divine - This special knack is 'always on' and does not require legend to be expended. It allows Ai to smell other Scions and in some cases hear something. Other scions can likewise do the same- like any scion of the Japanese pantheon she smells of cherry blossoms, and the sound of crashing waves can be heard by those who pay attention.
  • Scent the Titanic - This upgrade to the above knack allows Ai to 'smell' the unique identity of a titanspawn, although it may also take the form of a physical sensation or other reaction.

Epic Dexterity (3) As part of being a god, Ai became naturally predisposed towards an enhanced level of manual dexterity due to her body turning entirely into godstuff. Without the need for mortal muscles and hands, she is inherently just a little bit better at dextrous actions.

Knacks -

  • Lightning Sprinter - Case in point: Ai can run much faster than humans, moving ridiculously quickly in any direction with extreme fleet of foot. Marshy or wet terrain also provides no problems.
  • Lightning Flyer - Ai's speed can also be applied to her flight ability, allowing her to move even faster in the air.
  • Fast as Thought - Ai can break all natural laws for human speed and double the benefits of lightning sprinter, moving at quadruple speed.

Epic Appearence (1) Ai is now a god, and her body is inherently divine. Her skin glows and it is impossible not to recognise her as being something greater than human for even the most obtuse of individuals.

  • Perfect Actor - Ai can devote herself to performing so intently that she will automatically incite the emotion she is expressing in observers with absolute intensity. She doesn't have to feel the emotion herself but if she can fake it, she will be able to genuinely cause it in her audience.

Epic Stamina (9) The biggest one. The reason Ai doesn't wear much armor is because she doesn't need it - with the power of her stamina she can withstand immense amounts of punishment without blinking an eye. She can even soak a more than significant amount of aggravated damage without noticeable harm, meaning even supposedly mortal wounds have to be inflicted repeatedly if the opponent would want them to stick. She is very nearly the divine definition of the statistic.

Knacks -

  • Damage Conversion - Any source of lethal damage, be it swords, guns or nasty monster claws can rip peoples' flesh up. Not so Ai when she uses this knack, as it allows her to downgrade any such damage to bashing, allowing her to heal the bumps and bruises naturally.
  • Inner Furnace - Handy for a big eater, in a way- so long as whatever Ai is eating is organic, she can consume it with no ill effects, and she's immune to any toxin or otherwise that has to pass through her stomach to harm her. This means she can eat anything, even diet coke or gas station egg sandwiches, with ease.
  • Devourer - This intermediate knack allows Ai to eat effectively anything. As long as she can fit it in her mouth and swallow it, Ai can live off any form of matter whatsoever. She has absolutely no practical use for it.
  • Self Healing - Ai can expend legend to instantly heal injuries, although not aggravated ones. The injuries simply fade in moments.
  • Internal Refinery - Eat a substance, no matter how poisonous or toxic, and Ai can instantly produce a liquid that cures it. She is also capable of creating a small cup to hold it in, rather than spitting it right out of her body, because she is not Uke Mochi.
  • Body Armor - By bringing her ichor to the surface, sometimes literally, Ai can coat her body in a paper-thin but incredibly tough armor that serves as natural shielding. She can also parry any attack that would cause lethal damage with her bare hands, or whatever.
  • Regeneration - Even if by some terrible tragedy Ai happens to lose a finger, a toe, an arm or even her face, with enough time she can fully regenerate it just as she would any other injury. Handy!
  • Invulnerable Nail - In extreme circumstances, Ai can make a single point on her body completely solid and impervious to damage.
  • Impenetrable - This knack upgrades body armor. By expending more legend to create her ichor armor, although it doesn't make it any more obvious, it allows aggravated damage to be soaked and nullifies the effect of weapons that would otherwise instantly pierce it.
  • Holy Fortitude - Ai can work strenuously for twice as long as her constitution would otherwise allow. She can also go twice as long without food, drink or sleep. That means 22 weeks without food or sleep, or 12 weeks without water. She can work for ten hours.
  • Divine Damage Conversion - Although it takes a very significant expedition of legend, with this knack, Ai can convert aggravated damage into lethal damage. This means that even the most horrifying or god-crushing weapons or abilities can be withstood if she has the legend.
  • Under Pressure - if Ai is deep underwater or in extremes of atmospheric pressure, it doesn't show. She can swim to any depth or fly to any height and suffer no ill effects.

Purviews and Boons


Izanagi is the Japanese deity of the sky, and in many respects does his best to help his daughter improve her abilities within this purview. However, Ai prefers to walk within the city rather than fly through it… but that doesn't mean she hasn't happily embraced the joy of flight.

  • Sky's Grace - The wind shields Ai, and whenever she makes a leap or fall of significant size, she can use her Legend to make sure she lands without a scratch. If she's sent flying by a punch or giant club, she can likewise cushion herself on air and stop her flight in its tracks.
  • Wind's Freedom - Ai is able to move with incredible grace- basically flying- by using this boon.
  • Divine Threnody - The wind is also reknowned for being able to carry sound. Ai can use this knack to dampen sound in a particular area or increase it, even using it to create sonic booms or thunderclaps. Because of her incredible singing talent, she can also carry voices on the wind, creating backup singers that are ethereal in nature.


A purview concerned with travel and movement. In its latest stages this allows the travel between the worlds of the living and dead and into Axis Mundi. In her escape from Atlantis, Ai used this power, improved exponentially, to guide certain individuals out of their dark prison.

  • Unerring Orientation - As long as Ai knows a place well enough she will never get lost and always find the quickest route to where she needs to go. She uses this to traverse Shibuya and other wards of Tokyo with unimaginable alacrity. If she doesn't know the place well enough but can learn, she can recall a map with clarity and use it to plan her destination. If she can do neither, she can use an internal compass and get her bearings.
  • Unbarred Entry - As long as a blocked path can be overcome in a single step, Ai can get through it. This allows her to skip straight through walls and doors, small hazards and so on. It does not allow her to walk through extremely thick walls or rock- only things that can be crossed in a single step.
  • Rainbow Bridge - effectively, teleportation. As long as Ai can picture a place in her mind, she can teleport there. She doesn't even need to have been there before- if she looks at a picture, she can go straight to that location.
  • Terra Incognita - Ai uses this boon to locate the namesake locations. It will guide her to any nearby terra incognitae and tell her how to get in there, such as any special rituals to be peformed or the touchstone she has to go to.
  • Marathon Sprinter - a boon that allows Ai increased speed and running ability, never tiring out and running much faster. When combined with her Lightning Sprinter she can run at over a hundred miles an hour. She sometimes experiences problems with stopping if she doesn't use her epic perception, though.
  • Otherworldly Portal - Ai can create perfect, stable portals between the mundane human World, the Overworld and the Underworld, allowing her to transport herself and others instantly into those places. This does not grant her PERMISSION to enter those domains, though.


Many of Ai's concessions to the Health purview involve her cooking, although in a pinch she can use the abilities at will. She specialises in making food that can heal and restore people, and in some cases, harm them…

  • Heal / Infect- as it sounds, this is a health-restoring boon that can recover peoples' injuries. She can heal blunt damage and bruises or convert lethal wounds to same, or she can do it in reverse- giving titanspawn or her enemies multiple levels of bashing damage, or exacerbating existing bashing injuries into lethal ones.
  • Bolster- This allows Ai to restore one small level of health to multiple people at once. Any injuries they sustain do not linger but disappear once this restored health goes.
  • Holy Font - Ai can restore multiple individuals at a time with her healing boons, efficiently curing and healing everyone's injuries.
  • Restore / Wither - This is a boon that can significantly heal one person, healing aggravated damage and reattaching limbs or destroyed organs… or used in the opposite way can inflict direct harm on them, destroying limbs entirely. If used in the latter way, the opponent can resist its ability, but disaster awaits them should they fail.


Using the gods' folio, granted officially to her after becoming a divine being. Ai has access to this rare and unusual purview. It deals entirely with food and the preperation thereof, a talent she is more than happy to make use of.

  • Purify Food- Past its expiration date? No problem! No matter how old or rotten food is, or otherwise dirty, chemically poisoned or unsafe to eat, Ai can eliminate this problem and make her meals safe and delicious to chow down on.
  • Master Chef - Completely unknown kitchen? Also no problem! Ai can step into any kitchen and instinctively know where everything is and how everything works, pulling just what she needs out of any drawer without skipping a beat. She's a food makin' machine.
  • Create Manna - And the kind of food she makes is something like this. Manna, the divine food of the gods, can be made by Ai, and it often resembles little gnocchi or balls of dough. These can be ground up to make bread, or added into any other food. This makes whatever is eaten completely filling and provides all of the nutrients a body needs, completely fulfilling a person's diet.
  • Brewer's Elixir - Ai can also make drinks, too. Brewer's Elixir is effectively the ultimate drink, the most potent and spectacular form of alcohol imaginable. It will knock out the drinker without fail, it being the richest, most delicious booze you could imagine.
  • King's Feast - When Ai makes a meal, she makes a meal for the gods. Much like her singing can distribute willpower among her listeners, this boon allows her to produce incredible feasts which bolster people in more ways than just filling them up.


  • Migoto de Fuumizekka na Nihonshoku- A complex cookbook that has been written in memory of Uke Mochi. It allows Ai to channel the health purview, as well as make delicious food.
  • Dasshu no Kutsuzoku- A pair of boots, whose soles contain the geta of a shrine maiden who climed Mt Fuji to beseesh the gods for aid in dealing with terrible oni. They grant Ai access to the Sky and Psychopomp purviews and are considerably reinforced for use as weapons.
  • Tonbogiri- A legendary spear that was said to have cut the dragonfly that landed on its blade clean in half. It has a significant damage bonus over regular blades and was given to Ai by her father.
  • Kaze Magatama- This tomoe gem on a necklace allows Ai to control the wind such that she can attack with blades of air, letting her melee and spear attacks strike opponents from a distance.
  • Folio of the Gods - A recipe collection that has been passed around through almost every god of agriculture, cultural cuisine and food, this folio contains countless recipes and tips from countless gods. As well as allowing Ai access to the Cooking Purview, it doubles the effectiveness of any boon she uses and allows her to add her legend score to attribute+ability rolls to make food.


  • Blue Jade Chainmail- constructed as a christmas present by Untamed Breeze, who thought Ai could use a little more defensive protection. This mail is made out of air-element jade, one of Creation's magical materials. It makes her pretty much immune to common attacks and blows by mortal thugs, and has moderately high resistance to sharp blades and other attacks that could cause lethal damage. It helps round out her inherent defense.
  • Orichalcum Diningware- an assortment of knives, forks and spoons, also made as a present by Untamed Breeze. These things would be really useful in a fight, but a good chef knows full well that utentils should be used for nothing other than eating. Guess Ai's only a decent chef. Well, she's not bad…
  • Green Jade Dire Lance- tipped with starmetal, although not enough to be significant, this weapon was a gift from Unyielding Rampart. He insisted that fighting with two spears is really cool and she should try it. Ai's certainly going to give it a go, although the fighting style will take some time to master. If she succeeds, she could use all four of her limbs as effective weapons. Because the weapon is made from green jade, it has a minor energy-leeching effect.


Ai is above average in many fields, and although not superhuman is quite talented at almost every ability that her father favours.

Academics (3) Ai is well-read and knowledgeable.
Art (Singing) (5) Ai is an icon and idol singer.
Athletics (5) She is in the peak of human physical condition.
Awareness (3) Sharply observant and sensitive to danger.
Brawl (5) A champion martial artist and fighter.
Craft (Food) (5) A master of cookery with even improvised stuff.
Empathy (3) Can read people like a book.
Fortitude (5) Can keep going on nothing but spite and will.
Integrity (4) Significant courage and strong faith.
Melee (3) Can hold her own against multiple opponents.
Presence (3) She always turns heads and people listen well.
Medicine (3) As skilled as a doctor or surgeon.
Thrown (2) Ai can throw a variety of weapons, blunt objects or vehicles.
Command (1) Can keep a cool head and be confident in herself.
Stealth (1) Careful and quiet and can avoid notice.
Survival (1) Can survive on her own for a few days in the wilderness.

Ai has no dots in other abilities. This means, among her failings, she is not good with animals, cannot steal, cannot use a gun, and has little experience with science.


Ai's primary virtue is Expression (4). This means she is exceptionally dedicated to her art. Her other virtues are Valor, Endurance, and Duty (all 2). This means she values bravery and courage, dedication and fealty to one's job about as much as the average person.


Ai's (9) attribute is her stamina, and also her charisma. She is beyond a human level of endurance, and due to her points in epic stamina backing this up she is utterly, amazingly tough to harm. Her ability to soak damage and sickness and keep going when she's wounded is far beyond even the level of most gods. She is also unimaginably charismatic, her every word and gesture filled with promise and energy.

She also has strength at (7), also placing her above the feasible human limit for either. She is literally more strong than any human has the ability to be, even one who has spent their lifetime devoting themselves to strength.

Her dexterity, wits and perception are (5), making her as dextrous, perceptive and fast to react as a human could possibly be.

Ai's manipulation and intelligence are (4). She can talk or sing rings around other people, is intelligent and innovative.

Her (3) attribute is appearence. She is poised and physically arresting but not inhumanly beautiful or awe-inspiring.


  • Virtue Flaw - Although it's not as extreme as you might expect, this virtue flaw can be… inconvenient, let's say. Embarrasing. Ai lives for artistic expression, and if she has to subdue this too sufficiently- insulting other peoples' works of art, destroying musical recordings, wasting food, breaking instruments or otherwise, then she may enter a state of melancholy where she's driven to the nasty side of artwork. She will sing at her worst in cheap kareoke dives, furiously perform thrash metal or emo, binge on cheap fast food and foreign cuisine, and produce food consisting entirely of offal, durians and ghost peppers. And she WILL expect you to eat it. Because Fate sometimes enjoys making Scions' lives miserable, this happens more often than you'd expect.
  • Birthrights - Although she was given them Ai has not necessarily got an absolute bond with her relics. If they are taken from her, it reduces the effective power of her boons, meaning she cannot use some of the demigod-level ones. If another scion takes them from her, they can use associated purviews if they have talent in them.
  • Avatar - Ai has to use her avatar boon to construct a body for herself if she is in the World. This is a massive expenditure of Legend and locks her into a certain physical form with reduced access to her divine abilities.


(All of these characters are available to app and I'd love to see them: if you're interested let me know!)

Baz Bullman, scion of Robin Hood, is an Essex boy who decided to come to Japan for the Japanimation. He was granted a pair of revolvers from his father that cause panic and confusion among his enemies without actually harming them, and his smooth operator tendencies don't impress the girls much. This is primarily because he is a /nerd/, no matter how much his father's ichor reinforces his abilities. As a demigod, he intends to uphold the little guy and help socially awkward people find love and thrills. He also has a piece of Robin's original cape which serves as another relic!

Specialities: Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Epic Dexterity / Larceny, Marksmanship / Moon, Justice

Maria D'choclette, scion of Marianne, is a sweet girl with a sweet tooth who constantly makes Ai roll her eyes. She's a real team player and specialised in the allies' purview of Civitas, and commands the group when they need to have a strategy. She loves eating any sweet or candy Ai makes, and has developed a desire to end the low-level dislike that exists between France and the united kingdom once and for all. She has a bottomless bag of french pain au chocolat, which can disable anyone who eats it with deliciousness. She often uses these in tandem with Baz's guns to confuse titanspawn.

Specialities: Epic Stamina, Epic Wits / Integrity, Politics, Command / Civitas, Justice

AJ Holmes, scion of John Henry, is the group's big guy. He is armed with two of the railroad spikes John Henry drove, which have been reforged into a pair of punch daggers, and he can use these to break apart just about anything. He tends to keep score of his titanspawn KOs and hopes to make the Yankee pantheon more well-known. When he became a demigod, he became far more charismatic and loud, an expert in epic manipulation and fireworks, for some reason. He really REALLY loves the 4th of July. Many of his fire purview abilities let him control these sorts of things.

Specialities: Epic Strength, Epic Manipulation, Epic Charisma / Brawl, Melee / Fire, War

Janie Alline, scion of Dionsyus, doesn't talk much. She doesn't speak very much Japanese or English, see. Therefore, she mostly communicates by writing things to her friends, and when she gets drunk, nobody can understand what she says. She's the oldest of the group, and her strong, silent mannerisms make Ai jealous of her coolness. She has a a special bottle of wine she can use to create massive amounts of grape plants, and she can direct them to attack with her control over the fertility purview. She really loves tending to grape plants. Goddess of grapes-to-be?

Specialities: Epic Appearence, Epic Charisma / Awareness, Fortitude / Fertility, Arete, Mystery


Reimu Hakurei-
Probably Ai's best friend, more or less, Reimu is someone Ai can always count on to be by her side. Truthfully, she sees Reimu's constant cool attitude as something very impressive considering she often has a lot of trouble controlling her emotions. The fact that Reimu probably holds her in just as high regard has escaped her. Plus, Reimu loves to eat anything Ai cooks for her! She's never at a loss for someone to make food for. Ai would love to help Reimu with her financial situation- except she's worried that Reimu doesn't want to live on handouts.

Rosita Aries-
Cute, cute, cute Rosita! Ai loves Rosita. She's so small and fun and fun to be around. She loves Rosita's inexhaustible attitude and Niko's such a cute little thing, too. She wants to watch more of Rosita's performances, too. They share a lot of interests, so it's no wonder that they really have a lot to talk about. She's just a really close friend Ai gets along with really well. And she also loves to eat anything Ai makes for her, although she also has to make sure she doesn't eat Niko.

Sonia Belmont-
Oh my gosh. If there was ever a warrior ideal, for Ai, Sonia would be it. And considering she will probably have to face up to the fact that she's going to be a warrior in some capacity whether she likes it or not, there would be worse people to follow in the footsteps of than Sonia. Nothing shakes her. Sonia's so tall and stern and kicks so much butt and never backs down and never lets anything get to her! Ai fangirls Sonia like Jan fangirls Ai.

Lloyd Irving-
Although Ai only has a small relationship with one of the leaders of the Union, she likes to imagine he's a friend of hers, and definitely someone she would like to know better. She knows he has a significant weight on his shoulders and he's come far- she only hopes that both of them can succeed and thrive.

Anyone who can convince a titanspawn leader to turn over is OK in Ai's book.

Shir and Maya-
Ai is embarrased to know that she doesn't actually personally know Shir and Maya all that well, even if they've stuck by her as comrades for a very long time. She also treats them as something of a single entity in her mind. She thinks they're partners, actually. Maya's divine powers are certainly flashy, and Shir reminds her of certain kami of the forests.

Tender Whisper-
Long-suffering wife of Unyielding Rampart, irrepressible horndog. Ai pities Whisper but also respects her unyielding resolve and animalistic destructive power.


Bold indicates fatebindings.

Renae Brooke-
The only surviving Scion of Atlantis is another of her allies. Following the exploration of Atlantis, Ai has revised her opinion of Renae, since it's obvious the gods of Atlantis are not corrupted or evil. She has begun to see Renae as a hero and a Scion- and has to remind her of that fact, in the face of Renae's downplaying of her own epic deeds.

Ai Rinnosuke- the mortal Backup
Hey, they share a name! How about that. Ai is a market girl who works in one of Tokyo's bigger undercover markets. Once, Ai had to gather a very specific set of ingredients for a group of hungry ghosts in order to stop them long enough from attacking the mainland, and Ai ended up getting caught up in her search. Together they made exactly what the ghosts wanted, and they were in fact so satisfied they just up and left. She remains as a contact who is very good at finding what Ai needs for a certain dish.

Toshiro Amagi- the mortal Benefactor
The only father Ai has left, her father Toshiro is in many respects just her bumbling old dad, but he's living off of her late mother's huge finances and estate, so to speak. If trouble comes knocking in the fashion world, Toshiro is really not capable of dealing it. She really, really loves her father, because he made her mother so happy, and considers him a much better person than her due to her lingering mother issues.

Shibuya- the location Balm
The district of Shibuya itself is fatebound to Ai. It is the focal point of her world- her own axis mundi, so to speak. She loves it more than anything else in Japan or the world, and being there, enjoying fashion, sport, music and food is paradise for her. She can find her way to anywhere there, and all it takes is a night there to restore her willpower and make her happy. If someone made a dedicated attack on it, her fury would be unimaginable…

Jan Fasi- the Scion Fan
A small time Scion of Poliahu that Ai Suzuki rescued from death before her visitation. A second encounter with her in Las Vegas reinforced whatever ties might be existing already and made sure of it. Jan really fangirls Ai, mostly because she is a shining example of a cool girl in her eyes, a celebrity, and an experienced Scion. The rest of her Band don't really have as much of an admiration, but Jan can't get enough of her.
Specialities: Mana, Frost

Jan's Band-
Jan's bandmates include (currently) Horace Farrow, Eric Donner and Donnie Rhodes. Donnie was sweet on Untamed Breeze but will probably move on with indecent speed. Used as pawns by Loki, they were given a quest by the Oracle of Aeaeae which involved them heading off a secondary submarine fleet of enemy reinforcements. If they had not crushed their old enemies who had reunited against them the quest to retake Atlantis would have been much tougher.

Muro-o- the kami Mentor.
The kami who originally gave Ai her visitation, Muro-o is one of the many servants of Izanagi. She's not met her benefactor very much but they remain acquaintances. He maintains a small shrine within Shibuya and often finds himself vexed by people who make 'anime character is my wife' signs and put them nearby. He prefers books. Recently urged her to take more control of the Union's relationship with the World to put the Amatsukami on top, a request she succesfully found a third option to. Over time, due to repeated acquaintances, they've become fatebound to one another.

Yamato Suzuki-
Ai's younger brother. A couple years younger than her, he is a mortal and has mercifully not been bound to Ai's fate so far. She distances himself from him a little so as to make sure that he doesn't get caught up in his affairs. A shy boy and in many ways the child her parents did want, he excels all-around at many subjects and is on his way to Tokyo University where he plans to study math.

Her morose father. Ai has never seen eye to eye with him, but at the least he seems to be giving her a little more respect nowadays. The problem is he still expects her to do everything he tells her to, and they will never really compromise. The destiny of Izanagi's children to always end up in sorrow seems entirely because he is pushing her towards it.

Ai has obtained temporary fatebindings to many mortals during her adventures in the events taking place in England. These are somewhat mitigated by the fact that she was in the presence of a lot of Union members and others, but she nonetheless won the idolatry and attention of many of the mortals she saved. Although she's quite uncomfortable with indulging in the praise they give her, as well as the other tokens, she knows better than to refuse them. …It's just what you'd expect of people grateful for saving her life, right? None of these fatebindings are long-term or significant enough but are often Backups, Patrons, Heralds and Fans.

Her Mother's Acquaintance-
The woman who started Ai on her path to idolhood. Oddly, she seems to have disappeared. Could she have been a kami, or even a god, in disguise?


Alita Terui- the mortal Canary
A rival singer from back when Ai was an idol, Alita was most definitely her biggest competition. These days, she's not willing to abandon the old rivalry, especially since Ai still has a pretty swish job and she's still trying to make music. Fortunately for Ai, Alita has become fate's whiporwill, and whenever something happens that would threaten her in the mundane world of fame and fortune, it usually involves her and it's usually not very subtle.

Rhiannon Jones- the mortal Rival
It's funny how these things sort of work. Rhiannon is a chef too, who emigrated from Australia. She has been trying her best to upstage Ai on the culinary scene, something which is doomed to failure because of her talent, but there's just no stopping her. She wants to know Ai's secret, and her attempts to do so seem to land her in mortal peril often. When they went to Australia, she tagged along, and eventually ended up helping them fight. She may be a scion herself, but of who…?

Yami-o- the spectral Nemesis
A spawn of the terrible power of the island of ghosts, this hideous ghost never shows his face. Short, shrouded in shadows and wearing a huge ronin hat, in all respects he is nothing like the modern spirits that are supposed to inhabit the island. His hatred of Ai's fame and popularity made him powerful enough to roam the world. He was finally destroyed when he tried to stop Ai and her friends from escaping the Atlantean Underworld.

Count Ottock- the bloodsucking Nemesis
This vampire was reduced to just a head when Ai went to investigate Chateau de Noisy. He'd been turning several girls into his servitors, and now Ai found herself on his bad side. Although she was able to crush him (and he used her to crush the castle), he survived. However, when he led an invasion of Cockaigne, Ai, along with her allies, defeated him by involving him in a spectacular trainwreck and obliterating his body. This freed his vampire servitors.

Ixion- the ancient Trickster
Ai made a powerful opponent when she engaged Ixion in the Centre of England. Fighting his plans and destroying tons of his robots made the old scion of the Dodekatheon very determined to make life miserable for Ai and her friends. After revealing his plan to conquer and absorb Atlantis using the black feather shroud, in a bid to obtain apotheosis, Ixion was killed by a group effort.

Cricol Gricenchos-
The second fomorian to bear the name, Cricol is one of the 'shining ones' and the few fomorian giants to retain unnatural, epic beauty. Elfin in appearence, she is only marred by her complete lack of feet. She floats in the air to get around this. By being shown compassion and forgiveness by Reimu and Nightbright, Cricol was convinced to abandon her lot in life, and turned against her creator. She assisted in stopping Ixion and left the World for Gensokyo.

Kane Toaka-
Assisting Ixion in his invasion of Atlantis, Kane became something of a body puppet for Mikaboshi, allowing the titan to act in person with what he assumed was relative safety. However, being struck hard enough in a climactic showdown not only shattered Kane's sanity, it echoed back into Mikaboshi, wounding him significantly. Kane's mind was broken, and he fled the Atlantean underworld by way of the river Acheron.

Although not formally an enemy of Ai's, Izanami cannot bear her husband due to her shame, and her dislike for her husband's scions cannot really be qualified. She might not actively try to harm them, but Ai would love to approach her estranged 'stepmother'. She recently released a swarm of ghosts from Yomi into Las Vegas when she thought Ai might use the black feather shroud against her, having been tricked by Loki into misunderstanding its effects, but that seems to have been cleared up after the fact.

Ai's band have made certain enemies within the spawn of Crom Cruach, for reclaiming Mag Mell from them, and some of the fire giants are likewise none too pleased with their antics. She has also earned the eternal emnity of the titan avatars she has trapped, as well as the inhabitants of the island of ghosts. See also Titans.

Ai's Soundtrack!

  • These Boots are Made For Walking - Jessica Simpson (Boons theme)
  • A Warring God - Breath of Fire 4 (Battle theme)
  • Eggplant - Franks Michael (Cooking theme)
  • The Wanderer - Dion (Psychopomp theme)
  • Make or Break - Subarashii Kono Sekai (Dramatic theme)
  • Sakura Sakura - Traditional (Japan theme)
  • Teru Teru Bozu - Traditional (Sky theme)
  • Sing for Your Supper - Papas and Mamas (Fun theme)
  • Praise You - Fatboy Slim (Demigod theme)
  • Awakening / Reach Out to the Truth (First Battle) - Persona 4 (Adventure theme)

In addition, Ai's singing career means that any Megumi Hayashibara song can be used for her, and in-character she is the original singer of them within the World.


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