Aedan Maccarvill

General Information

Full Name: Aedan MacCarvill
Faction: Union
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Knight of Hyrule
Series: The Legend of Zelda-5
Species: Human (Hylian Descent)

Quote: "I conduct myself in accordance with what Hyrule requires of me. That is all."

Profile: A Knight of Hyrule hailing from a long line of Hylian Guards, Aedan MacCarvill is quintessentially a workaholic. Having enlisted in the Hylian Guard upon coming of age, he has spent many of his years in service to the Kingdom of Hyrule, during which he developed an obsessive loyalty to his country that went far beyond the expectations of his peers. Reserved and private when it comes to his own affairs, Aedan highly values the relationship between Hyrule's defenders and its citizens, and goes out of his way to be helpful beyond the ken of his duties. Accordingly, he has little in the way of a life outside of his duties, and doesn't really care to. Well-educated and trained, Aedan is a prodigal archer and competent in a wide range of other skills, including architecture, bomb-crafting, and a small amount of magic. Strongly associated with the Sheikah, Aedan alone among the Knights of his era wears their colors along with that of the Knights of Hyrule - earning him a somewhat odd reputation on his world.

Vital Statistics

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 175lbs
Hair: Red (Medium-Long)
Eye Color: Green


* Combat Skills: Aedan is prodigal with a longbow, a competent swordsman, and a fair martial artist. He has also become quite good at engaging in guerrilla warfare due to the circumstances of his Kingdom, and can be a deceptively problematic enemy even if outnumbered and outpowered.

  • Trade Skills: Aedan is educated in architecture and hylian chemistry, the latter of which is his professional specialty - with which he mostly crafts powerful bombs.
  • Support Skills: Aedan is trained and competent in stealth, acrobatics, and horseback riding. Though he still has much to learn about the former two.
  • Magic: Aedan has the ability to magically augment his own physical abilities to superhuman levels.
  • Equipment (Luminar): A magic lonbow capable of transforming arrows fired from into invisible, fire, ice, or impact/proximity/timed-based explosive arrows of variable strength and intensity. It will "reject" anyone who uses it without permission (given freely, and under no coercion) from the owner, causing them to botch all actions taken with it regardless of any normal archery skills.
  • Misc. Equipment: Aedan owns a mask that magically augments his sight, allowing him to "snipe" with his longbow. He also owns plate-and-chain armor, a giant's quiver, a bastard sword & dirk, and usually carries one or two "Recall" scrolls that will allow him to return to a previously designated location barring wardings preventing their use.
  • Twilight Form: When Aedan enters the twilight realm that has engulfed his world, he transforms into the shape of a red Irish Wolfhound. This prevents him from using most of his equipment, but in this form he has all the physical advantages one would expect of a large dog.
  • Special (Eyesight): Aedan's visual acuity is as good as it gets for humans naturally, making him freakishly sharp-eyed.


Coming soon!


  • Yalai the Stave: Clever, clever little fox.
  • Fassad: Ugh.
  • Past Link: The lad's more than he appears to be at a glance. He's also surrounded by women, and gets uncomfortable when somebody points that out to him.
  • Rauru: Are you… spying on us? Best be careful, lass, or Yalai will start spying back.
  • Marin: Nice enough girl.
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