Adventure Time-1

The Land of Ooo is a place filled with a vast array of fantastic and absurd creatures, from the common talking animals to sentient mountains, and living pieces of candy. At one point in the distant past, the planet on which the continent of Ooo resides was once known as Earth. However, a global cataclysm known as the Mushroom War left the surface nigh unrecognizable, with only the occasional ruined city in the wastes or beneath the sea to remind anyone of its pre-apocalyptic identity. In spite of it's history, the Earth of Adventure Time has always had supernatural creatures, and magic is a relatively commonplace occurance in the land of Ooo.

With humans nearly extinct, the continent is divided into a number of different kingdoms populated by various themed life forms, from the Candy People of the Candy Kingdom to the Cloud People of the Cloud Kingdom, as well as various unaligned areas like the Grass Lands, and subdimensions such as Lumpy Space, and the Nightosphere. The geography of Ooo follows as little rhyme or reason as the creatures who inhabit it.

Grab your friends and join Jake the Dog and Finn the Human as they travel to distant lands in search of adventure.

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