Adalinda Blumenkrantz
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source Puella Magi Madoka Magica-2
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Puella Support
Groups Heaven or Hell
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 16
Age (Actual) 15
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'2" tall
Weight 122 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
"Not all who fight witches must do so from the front lines."


Adalinda Blumenkrantz is the daughter of a German businessman, prominent in the lumber industry. She has a circle of friends both prestigious and "common", and she loves them all. Strange things happened in the city they lived in, and Adalinda and her friends met a strange creature named "Kyubey". Most of Adalinda's friends have either suffered at the hands of Witches or become Magical Girls (aka Puella Magi) in order to fight Witches. Adalinda has skills she uses to support her friends from the sidelines, and she will continue to do so as long as she has friends to support. Adalinda is a normal girl, lacking both the magic or combat skills that her friends possess. However, she cares about others and does what she KNOWS she can do to help instead of what she WISHES she could do. Due to this, she has no Wish to make, despite Kyubey's prodding. Adalinda is content with this life and feels nothing could ever pull her friends and herself apart.


Has It All: Adalinda is physically athletic, very intelligent, careful and cool-headed, well-equipped with some of the best modern gadgets, and has the resources of her wealthy and happy family to aid her in helping her friends. Apart from the benefits these things themselves provide, they also render Adalinda (somewhat) resilient to negative emotional influence by outside forces due to all the positive emotions she regularly feels and all the happy memories she has.

High Potential: Adalinda is said to have an extroardinarily high potential for becoming a Magical Girl, due to the strength of the threads of karmic destiny that are tied to her. She has thus far declined all offers from Kyubey to make a contract, but the power she could wield if she ever did make a contract would be considerable.

Support: Adalinda uses computer programming and mathematical skills to map probable Witch emergence points prior to their appearance, to analyze the abilities of Witches and maximize the chances of survival for Magical Girls, and she has her family's gymnasium to help Magical Girls practice their powers and combat skills in order to succeed against Witches without having to use up their magic while in life-or-death situations.

Witch Knowledge: Adalinda has used a combination of intelligence and observation to study the abilities of Witches, the natures of their Labyrinths and Barriers, how best to eliminate Witches with the least amount of danger and magic-cost, and so on. She is the closest thing to an expert on Witches around short of an extremely veteran Magical Girl or Kyubey himself. Those working with Adalinda in taking down Witches MAY greatly benefit from her tactical expertise and her strategies for dealing with Witches.


Friends: Adalinda values her friends above all other things. A threat against them is a threat against her and her entire way of life. While she does not take foolish risks, if her friends are in serious danger or otherwise need her help, she will be more prone to making mistakes in her attempts to come to their aid than otherwise.

High Potential: The same high potential for ability if she ever became a Magical Girl makes Adalinda an attractive enough prospect for Kyubey that he is unwilling to stop trying to find ways to get her to form a contract. This means her life is likely to be made worse simply in order to give her a reason to wish for things to be different and thus form a contract.

Support: Presently, Adalinda is only able to help others from the sidelines. She is not trained in combat and probably doesn't belong on the battlefield in most circumstances unless there's no one else available to fight. She doesn't carry weapons and wouldn't know how to use them if she did.





Adalinda is a teenage girl with black hair just barely down to her shoulders. She has eyes of a noticeably yellow hue, with black irises that simply make them stand out even more. Her frame and build are both those of a teenage girl, though perhaps an athletic one. She does not carry anything one would not expect a teenage girl to be carrying in most cases. Adalinda's "usual" outfit is a brown leather 'bomber jacket' with fur trim, etc. Underneath, she's wearing a (somewhat) low-cut white blouse, with black lace along the neckline. On her lower half she's wearing a dark-blue skirt that reaches slightly below mid-thigh. Sneakers on her feet, with knee-high white socks complete her attire. She also has her ever-present computer-carrying bag, typically with the laptop itself therein.

Halloween Description (2012)

Adalinda is dressed in a costume that is primarily composed of soft black fur and black felt that mimics the appearance of a bat. However, the design is such that it makes her appear more as a bat-girl of some kind rather than one of the animals themselves. Still she has somewhat-realistic-looking pointed ears seemingly protruding from her head (actually just fitted over her real ears), black-furred limbs (the fur that seems to grow from her skin is glued on), lengthy clawed fingers, and so on. Her wings are ragged and full of holes, but still have the leathery appearance of bat wings despite their tattered state. The costume seems incomplete in places, leaving the German teen's skin bare in those areas. However, underaged as she is and having received a proper upbringing, she is likely showing considerably less than other teen girls might, let alone what some adults wear! Adalinda has some face paint that mimics tribal tattoos of some kind — jagged and evoking the mental image of a bat, wings flared across her cheeks, below her eyes, and over the bridge of her nose.


Puella Magi Madoka Magica-2

Kyubey (NPC) - He is so going to get swung around by his ears and hurled off a cliff, preferably onto something that explodes, next time Adalinda sees him. She used to trust him. She used to think he was an ally, if not a friend. Now she knows the truth. She feels so stupid for believing what he told them.
Lulu Adelstein (Unapped) - First friend. Best friend. Missed greatly.
Magda Faust (Unapped) - Second friend. Trusted above all others.
Teresia Kuerfir (Unapped) - Third friend. A role model for Adalinda. Basically completely awesome.
Katarina Bach (Unapped) - Fourth friend. Like a little sister to Adalinda. Adalinda is very protective of her.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica-1

Homura Akemi - She's kind of grumpy and sarcastic, but she's also clearly a veteran Magical Girl and very capable. Adalinda trusts her judgement.
Madoka Kaname - Madoka is very energetic, cheerful, and beyond adorable. Adalinda really looks forward to getting to spend more time with her.
Sayuri Yaguchi - Sayuri is valued as an ally and trusted with Adalinda's life. Infact, Sayuri saved Adalinda's life during the first Witch Hunt they went on together. Someone worth having as a friend.
Kimiko Shinobu - Adalinda doesn't know much about her yet, other than that she is a Puella Magi and has offered to help with Witch Hunts. She hopes to find out more.

Sailor Nothing-1

Himei Shoutan - Aside from her habit of losing clothing in battle, Himei seems to be a well-rounded and competent Magical Girl. She is also pretty powerful, apparently. Adalinda is glad she was there on their first Witch Hunt.

Dark Souls-1

Priscilla - She talks even more strangely than Adalinda herself. However, most concerning is the seemingly different moral compass that Priscilla has compared to Adalinda. It's a bit concerning, but she supposes it's to be expected. The Union is vast, and comprised of many many many many many people. Not all of them are going to get along, and not all of them are going to have the same values. What matters is that they continue to work together cohesively.


Eleanor Lamb - Eleanor protected Adalinda during the fight against Alindogan, when Adalinda would have died otherwise. Eleanor has twice opened her home to Adalinda when in dire need of company, offered emotional support, food, and comfort that is nearly absent at the teenager's empty home, and has otherwise done much to bolster Adalinda's fading hope for a positive outcome to all this business with Kyubey and Witches. Adalinda has not known Eleanor for very long, but she considers "Miss Lamb" a trustworthy person, a kind soul, and someone she wants to continue being around.

Others (No Theme)

Psyber - He seems to be pretty darn cool, very confident, and very powerful. He's also pretty good-looking, but Adalinda isn't going to admit that outloud. His invitation to receive training is definitely one she wants to accept.



Advanced Laptop - Adalinda received a significant upgrade to her laptop after joining the Union. It can do everything she needed three laptops wired together to do before, and still have processing power and memory free for some other stuff. She primarily runs her Witch Prediction Program on this computer, adding new information as she comes across it and using a basic detection device connected to the laptop to scan an enormous area for activity that indicates a Witch's emerge or any active manifestations thereof.
Comm Badge - A Union radio that Adalinda can just pin to her shirt and use more or less hands-free. This allows her to do what she does best — analysis with her computer and paying attention to her surroundings.


Theme Songs:
This Is War by 30 Seconds To Mars

Who Fits Where?
The People - Mitakihara Town
The Good - Kimiko Shinobu
The Evil - Walpurgisnacht
The Soldier - Lulu Adelstein
The Civilian - Magda Faust
The Martyr - Teresia Kuefer
The Victim - Katarina Bach
The Prophet - Homura Akemi
The Liar - Kyubey
The Honest - Sayuri Yaguchi
The Leader - Mami Tomoe
The Pariah - Kyouko Sakura
The Victor - Sayaka Miki
The Messiah - Madoka Kaname

Wishmaster by Nightwish

Who Fits Where?
Master - Mami Tomoe
Apprentice - Sayaka Miki
Heartborne - Madoka Kaname
Seventh Seeker - Walpurgisnacht
Warrior - Homura Akemi
Disciple - Kyouko Sakura
Wishmaster - Kyubey

Lulu's Themesong
Fukkireta by Teto Kasane

Magda's Themesong
Bad Day by Daniel Powter

Adalinda's Themesong
In The Arms of An Angel by Sarah McLaughlin

Tears Of An Angel by RyanDyan

Teresia's Themesong
Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls

Katarina's Themesong
Never Alone by Barlow Girl

Kyubey's Themesong
You Were Just Used As My Pawn by LilyPichu

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