Disclaimer: Some of the years below may be slightly wrong due to a variety of factors. For example, Firefox has a pcreate date of 2003 since he was staffing at Pokemon: Champions, from which MCM's codebase was derived. MCM itself did not open until 2005. We also nuked some admin objects, making it more difficult to track when a staffer was last around.

Dates are more difficult to track for GMs, whose entries have yet to be updated, and some much older staffers have yet to be added.


Name Position Time Staffed
Fearless Leader Owner 2004-Present
Reliant HeadWiz 2004-Present
Charon Head of GripeStaff 2005-Present
Dremarian Head of Charstaff 2006-Present
Lain Code Wizard 2006-Present
Benediction GripeStaff 2010-Present
Hrimfaxi CharStaff 2011-Present


Blue Elf TP Staff 2011-Present
Lord English Gripe/CharStaff 2011-Present
Mister Cat TP Staff 2011-Present
Wednesday CharStaff 2012-Present
Supporting Role CharStaff 2012-Present
Beercat Goldentail CharStaff 2013-Present

Retired Staff Members

Former Wizards

Ragnaros CharStaff 2005-2009
The Guy TP Staff 2007-2012
The Wonder Twins GripeStaff 2007-2013

Former Royals

Antiquity General Staff 2008-2011
Asagi Little Bit of Everything 2008-2011
Dark Matter Gripe/TP Staff 2007-2010
Dragonfly Various ####-####
Hugh Bliss General Staffer/Secretary 2009-2011
Onyxia CharStaff 2006-2011
The Guide CharStaff 2009-2010
Verius TP/General Staff 2007-2011
Firefox TP/General Staff 2004-2012
Wandering Dreamer General Staff 2010-2011

Former GMs

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