Adelaide Flowers
Adelaide Victoria Flowers
Vital Information
Gender Female (No really!)
Species Human
Source OC-Original, Amartine Republic (non-unified real-world AU setting ca. 1975)
Faction Union
Rank Ally
Function Private Contractor
Groups Heaven or Hell, Users.Net
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 27
Age (Actual) 27
Still Aging? Undecided
Height 5'3"
Weight 135
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Red
"Oh god, what'd you do this time."
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Addie is one of those rare special people that, from time to time, the multiverse points at and declares to be the butt of the joke. She joined her country's Navy in an act of maternal defiance, only to find herself nearly killed in service by a beast hunted by the semicelestial Psyber. The half-angel took pity on her and saved her life, the body-enhancing side-effects of which made her a pariah in her own world and drove her to seek him out. After a momentarily rocky start, she joined his side - as an employee, she is quick to point out - and works in his employ as both book-balancer and bullet-balancer. Accountant and gunsmith for the half-angel, she's settled in to life somewhat as an exile from her world - and yet embraces all of the rest, finding her very own "final frontier" and enjoying it as secretly as she can.


IT'S JUST A FLESH WOUND: The blood transfusion she recieved from the half-angel Psyber's human form endowed her with a regenerative ability that isn't instant, but still extremely fast compared to any normal human. Broken bones, cuts, getting hit by cars, all of which she will (sometimes literally) bounce back from quickly - the less severe the faster. However, her regnerative ability only goes so far - it can't bring back severed limbs, nor does it work on poisons or other such less-physically-traumatic injuries. She does still need air and other such things, and her body is going to need a lot of calories very, very quickly.

QUICKDRAW McTWITCHY: Her reflexes have been improved to virtually the peak of human performance, however both these come with some drawbacks - her regenerative ability provides no particular anesthetic ability, and the pain of things like bones resetting can be extreme. It's also somewhat difficult to control her reactions at times, which can occasionally lead to a jumpy nervous-seeming demeanor. She practices hard at regaining her former casual slackness, though.

GUN SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT: Addie is well-skilled in what she does. Her training is military, and covers both use of "modern" firearms up to and including small cannon as well as maintaining and building them. She is only properly competent with projectile weapons - missiles were relatively special in her world, and energy weapons things that were only seen on TV. Were she to come across a ray-gun of some kind, she could likely use it simply by function defining form, but her true abilities lie in hand-carried powder-based guns - which combined with her enhanced reflexes make for a very good shot, even in the rapid battlefields of the multiverse.


FUTURE SHOCKED STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND: Addie's world was one where the mundane ruled. Science fiction and fantasy were just that, and while it was fun to watch on TV there were no such things as UFOs or aliens or ghosts or monsters - until one nearly killed her, anyway. As it is she is still trying to come to proper grips with the concept of the multiverse, and with all that it means. In her time, electronics had advanced as far as the transistor - and transformers were things you found on power poles. Ultramodern electronics, computers, networks, living machines, angels, demons, ghosts, giant robots, not-so-giant robots, magicians, catgirls and even talking ponies leave her wanting to shut herself off in Psyber's armory and just try to lose herself building guns. When she can't, her snarky side comes out, purely as a defense mechanism. And sometimes, when faced with something just Too Damn Weird, it's going to flat-out shock her. Strangely, the kinds of handheld weaponry possessed by the Union? Quite cool.

REFLEXIVELY JUMPY: Addie still isn't used to her new reflexes. Sometimes this can be a problem, when she starts reacting to things before actually thinking about it - her body just instinctively carries out a movement without direct thought, and often times in reaction to something that startles her. Easily spooked when she's not expecting it, her (well-deserved) wrath has landed on the head of her boss more than once - and in combat, she may react a little too instinctively to what may not quite be a threat.

DEADPAN SNARKER: And how. A lot of it is a need to try to deal with the situation she's found herself in. Some of it is her natural defiant streak she was born with. And a little of it comes from the fact she is fairly smart, and able to think quickly on her feet. But what it comes down to, especially when she's under extreme stress, is a potentially cutting tongue that can burn bridges if she's not careful. The fact that this comes with a personality that's very harsh towards herself, and very often questions whether she's doing the right thing at all, tends to fuel her caustic words and lead to a lot of apologetic ones soon after.

PEER PRESSURE SUCKS: Well, no, she wouldn't jump off a bridge if someone was doing it. But it's not hard to egg her into something - especially if it's something she does /not/ want to do in the first place. Put up a little pressure, put up a bet, or just ride her a little about something and it's very possible to get her to do it, just to spite her challenger somehow. Often with an expectation of it being their turn next…sometimes just for the chance to prove someone wrong.

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