Agrias Oaks (Retired)
Agrias Oaks
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source Final Fantasy Tactics-1
Faction Union
Rank 3-Officer
Function Holy Knight
Groups Heaven Or Hell
Other Information
Age (Appearance) {$ageapp}
Age (Actual) {$ageact}
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Height 5'11"
Weight 156lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
"Our lives are as fleeting as a dream. What a somber thought."


A proud knight of Ivalice, Agrias Oaks served once as bodyguard to Princess Ovelia Atkascha. Political intrigue led to the princess' capture, and Agrias joined a team of mercenaries to recover her charge. This quest would lead her across the width and breadth of Ivalice, fighting against ancient evils threatening the land. Eventually, this campaign would earn her excommunication from the Glabados Church for exposing its dark dealings. Having nowhere else to go, she took up service with the Union, swearing her sword and shield to their cause. Agrias tends to view the world through a cynical and sometimes fatalistic lens. The War of the Lions has tempered her into something much harder than she once was, her faith and her idealism a more level-headed approach towards righting wrongs, and a fierce survival instinct. Though old injuries have slowed her, Agrias is no less skilled in the art of war, imbuing her sword with divine energies, and showing promising skill with longbow and arrow.


  • Alkoun: Agrias' faithful steed is a black chocobo named Alkoun, affectionately known as the "demon bird" to some. He is every bit the scarred veteran as his master, with twice the temper, and can serve as convenient transportation and fierce combatant both, with natural weapons in the form of his massive beak and sharp talons. He is capable of very limited flight, so long as he has no passenger. (PL 30.)
  • Defender: When knighted, Agrias was presented with her first sword, dubbed "Defender." Forged of folded Zeltennian steel, Defender was finely-honed and extremely resilient by most standards of craftsmanship. Properly maintained, it was naturally resistant to rust and tarnish; Defender's blessings and enchantments made it supernaturally durable. It was overpowered in battle against Amalthea's sword, Faith, and splintered. Though useless as a blade until it can be reforged, the remains are nonetheless a powerful artifact.
  • Holy Sword: The pinnacle of a Holy Knight's training encompasses several techniques that are taught only to those talented soldiers who are inducted into the Holy Order of St. Konoe, known also as the Lionsguard, personal shields to the royal family. All of these techniques are damaging to the unliving, and some constitute effects of their own, such as temporary disorientation or paralysis. (Consent required where applicable. See +info Agrias/Techniques for more information.)
  • Knights: Alicia and Lavian are two lady knights sworn to the service of House Oaks. Though they are in some ways quite different from their liege, they are among Agrias' most staunch supporters, having followed her into excommunication and down the twisting rabbit-hole of the War of the Lions. Alicia is the younger of the two, wielding both lances and swords with ease; Lavian is the younger, wielding swords and silver tongue with equal deftness. (PL -1, +info Agrias/Knights.)
  • Pain Suppression: Through determination and training, Agrias can temporarily ignore the pain of injury in battle. While she still takes damage, the crippling effects and hesitation may be banished for a short while, allowing her some small, temporary reserve of hidden strength.
  • Swordplay: Agrias has trained with a blade since she was old enough to lift one. Though not the most masterful of Ivalice's knightly legends, she is nonetheless a formidable opponent, and the diligence of her training shows. She can use a single sword as both offense and defense, though she prefers a shield as well. When using a shield, it makes for an equally efficient weapon in her hands, when necessary.
  • Tenacity: Few things can sway Agrias' will once she's made up her mind. When in a fight, she will not yield even under threat of death or devastating injury, and will not surrender or retreat unless it should come as a direct order. Failure is not an option until she can no longer deny it as a foregone conclusion. Stubborn as she is, it can take extreme measures to make her back down once she's set her mind to something, particularly the defense of allies.


  • Battle-Scarred: Agrias has survived countless battles, triumphing under soul-crushingly terrible odds, and hasn't done so unscathed. Her right leg was broken and improperly set, leaving her with a distinctive limp. Scars criss-cross every square inch of skin. In all, she looks like a tattered alley-cat, and her endurance isn't quite what it used to be.
  • Bias: Having suffered greatly at the cost of demonic machinations, Agrias now has a fairly strong bias against them. To say that she hates them unconditionally is a bit strong, but it isn't too far off the mark. She will work with them, but only under direct order, and refuses to show any trust or kindness towards them. They are the enemy, in her eyes; she will not go out of her way to dispatch them, but neither will she tolerate being made to work closely with them. Needless to say, this may become a problem in a realm as broad as the Multiverse.
  • Black Magic: Though she knows the fundaments, Agrias is so terrible at using offensive magic that Ovelia Atkascha personally forbade her from ever using it again. Bad things happen when she tries, if anything happens at all.
  • Heretic: As a branded heretic, Agrias can't go anywhere near a Glabados Church without being dogpiled by bloodthirsty Inquisitors. This wouldn't be a problem in and of itself, but there's a handsome price on her head, and it makes travel in Ivalice particularly dangerous for her. It also makes her more than a bit leery of institutionalised religion, reluctant to deal with any other form of clergy, even fellow Holy Knights.
  • Holy Sword: While useful, the techniques that Agrias uses ultimately require a sword. It's possible for her to use swords that aren't Defender, but generally inefficient. If disarmed, she must retrieve her weapon or a temporary replacement before she can call on those skills again. (PL-2 without Defender, "Holy Sword" power entry unavailable if disarmed.)
  • Literal-Minded: Serious and stern, Agrias sometimes has a hard time handling certain abstract concepts common to more technologically advanced worlds. Higher technology of any sort confuses her, and she is openly distrustful of it. Mustadio may be to blame for this, as his "experiments" inevitably exploded in spectacular fashions.
  • Loyal Knight: If a situation calls for bravery and self-sacrifice, Agrias will be the first one to throw herself under the bus. She's every bit the chivalrous knight that many Ivalician knights no longer are. She'll go out of her way to put herself in harm's way for the sake of protecting others, even if it might result in terrible things happening to her. She failed Ovelia once; for this, her guilt drives her relentlessly.
  • Magic Resistance: Agrias has a low natural resistance to magic, and fares poorly in combat against it. Offensive magic affects her more severely, and supportive magic generally fails or suffers weakened effects when used on her. Defensive spells are prone to failure, and healing rarely has any noticeable effect.
  • Ovelia: Once the crown queen of Ivalice and now little better than a fugitive, Ovelia is nonetheless someone Agrias will go to irrational, outrageous lengths to protect and keep safe. Ovelia has been used as leverage before, and the Holy Knight has become overprotective of her. Insinuating harm on the former queen is a good way to either infuriate Agrias or scare her into submission, depending on the circumstance.
  • Pain Suppression: Convenient as it is to be able to tough her way through pain, it isn't a skill that can be counted on forever. Sooner or later, the mental walls will come down, and the terrible pain of wounds old and new will register in full force. When that happens, the effects are often enough to leave Agrias in crippling pain, unable to function.
  • Paranoia: Agrias suffers moderate paranoia over her heretical status. As one of Ramza Beoulve's allies, she is a much sought-after target, and she reacts poorly to religious officials of any stripe. That isn't to say that she can't deal with them, but her usual reaction is mistrust and suspicion, expecting to be handed over to Glabados at any time.
  • Zodiac Stone: Agrias has been entrusted with the Leo Stone by Ramza Beoulve for safekeeping. This small shard of auracite, inscribed with the zodiac symbol for "Leo," is the vessel to which a Lucavi demon is bound. In addition to making her a target for any allies of the Lucavi, the demon is a constant torment against Agrias' will that only she can hear. (+info Agrias/Hashmal for more.)

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