Altered Dimensions 3 (AD3 for short) was a muliti-genre MUSH/MUX that blended characters from various universes with its own original world setting. When the then-current Head Admin Foxfire decided to close the game, the players were given permission by the MCM staff to bring their characters over via Unification of a chunk of their world.

The game primarily took place on the world of Dal'cia, also called Altered, depending on which language one was using. It is a rugged, vaguely Earth-like world in which the disciplines of Technology and Magic progressed in parallel to one another under the respective patronage of the deities Zeus and Celestine. As mutually exclusive disciplines, conflict between them historically was not uncommon but rarely violent. This changed, however with the Robot War in the year 1160 of the Fourth Age.

The sourcebook for their theme may be found here: The Altered Dimensions Sourcebook

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